Friday, July 31, 2009

From Twitter 07-30-2009

  • 00:03:31: tastytrixie: Like knockers? Panties? Here are a few video grabs & a cummy butt animation snagged from tomorrow's members-only update:
  • 00:10:32: tastytrixie: @DoJnD LOL! Glad to hear it; and to think, I always worry that I'm cheating when I blog pure porno.
  • 00:11:33: tastytrixie: I think there's something about a good, old-fashioned, herky-jerky, lo-fi porn gif / animation that is a real crowd-pleaser.
  • 00:13:03: tastytrixie: Have to go to bed now; @DeliaTS went all the way to the store to hunt down cheap, chemically-treated turkey leather for me.
  • 09:48:32: tastytrixie: In an attempt to find soothing images, I googled firefly forest. That was nice! I have cramps. If only it was dark right now.
  • 10:53:45: tastytrixie: Another hour or two of sleep would be nice. Sleeping with windows open for coolness means sleeping with TOO MUCH LIGHT.
  • 10:54:37: tastytrixie: I logged in a peeptoes cam for our voyeurs while I'm removing toenail polish. Will be on and off depending on whether I'm feeling footy(?).
  • 11:07:53: tastytrixie: 'Tis now time to pay the bills and balance the checkbook and stuff. Because being broke is SO sexy! This is really going to be erotic . . .
  • 12:53:03: tastytrixie: I'd really enjoy using this "brass knuckles"anal toy on @DeliaTS :
  • 13:52:07: tastytrixie: @minasmusings Yeah, the feet & upskirts are oft-requested. Email S & have him set you up with special cam logins if you want.
  • 13:53:03: tastytrixie: Trying to figure out what I want to shoot today that will be hot AND most efficient/most likely to succeed. @DeliaTS needs to save her cum.
  • 13:58:43: tastytrixie: This is where I get paralyzed: 5000 choices, but I imagine if I *plan* it perfectly it will be so much awesomer than if I just do ANYTHING.
  • 13:59:31: tastytrixie: Eyeballing a red butt plug, but afraid it might be just a LITTLE too big. Especially with pre-period cramps. But it would be so great . . .
  • 14:17:06: tastytrixie: Can't leave the house to shoot because we have a bunch of sexy stuff being delivered. Can't count on toys because period might start. Sigh.
  • 14:46:38: tastytrixie: Oh god! Cannot waste these days with clean, freshly-bleached hair! Must shoot! Must be very sexy! Must not rip out blonde hair at roots!
  • 15:53:04: tastytrixie: My period just started, rather inconveniently since I really need to shoot non-bloody content right now. And no, I do not feel like a cup.
  • 17:26:58: tastytrixie: Just spent the past hour trying on all our silly new clearance sale slutty webwhore costumes. Starving now . . . making cheap spaghetti.
  • 20:49:16: tastytrixie: Discovered that I bruised my side & lower back massaging myself the other night. And I still wanted it HARDER.
  • 21:41:31: tastytrixie: Feeling very sad about email I received from HS friend who is "shocked & dismayed" by my porn work & maybe other stuff too. Oh well.
  • 23:26:04: tastytrixie: Worst responses to my work were from my Extremely Smart friends. I think they're a little too used to their fucking opinions mattering.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

From Twitter 07-29-2009

  • 00:37:33: tastytrixie: Even with her boyfriend in jail our crazy-ass neighbor finds someone to fight with in her front yard after midnight.
  • 13:28:33: tastytrixie: Changed the water & washed the marbles & swabbed the leaves of my lucky bamboo. Maybe that will help. The plant, at least.
  • 16:03:42: tastytrixie: Picked up some thai food for lunch - it's really sultry out there. I wore platforms out, which is not something you see me do every day.
  • 16:44:00: tastytrixie: Back to troubleshooting this webcam/spycam/microphone problem. Not at all how I wanted to spend hours today.
  • 16:57:59: tastytrixie: Sweet Jesus. Who would've thought that unplugging the usb connection to the handycam would make it stop working? Reinstalled drivers: nada.
  • 17:42:21: tastytrixie: I have PMS. And it shows.
  • 22:31:38: tastytrixie: Been working on the video update for members tonight, taking stills from it, etc. Need to break for exercise (on anyplace cam, voyeurs).
  • 22:48:21: tastytrixie: - My new pair of golden sandals & refreshed lucky bamboo.
  • 23:39:41: tastytrixie: Holy fucking crazy half-moon; it's red red RED. Tried to get some pics; not sure if they'll turn out.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

From Twitter 07-28-2009

  • 00:16:41: tastytrixie: I totally don't even want to go to sleep tonight for fear I'll have nightmares of pit bulls ripping apart my little nephews.
  • 00:24:01: tastytrixie: What do you do if you're carrying the baby in your arms & the fucking dog attacks the three year old? I'm furious. People should be shot.
  • 03:19:28: tastytrixie: 3:18. Can't sleep. I exercised, only slept 7 hours night before, etc. but still can't sleep. I think I'm driving @DeliaTS crazy.
  • 03:44:15: tastytrixie: Middle of the night stats checking proves that girlfriend video galleries like this one of @DeliaTS & Mandy sell best:
  • 03:47:01: tastytrixie: Message from fan begins: "I am sitting here in a pair of crouch-less thong panties . . . ."
  • 03:56:01: tastytrixie: Other "effective" free porn galleries of @DeliaTS include: &
  • 04:02:04: tastytrixie: It's difficult to know whether that's what fans prefer or if that's what webmasters prefer/choose to push more heavily, though.
  • 14:09:17: tastytrixie: Brain is whirling in a very inefficient manner. Hoping lunch will cure that, but the hot weather isn't helping.
  • 16:21:50: tastytrixie: I'm fucking DIZZY from this heat. I think I need to go take a dip in Puget Sound or the Strait of Juan de Fuca (I can easily do either/both)
  • 16:33:19: tastytrixie: I'd feel like a lazybones lollygagging in the water so instead I'm cleaning/tidying up WebWhoreHQ. Maybe that will bring mental clarity.
  • 17:51:25: tastytrixie: RT @catchwmw: AMBER ALERT: Police Searching For Two Toddlers Missing From Kittitas, WA.
  • 19:06:03: tastytrixie: My eyelids are sweating. WebWhoreHQ still not tidy, but the areas in my field of vision when working are less cluttered/less distracting.
  • 19:46:53: tastytrixie: This heat is so . . . HOT. Can't believe it's going to be even hotter tomorrow. Since I didn't do the beach today I'll definitely do 2morrow
  • 21:01:58: tastytrixie: Oh GOD, I have to snort at people (myself too?) who are so inconsistent with when they will & won't be politically correct with fetish.
  • 22:11:15: tastytrixie: Millions of screaming, out-of-control, running-around brats in the stores but NO peanut butter zig zag ice cream. WTF did I endure that for?
  • 22:13:50: tastytrixie: Got a good laugh out of this panty memo posted by @StripperTweets:
  • 22:20:53: tastytrixie: About last night's tweets: I understand why people love pit bulls for all kinds of reasons & have no prob when they're under control.
  • 22:39:25: tastytrixie: Rad! Two things on the DVR I can relate to: docu on school for emotionally disturbed kids and JAIL!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From Twitter 07-27-2009

  • 00:53:40: tastytrixie: No spycam renaissance would be complete without a hot, sweet, summery fuck on cam; hope our voyeurs saw & heard & enjoyed it as we did!
  • 10:30:29: tastytrixie: Ooogh . . . I'd love a couple more hours of sleep. DEEPER sleep than last night.
  • 10:34:12: tastytrixie: Going to edit some video which means the main WebWhoreHQ cam will be down. Reverse cowgirl, white panties . . . you know the drill.
  • 13:40:44: tastytrixie: Video edited, exercised (& sweated, just to make a rhyme). Now having cheese rye crisp for lunch.
  • 13:58:57: tastytrixie: Yay! Unexpected grocery money came in the mail (the $ we make promoting other people's sites is our grocery-etc. money).
  • 14:03:23: tastytrixie: @scottfotki We don't have enough traffic to make money on pay-per-click & we don't sell ad space so all of our promo $ is from actual sales.
  • 14:04:29: tastytrixie: I keep getting interrupted in the process of reading's members-only post about How to Butcher Animals.
  • 14:54:05: tastytrixie: I was kind of excited to run errands until I realized that I wanted to fall into a deep, dark, peaceful coma. Of sorts.
  • 19:02:23: tastytrixie: When someone calls asking if @DeliaTS 's old boy name is home, my reaction is to say No? Why would HE be here? Of course he's not here!
  • 22:11:34: tastytrixie: RT @BrentSpiner: I've got a surprise for you too. I take my . . . pearl-handled Magnum 44 & tuck it into the back waistband of my silk pj's.
  • 22:13:13: tastytrixie: Just got home from seeing Harry Potter. Loved it, but all of the broomstick stroking was a WEE bit over-the-top. Heard lots of crying.
  • 23:01:31: tastytrixie: @DoJnD No shit; not having kids, I didn't even think about that but yeah; it was super-scary and dark.
  • 23:55:59: tastytrixie: I want to fucking kill the bitch who lets her pit bull walk unleashed in my sister's hood. It tried to attack my bro-in-law tonight.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

From Twitter 07-26-2009

  • 00:03:05: tastytrixie: Just got off the phone with my wanker who has apparently found inspiration in ... well, if you were listening on our cams you already know.
  • 10:31:16: tastytrixie: Dear brain: thanks anyway, but I'm really not into all these dreams you sent to me about kittens.
  • 12:24:14: tastytrixie: Experimenting with software to make our spycam broadcasts more efficient &, fingers crossed, make it possible to have MORE of them.
  • 15:30:53: tastytrixie: Yay! Experiencing feelings of spycam renaissance here thanks to @UndressJess giving me the software hints to broadcast more.
  • 17:28:04: tastytrixie: Trying to make our spycam page(s) more user-friendly/less confusing. Not sure if I'm able or if it's even doable with current resources.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

From Twitter 07-25-2009

  • 00:52:19: tastytrixie: OMG; the Jeopardy gadabout @'ed me: he's @JWMunson and I guess now I must challenge him to a Chuck Bass-off jackoff! Emailing him now . . .
  • 00:56:37: tastytrixie: You just never think when you mock (in good fun! with love and appreciation!) a Jeopardy contestant that they can actually HEAR you . . .
  • 01:11:25: tastytrixie: You know, I've made some pretty funny jokes on my friends & family facebook acct but those people just don't GET it like you guys do . . .
  • 11:40:38: tastytrixie: Spent another breakfast time listening to new age music and reading (the for-pay area) and loving it.
  • 11:47:53: tastytrixie: Going to exercise for about 20 minutes, then get ready for my webcam show starting in just over an hour (1 pacific / 4 eastern).
  • 14:05:49: tastytrixie: Had hard orgasms to the sounds of 1) Mr. Crowley, then 2) Father Figure. YES. George Michael, you've made so many girls cry. With pleazhoor.
  • 19:27:24: tastytrixie: Thunder and lightning and rain are rare enough here that we had to go out onto the front porch to enjoy it. Smells great, sound beautiful.
  • 19:39:57: tastytrixie: Maybe I should make a list of all the people I want to tell to fuck off. Not a to-do list, just a let-it-go, I've-done-enough list.
  • 19:44:46: tastytrixie: Visions of steak and eggs and hashbrowns are swirling in my mouth's mind's eye. Dripping salty red and yellow . . .
  • 20:55:31: tastytrixie: Just saw the weirdest nuclear-egg-yolk sunset with thunder booming in the background.
  • 23:06:10: tastytrixie: @vickinicole My tip if you've never masturbated before is to start with less direct methods, like humping your hand or corner of the bed.
  • 23:15:22: tastytrixie: @vickinicole Yeah, I humped everything / that's what I did until I was sixteen. If it doesn't work, there's always the Hitachi Magic Wand.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

From Twitter 07-24-2009

  • 00:13:34: tastytrixie: Woot! The Bi Apple (@AudaciaRay's movie I & @DeliaTS, as Tucker, were in) in list of Best NYC pornos (see TRAILER):
  • 00:55:34: tastytrixie: If I had a container for all the fucking balls I've dropped in life, I'd be the proud owner of a motherfucking CARGO ship.
  • 12:33:41: tastytrixie: Spent breakfast-time pleasantly: trying to catch up with 's members-only blog. It's so GOOD to not be caught up.
  • 12:34:14: tastytrixie: Sometimes I think I'd look forward to sucking a homeless meth-addict's pissy wang more than going to the fucking hair salon.
  • 15:35:49: tastytrixie: And I thought just GOING to the hair salon was awkward for me; having my credit card declined there showed me how much worse it can be.
  • 15:40:45: tastytrixie: @adorableaudrey Yeah, the hair for sure is worth it. And I'm making it sound more painful than it really was. Mad at Chase bank though.
  • 16:38:46: tastytrixie: @marcnobbs I just used a different card instead, but yeah: I don't know what happens if you get your hair done & truly can't pay.
  • 18:31:04: tastytrixie: @DeliaTS has a show at the top of the hour and I have one an hour after that. Members go here:
  • 21:48:08: tastytrixie: Friday night, nerd stylee: we masturbated via webcam & now we're eating ranch-covered iceberg lettuce & croutons & watching Deep Space Nine.
  • 23:26:21: tastytrixie: Did you see the self-proclaimed gadabout on Jeopardy? You know that he jerks himself in the mirror doing his Chuck Bass impersonation.
  • 23:26:55: tastytrixie: And yes, it does take one to know one.
  • 23:28:36: tastytrixie: @DoJnD Too true; I sometimes confuse us for nerds when really we're just dorks. With bags of cheap greens devoid of nutritional value. ;)

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Friday, July 24, 2009

From Twitter 07-23-2009

  • 11:58:37: tastytrixie: Doing mega costume shopping, tons of carefully selected sale stuff in basket . . . and my shopping cart is suddenly unviewable.
  • 18:55:20: tastytrixie: Oooh . . . just got back from the grocery store where I experienced another sighting of the woodchopper guy.
  • 18:56:43: tastytrixie: PS - I take back what I said before. The real question should be: is it too much to ask for EDWARD to at least give BELLA a handjob?
  • 22:29:29: tastytrixie: Thursdays are my new bill-paying/checkbook balancing day. So I just finished that & took care of some other work schtuff.
  • 22:30:29: tastytrixie: Most exciting things on agenda tomorrow: getting my hair blondified and doing a webcam show at 8 pm pacific.
  • 22:52:13: tastytrixie: @scottfotki Actually, started camming in the year 2000 -- still, I'm not surprised you haven't heard of me before. ;)
  • 23:49:56: tastytrixie: Freaky! I was lost in looking at @AmberLily's private cam pics when I heard a strange noise in the house. @DeliaTS is at the store so WHO?

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

From Twitter 07-22-2009

  • 09:42:50: tastytrixie: From what little I've read, this individually mandated health insurance "plan" makes me want to fucking PUKE. What a mean joke.
  • 09:44:34: tastytrixie: Also, didn't take any St. John's Wort before bed. I spent all night dreaming about floods & my body being filled with cancer.
  • 09:51:42: tastytrixie: @doughboy71 REQUIRING everyone to pay for their own health INSURANCE is not the same as the govt OFFERING you free health CARE.
  • 10:05:11: tastytrixie: Via @StripperTweets : a heart-warming & funny video crowing "my vagina is 8 miles wide" PLUS strippers at Mary's:
  • 11:22:12: tastytrixie: Hmmm . . . what to do while my Hot Pink Stockings gallery uploads for members? So many options, so much confusion.
  • 11:50:08: tastytrixie: @UndressJess And I'm googling humaworm! But yeah -- that vid is totally embarrassing. I envy your assquakes, etc. so much.
  • 12:49:38: tastytrixie: Stories like this are always good, inspiring lessons but I kinda think only men are this dumb: (via @merrickmonroe)
  • 12:51:32: tastytrixie: Beauty is NOT worthless. Beauty does have real value. Maybe not the same value to all (which is awesome) but still.
  • 13:32:54: tastytrixie: Is it too much to ask for Bella to at LEAST give Edward a hand job?
  • 13:40:26: tastytrixie: Some people get sick of seeing pictures of my cunt. I? I get sick of constantly seeing pictures of people with their alcohol. Cheers!
  • 14:55:52: tastytrixie: @UndressJess You generous GENEROUS doll; you've no idea how many dreams I've had of seeing your booty in action in real life OVER MY FACE.
  • 14:57:41: tastytrixie: About to do some shooting & I'm making way too ambitious of plans which is almost always a recipe for disaster & disappointment.
  • 15:45:31: tastytrixie: FYI: the thing we're shooting today is Twitter-themed. Doesn't that sound HOT? Yeah, I know it doesn't SOUND hot, but just you wait . . .
  • 15:54:59: tastytrixie: Note: the alcohol comment wasn't directed at anyone specific (& I like some boozy shots); just an observation on what's socially acceptable.
  • 17:19:21: tastytrixie: @UndressJess Trust, if I'm trying to imitate your skills, the vids will be nothing BUT funny! Which festival are you referring to?
  • 18:07:05: tastytrixie: @DeliaTS is taking pics of me right now as I tweet. Includes WebWhoreHQ in all of its cluttered, messy glory.
  • 20:07:21: tastytrixie: Yay! Feeling productive today: posted gallery & vlog for members & we shot a couple sets of pics, one just now OUTSIDE (always special).
  • 21:30:30: tastytrixie: If that damned commercial for Glee makes me cry ONE more time . . .
  • 22:47:11: tastytrixie: - Natural light outside can be unforgiving, but when it works? It feels magical.
  • 23:55:03: tastytrixie: Thanks for the kind words, @sexymercedes @bambidollface @russdogg666 @AaliyahLove69 and others I've missed! Warm fuzzies rock!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

From Twitter 07-21-2009

  • 00:48:57: tastytrixie: Just got home. There was a package on our doorstop. It's either sex toys or bullet bras . . . either way, good stuff.
  • 12:29:16: tastytrixie: After all the potato salad and McDonalds and stuff we ate yesterday, I'm thinking exercising is at the top of my to-do list right now.
  • 12:33:27: tastytrixie: Now trying to decide if I should exercise here at home inside on cam or if I should get OUTside . . .
  • 17:11:16: tastytrixie: Wore miniskirt to grocery store. Fetchingly dirty blue collar guys in produce section looked curiously at me as I picked out a cucumber.
  • 17:52:43: tastytrixie: OMG. I was feeling so cute, happy & productive until 5 minutes ago when out of the blue a headache started rising up & over my brain. WHY?!?
  • 18:31:39: tastytrixie: Post about the family get-together, friends (@AmberLily & BigD)& the smell of home:
  • 20:12:55: tastytrixie: Just had a lovely after-dinner fuck with @DeliaTS. Brought my glow in to check email & found a very suspicious email from button-pusher.
  • 21:53:30: tastytrixie: Fart & sneeze fetishists have got to be loving our spycams right now; I've got allergies and gas. Blowing out the candle from both ends.
  • 23:12:34: tastytrixie: Mmmmm . . . having some more of the beautiful gazpacho @DeliaTS made for dinner tonight. Summer = chilled, fresh, delicious soups.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

From Twitter 07-20-2009

  • 10:23:38: tastytrixie: There's no doubt about it; St. John's Wort makes me want to sleep. For days. Need to ignore that desire & go visit family today, though.
  • 10:30:13: tastytrixie: @vinyl_mike I actually took it the past few nights before bed; but yeah, maybe it will help with family crap though exhaustion is unhelpful.
  • 10:52:45: tastytrixie: Something is terribly amiss if the thought of summoning up enough energy to decide on and don clothing is just TOO MUCH to handle. Sigh.
  • 11:08:07: tastytrixie: Dream for today would be 1) isolation, 2) in bed with books, 3) my hitachi magic wand and 4) a mason jar full of benzodiazepines.
  • 11:09:01: tastytrixie: Yes, I know . . . my tweets are downers lately. I will snap out of it one of these days, though.
  • 11:50:18: tastytrixie: I've successfully attired myself, gone to the bank, and picked up gift bags & sparkly tissue "paper" to show family how much I care. *snort*
  • 12:08:52: tastytrixie: Watching/hearing TV on the Radio's "Golden Age" to lift my spirits:
  • 12:47:28: tastytrixie: There's nothing like witnessing good old-fashioned camgirl drama to put life's troubles back into perspective & make me laugh. Tho not funny
  • 23:15:15: tastytrixie: - In Seattle, about to head home on a mostly empty ferry.
  • 23:17:06: tastytrixie: LOL - @DeliaTS saw me with the palm and asked if I was "sexting" @AmberLily (a hissed drawn-out Sssss equals quotation marks).

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Monday, July 20, 2009

From Twitter 07-19-2009

  • 11:46:08: tastytrixie: Sometimes I really get pissed off that my sister & bro-in-law can't seem to use a fucking calendar.
  • 12:29:59: tastytrixie: I have too much work to sit around depressed & feeling sorry for myself. Which just makes me feel all the MORE depressed/sorry for myself.
  • 12:36:29: tastytrixie: @thehappy365 Telling strangers shit like "the happy monster thinks you should stop being depressed" is belittling, unhelpful & STUPID.
  • 12:37:15: tastytrixie: Seriously. People need to learn a few things about empathy, sad feelings & establishing trust before you throw "SMILE!!" in their faces.
  • 12:39:02: tastytrixie: Therapy doesn't come from a total stranger named "the happy monster" in a wink & 140 characters or less. Does that help ANYBODY??? UGH!!!!
  • 12:44:21: tastytrixie: Going out of the house to buy a couple presents for family thing tomorrow and will take a walk and feel happier during/after that.
  • 14:43:06: tastytrixie: Sigh. Necklace I just bought was broken when I got home with it. At least the store's just here in town not 75 miles away.
  • 15:42:53: tastytrixie: Adding a few of my friends' & faves' twitter feeds to my google reader so I don't miss anything good from those closest & funniest.
  • 16:38:16: tastytrixie: Moms: can't NOT talk to them on the phone. Can't shoot yourself in the head.
  • 20:32:16: tastytrixie: A little blog post with pics of my big ole butt & hot pink nylon stockings:

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

From Twitter 07-18-2009

  • 00:06:38: tastytrixie: Is there a crisis line just for abusers to call when they feel like they can't control themselves? Because I've never heard one advertised.
  • 10:36:28: tastytrixie: I think St. John's Wort DOES help me sleep. But they say you need to take it for weeks to experience anything so am I imagining it?
  • 13:04:23: tastytrixie: Going to a protest. Surprisingly this is the first organized protest I've ever attended. Because I hate crowds? Because I'm lazy? Hmmm.
  • 18:24:55: tastytrixie: I'm so fucking bonafide now that I've stood on the side of the road waving a STOP THE POLICE STATE sign.
  • 20:09:31: tastytrixie: We lost power temporarily, I guess because of the wind we've been having. Trying to get all the spycams back up now.
  • 22:12:22: tastytrixie: My post about the protest today:
    Includes flirting!
  • 22:15:06: tastytrixie: I think I got a sunburn. My eyeballs are hot.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

From Twitter 07-17-2009

  • 11:24:42: tastytrixie: Really enjoyed my cocktail of St. John's Wort & Pepto last night.
  • 12:20:48: tastytrixie: I hate making appointments to get our hair done almost as much as I hate going in there to do it. Salon talk sucks.
  • 12:32:30: tastytrixie: I have to try to stop picking my scalp-scabs this week so my head won't be an open festering wound when I get the chemicals put on it.
  • 14:25:06: tastytrixie: Oops. I forgot the buttermilk for the MSG-laden Ranch dressing I'm craving. Back to the store with my skanky sequined milfy ass.
  • 14:57:00: tastytrixie: Lusting after '62 Airstream posted for sale. LUSTING. Those silvery sonsabitches hold such tremendous appeal for me.
  • 14:58:24: tastytrixie: @wonderingsub I just find pimples & pick at them obsessively/compulsively. No injuries needed, I just worry them sick.
  • 15:02:49: tastytrixie: Time for a lunch of buttermilk with seasoning salt & tabasco sauce. And lactaid. Then I need to get ready for us to shoot some porno.
  • 16:00:50: tastytrixie: Fiddling around with our old camera to maybe use for closeups. Can barely remember how to operate it.
  • 16:07:32: tastytrixie: Yuck -- I do such a piss poor job of painting my own toenails. But I guess even a crap job looks better than no polish at all.
  • 21:09:02: tastytrixie: You should feel really sorry for @DeliaTS because I'm a fucking monster bitch to work with.
  • 22:32:58: tastytrixie: I need to write a list of "things I learned from my abusive asshole outburst tonight to try to avoid another in the future".

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Friday, July 17, 2009

From Twitter 07-16-2009

  • 01:32:34: tastytrixie: Having a hard time falling asleep so getting up for benadryl & something to soothe my mind. Still agonizing over whether to visit fam Mon.
  • 02:58:39: tastytrixie: It's a foggy night here; foghorns have been echoing all night long. And oh yeah -- I'm still awake.
  • 12:56:18: tastytrixie: Annoyed with my sleeping (not sleeping?) habits. Goal today is to get a lot of exercise/wear myself out so I can sleep earlier.
  • 13:13:34: tastytrixie: @KTAranui That only works for 1 or 2 days. Plus, it totally defeats the purpose of having an efficient, normal, productive day the next day.
  • 13:45:11: tastytrixie: SHIT. Major temptation = letter written by our neighbor's crazy-ass boyfriend in jail accidentally put in our box.
  • 13:51:20: tastytrixie: Yeah, I'm *dying* to open it. I can read some through the envelope: "Dear Lover . . . " This is bad juju in so many ways.
  • 13:52:29: tastytrixie: @paulvalach It was just posted yesterday; everyone in our town knows it only takes one day for something to get from jail to here.
  • 13:53:13: tastytrixie: Thing is, if our neighbor hadn't burned her bridges/acted crazy towards us I'd just walk over & give it to her. But since she's crazy? NO.
  • 13:55:39: tastytrixie: It's almost like the fucker was planted in our box to test us. Seriously, how could our small town postal workers make this mistake?
  • 15:59:47: tastytrixie: Can't believe online friends' bad influences: only 1 person expressed concern over tampering-with-the-mail law. All else say OPEN & READ!
  • 16:35:02: tastytrixie: @wonderingsub I know I shouldn't. That's a large part of why it's so tempting, but don't worry; I won't do it.
  • 16:37:52: tastytrixie: Let me restate: these neighbors are TOTAL NIGHTMARES plus have vandalized our mailbox, trespassed, dumped trash in our yard, etc.
  • 17:18:37: tastytrixie: Going to do some exercise on the Wherever Cam while waiting for @DeliaTS to bring home delicious greasy pork dongs from Silverdale.
  • 19:03:00: tastytrixie: Living in BFE sucks sometimes; if you go shopping & only discover at home they overcharged you/didn't remove security tags you're FUCKED.
  • 22:44:46: tastytrixie: Excited about getting into just-washed sheets freshly showered; I also lubricated the largest organ on my body with kukui nut body cream.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

From Twitter 07-15-2009

  • 01:21:27: tastytrixie: A variety of factors have come together to make me totally obnoxious & wide awake tonight.
  • 11:19:53: tastytrixie: Why isn't this guy charged with CP & a host of other things? What a shithole.
  • 13:58:54: tastytrixie: Finally contacting AT&T to find out why I can't send pics to twitpic anymore. Since April. Hate "communicating" with phone companies.
  • 14:05:37: tastytrixie: Sigh. So much of work for me is staring at a monitor waiting for someone or something else to respond or do something. Just . . . WAITING.
  • 14:11:04: tastytrixie: On the positive side: I definitely prefer being able to chat online with customer service rather than trying to talk to them on the phone
  • 14:16:24: tastytrixie: TOTALLY another reason why I prefer it:RT @PerfectSnack: @tastytrixie plus via chat there's a record of the interaction
  • 14:23:50: tastytrixie: Man, I am really working up an appetite waiting for my AT&T chat "agent", "Halston Moore" (great name, eh?) to fix my shit.
  • 14:38:05: tastytrixie: Okay. If I had a normal job I would have just wasted my whole lunch break, accomplished ZERO & have to resume work hungry.
  • 15:03:39: tastytrixie: - this better fucjing work
  • 15:21:25: tastytrixie: A whole hour in chat with AT&T to make multimedia text messaging work on our phones. And all I get is a "sorry". Whatever.
  • 17:22:06: tastytrixie: Taking a bath then it's off to the store for propane (so @DeliaTS can grill the steak she bought us) & paper to print out legal stuff.
  • 23:26:10: tastytrixie: @adorableaudrey I'm really digging your new(?) avatar/pic here. REALLY. HOT!!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

From Twitter 07-14-2009

  • 13:01:35: tastytrixie: Working on some legal bullshit.
  • 14:25:50: tastytrixie: Getting ready to go get a half-price massage. I don't think I've gone since February & this deprivation is ridiculous.
  • 16:47:17: tastytrixie: I don't know if I got a mild sore throat/cold or had some kind of an allergic reaction to something inside my mouth & throat. Like a burn.
  • 16:50:51: tastytrixie: It's cute the way my lips are swollen from the inside out, but I'm going to take some benadryl.
  • 19:47:07: tastytrixie: Hope I don't regret just now volunteering to do web design, blogging, etc. for a social/political issue that's really important to me.
  • 19:47:42: tastytrixie: Not that the social & political issues I *don't* volunteer to help with are not important to me, but this one is screaming for local help.
  • 20:10:02: tastytrixie: My mom is such a good, crazy little community activist. She just forwarded me minutes from a meeting on flood prevention/govt. concerns.
  • 21:36:15: tastytrixie: Just got off the phone talking "business" with BeerCanMan.
  • 22:27:44: tastytrixie: Rec'd customized panties we bought from Etsy sissy seamstress which intro'd me to a great brand of panties; now in panty lust browsing.
  • 23:53:38: tastytrixie: Looking at beautiful, well-made panties in silks & thick meaty laces makes me never want to buy a cheap pair of panties again.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From Twitter 07-13-2009

  • 00:16:39: tastytrixie: I'm uber cranky having gotten no exercise today & being very in-my-head / just want to FINISH something for once. My back is also torqued.
  • 00:55:06: tastytrixie: Jesus CHRIST, I need to stop fantasizing about Mormon boys.
  • 01:01:53: tastytrixie: How come none of the people I went to school with became adults & realized their childhood religions weren't a good fit? Like, NONE. Sigh.
  • 02:19:50: tastytrixie: Our dog's hips are really bothering her. She doesn't cry or whimper about it, but you can tell. It sucks.
  • 02:35:31: tastytrixie: There are some seriously disturbed contestants on Merv Griffin's "Crosswords".
  • 13:18:00: tastytrixie: After taking an implicit race bias quiz last night I've been thinking about racism all morning. Time to do bills instead of blog, though.
  • 14:44:35: tastytrixie: What a diff. a few dollars make; today was the first bill-paying/checkbook balancing day in months I didn't feel like cutting my throat.
  • 16:44:24: tastytrixie: Awesome post, honey:RT @DeliaTS: Ever wonder how I feel about the porn I made as a guy? Check out my latest blog entry -
  • 21:57:21: tastytrixie: Why is it ten pm?!? Yikes. I guess because I woke up late because I couldn't fall asleep last night / slept fitfully when I did.
  • 21:57:56: tastytrixie: Voyeurs/Members: I'm going to exercise on the Wherever Cam in a few minutes . . . the lighting may be low, though.
  • 23:06:36: tastytrixie: Yum!! I feel so much bigger & airier & alive after exercising and stretching and breathing. Good stuff.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

From Twitter 07-12-2009

  • 10:46:59: tastytrixie: Wacky dreams of flooding rivers to "fly"/jump across & a horny Clint Eastwood doing a bunch of Ron Jeremy-like public appearances.
  • 10:53:08: tastytrixie: @minasmusings Yours definitely topped mine in hotness then; even though I love Clint he was acting pathetic AND ignoring me.
  • 12:18:42: tastytrixie: Uh-oh. I feel a big poop coming but the plunger is still turned inside out from the last vigorous usage. This could get messy . . .
  • 12:26:29: tastytrixie: We were going to go see Public Enemies tonight but I'm on a roll in web design mode so think I'll stay home & take advantage of work-brain.
  • 14:30:32: tastytrixie: Yay! Just posted obnoxious vlog & 18 minutes of "Introducing My Pussy to the Ultimate Beaver" videos for our members. Now? HUNGRY.
  • 17:40:06: tastytrixie: - Today after I recorded my members-only vlog wearing my favorite old too-small Felina demi bra.
  • 20:54:43: tastytrixie: Navigation bar, layout & homepage for the free area of @DeliaTS' new site are done now. Not showing off yet, but I'm happy. Long way to go.
  • 23:01:51: tastytrixie: Join page done (except you can't really join it yet). Yes, I'm just making a boring twitter checklist. To make myself feel good.
  • 23:13:58: tastytrixie: Grrrrr . . . just checked @AmberLily's stats & we have an "affiliate" who's "promoting" other sites using her content in a way that's WRONG.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

From Twitter 07-11-2009

  • 07:12:41: tastytrixie: Oh dear. Something has gone awry; I'm awake at 7 am . . . .
  • 11:09:55: tastytrixie: I've got a webcam show in two hours. What I SHOULD do right now is exercise. Really SHOULD . . .
  • 11:24:51: tastytrixie: Going to do some exercise on the Wherever Cam on SOY if any of our members want to watch me get breathless:
  • 12:19:07: tastytrixie: Time for a quick lunch, bath & show at the top of the hour. Wonder if I should give my twat a break & stick something up my butt instead?
  • 14:16:49: tastytrixie: I almost forgot how awesome it is to masturbate and orgasm with a hard toy dipping in and out of my asshole.
  • 14:33:56: tastytrixie: Whoah -- Aleve I took to stave off headache plus orgasms in shows = a very sleepy Trixie right now. Trying to be productive anyway.
  • 17:10:47: tastytrixie: Our main net connection died during our members-only chat so we've only got one SOY cam & 2 rude cams logged in on our alt DSL connection.
  • 17:23:09: tastytrixie: I'll never understand how Grindhouse, which was fantastic, got bad reviews but this Inglorious Basterds movie is supposed to be GOOD? Ugh.
  • 17:24:52: tastytrixie: And I say this as someone who saw Pulp Fiction in the theatre three times. And adore Reservoir Dogs. Trailer for Basterds reeks though.
  • 17:26:35: tastytrixie: @minasmusings Bwahahaha! You're silly :)
  • 18:12:26: tastytrixie: Yay! Our connection is back up so we're getting our main spycams logged in again & @DeliaTS can upload her video for members.
  • 20:15:18: tastytrixie: Making very. Slow. Progress. On the web design for . I think I like it. Which probably means I'll hate it soon.
  • 20:29:13: tastytrixie: Pretty, surprise rainshower at sundown looked & sounded like liquid gold dripping from the sky.
  • 21:42:26: tastytrixie: Oooh!! Thunder & lightning! I need to step away from the computer and enjoy the electricity . . .
  • 23:11:09: tastytrixie: Awesome. The male half of our asshole neighbors got arrested & booked into jail AGAIN. Now if only they'd take the chick, too.
  • 23:35:20: tastytrixie: Yay! I'm finally getting down to business with the design for @DeliaTS ' new site and enjoying it. But I need to interrupt for bedtime.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

From Twitter 07-10-2009

  • 12:29:19: tastytrixie: Dreamt about weird little pink rattlesnake in dual versus a rabbit-type vibrator left on on the sidewalk.
  • 15:24:41: tastytrixie: It's time to be doing some video editing. It's a long one so I'm not sure I'll get it uploaded tonight since we also have shows.
  • 19:50:26: tastytrixie: Phew! Finally got all those video files encoded in just enough time to use my main machine for my camshow at the top of the hour.
  • 22:50:26: tastytrixie: I know I haven't tweeted much today, but you can rest assured that we are at home on a Friday night AS USUAL. Watching Entourage, babies!
  • 23:29:40: tastytrixie: Just had a lovely fuck with @DeliaTS - all the talk of handjobs on Entourage got to her, I think. Tiny tear in my pussy is bleeding again.
  • 23:35:09: tastytrixie: Video showing how I gave myself that little tear with a toy is still uploading. Might post Sunday since @DeliaTS posts hers on Saturday.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

From Twitter 07-09-2009

  • 10:30:35: tastytrixie: Since 7, 8 and 9 hours haven't been enough sleep for me lately today we'll see if ten hours did the trick.
  • 13:42:38: tastytrixie: It's been too long since I posted new porn galleries on so I just did! My fave = young japanese couple in schoolroom.
  • 15:47:06: tastytrixie: Dying for a pro or even just pro-am camcorder. Getting ready to shoot a masturbation video so I can feel more irritated by substandard eqpt.
  • 18:43:51: tastytrixie: Oh my . . . I feel 500% better/happier after shooting a couple of videos: one masturbating, the other making use of @DeliaTS' boner.
  • 22:23:07: tastytrixie: Am I missing out on anything special to have never plucked my eyebrows into oblivion & then drawn them in? I'm curious what I'd look like.
  • 22:24:10: tastytrixie: I totally choked up when Ade did that back flip tonight on So You Think You Can Dance. So massively beautiful.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

From Twitter 07-08-2009

  • 00:57:05: tastytrixie: @UndressJess OMFG you are KILLING ME with your hotness!! You and your body are fucking phenomenally gorgeous.
  • 00:57:14: tastytrixie: RT @UndressJess: See this hot (FREE!) booty dance strip tease that I made tonight and VOOOOTE!
  • 01:00:26: tastytrixie: @UndressJess Oh darling - thank YOU! I'm also melting with quivering lust over the one where you're wearing the fishnet leotard over thong.
  • 01:57:11: tastytrixie: God almighty! Why do I have to look so much like Ricky Gervais?!? It's not a marketable resemblance in the wide world of webwhores.
  • 14:48:23: tastytrixie: Found a bunch of retro rentals that I cannot WAIT to shoot in. Only made one reservation though & that's for September. Love discoveries.
  • 20:03:09: tastytrixie: Super sleepy; watching Nature documentary on wolves in Yellowstone: Makes me look at our husky even more appreciatively.
  • 22:42:42: tastytrixie: It's not awesome the way I've barely been able to keep my eyes open all day. Until 10 pm. When I became infused with energy & ideas.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

From Twitter 07-07-2009

  • 00:38:41: tastytrixie: Swigging Pepto Bismol:the nightcap of champions.
  • 11:09:57: tastytrixie: Catching up on a few little communiques. But just a FEW. Still, feels good. Also: replaced that huge flash ad on my blog w/less obtrusive 1.
  • 13:09:55: tastytrixie: My latest post about the sex toy spreadsheet with pics of me with dildos in my cunt:
  • 13:21:13: tastytrixie: Aaaaaaaaaaand I just charged more sex stuff. Because we REALLY need a ball gag & I found a decent sale:
  • 14:22:35: tastytrixie: Yigh! My girlfriend, @DeliaTS, made the yummiest brownies from scratch to take to dinner tonight. So SO delicious!
  • 14:25:50: tastytrixie: @pinkbbw Yay! And you know throwing in the g always helps; can't ever have too many of those cheap & marvelous fuckers.
  • 14:26:47: tastytrixie: I am such a sucker: reading a review of a movie (Treeless Mountain) just about made me cry & I *still* don't know what it's about.
  • 14:28:09: tastytrixie: More about the movie:
  • 16:11:50: tastytrixie: Gonna do some quick exercise on the Wherever Cam before showering so I don't disgust our friends at dinner. My asshole smells like vomit.
  • 17:05:48: tastytrixie: @UndressJess Thanks for that! I wish she had an affiliate program. So. Fucking. HOT!
  • 17:07:19: tastytrixie: Man, some girls dream about waking up with big titties, but I dream about waking up with a giant big huge bubble butt.
  • 17:18:02: tastytrixie: @UndressJess Silicone injections or actual implants or what or both? You know, maybe I should get some ass implants . . . they look SO GOOD!
  • 18:11:46: tastytrixie: We're running late. There's no on to blame but myself. I hate that.
  • 22:44:42: tastytrixie: I'm in last place in Quiddler but in the 9th round came up with "COUGAR" and "NERD". That's ME!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

From Twitter 07-06-2009

  • 10:39:13: tastytrixie: I would pay top dollar to have one night of dreamless sleep per week. Jesus! Bring me a black blanket to swaddle my brain!
  • 13:12:55: tastytrixie: Compiling a spreadsheet to keep track of all of our sex toys (who/where from, names, whether or not we've both shot with them, etc.)
  • 13:16:06: tastytrixie: It's really cool that Outlaw Leather has an Etsy shop to sell their rad strap-on harnesses:
  • 13:54:13: tastytrixie: Said it before & I'll say it again: silicone toy manufacturers PLEASE make some HUGE REALISTIC DONGS for us! OBSCENE ones. PLEASE!
  • 16:44:47: tastytrixie: Goddamn you, blogger. My settings are telling you to syndicate a short 255 char. or less blurb, not title only. Whatevs.
  • 17:04:00: tastytrixie: Whoah! Surprise guest at dinner w/friends tomorrow: an amnesiac just released from the hospital yesterday. Who can say they've met one?
  • 20:58:41: tastytrixie: @radmul That sounds MASSIVELY beautiful . . .
  • 22:43:59: tastytrixie: It's too late to stop me or I'd ask you to tell me not to buy all this 1-of-a-kind stuff. But OMG our members will LOVE it all!

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Loudtwitter dead?

Sigh. The service I've been using to import/auto-post my tweets is apparently dead or dying or something.

I hope it comes back or I can find a suitable alternative.