Sunday, July 12, 2009

From Twitter 07-11-2009

  • 07:12:41: tastytrixie: Oh dear. Something has gone awry; I'm awake at 7 am . . . .
  • 11:09:55: tastytrixie: I've got a webcam show in two hours. What I SHOULD do right now is exercise. Really SHOULD . . .
  • 11:24:51: tastytrixie: Going to do some exercise on the Wherever Cam on SOY if any of our members want to watch me get breathless:
  • 12:19:07: tastytrixie: Time for a quick lunch, bath & show at the top of the hour. Wonder if I should give my twat a break & stick something up my butt instead?
  • 14:16:49: tastytrixie: I almost forgot how awesome it is to masturbate and orgasm with a hard toy dipping in and out of my asshole.
  • 14:33:56: tastytrixie: Whoah -- Aleve I took to stave off headache plus orgasms in shows = a very sleepy Trixie right now. Trying to be productive anyway.
  • 17:10:47: tastytrixie: Our main net connection died during our members-only chat so we've only got one SOY cam & 2 rude cams logged in on our alt DSL connection.
  • 17:23:09: tastytrixie: I'll never understand how Grindhouse, which was fantastic, got bad reviews but this Inglorious Basterds movie is supposed to be GOOD? Ugh.
  • 17:24:52: tastytrixie: And I say this as someone who saw Pulp Fiction in the theatre three times. And adore Reservoir Dogs. Trailer for Basterds reeks though.
  • 17:26:35: tastytrixie: @minasmusings Bwahahaha! You're silly :)
  • 18:12:26: tastytrixie: Yay! Our connection is back up so we're getting our main spycams logged in again & @DeliaTS can upload her video for members.
  • 20:15:18: tastytrixie: Making very. Slow. Progress. On the web design for . I think I like it. Which probably means I'll hate it soon.
  • 20:29:13: tastytrixie: Pretty, surprise rainshower at sundown looked & sounded like liquid gold dripping from the sky.
  • 21:42:26: tastytrixie: Oooh!! Thunder & lightning! I need to step away from the computer and enjoy the electricity . . .
  • 23:11:09: tastytrixie: Awesome. The male half of our asshole neighbors got arrested & booked into jail AGAIN. Now if only they'd take the chick, too.
  • 23:35:20: tastytrixie: Yay! I'm finally getting down to business with the design for @DeliaTS ' new site and enjoying it. But I need to interrupt for bedtime.

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