Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From Twitter 07-27-2009

  • 00:53:40: tastytrixie: No spycam renaissance would be complete without a hot, sweet, summery fuck on cam; hope our voyeurs saw & heard & enjoyed it as we did!
  • 10:30:29: tastytrixie: Ooogh . . . I'd love a couple more hours of sleep. DEEPER sleep than last night.
  • 10:34:12: tastytrixie: Going to edit some video which means the main WebWhoreHQ cam will be down. Reverse cowgirl, white panties . . . you know the drill.
  • 13:40:44: tastytrixie: Video edited, exercised (& sweated, just to make a rhyme). Now having cheese rye crisp for lunch.
  • 13:58:57: tastytrixie: Yay! Unexpected grocery money came in the mail (the $ we make promoting other people's sites is our grocery-etc. money).
  • 14:03:23: tastytrixie: @scottfotki We don't have enough traffic to make money on pay-per-click & we don't sell ad space so all of our promo $ is from actual sales.
  • 14:04:29: tastytrixie: I keep getting interrupted in the process of reading http://hobostripper.com's members-only post about How to Butcher Animals.
  • 14:54:05: tastytrixie: I was kind of excited to run errands until I realized that I wanted to fall into a deep, dark, peaceful coma. Of sorts.
  • 19:02:23: tastytrixie: When someone calls asking if @DeliaTS 's old boy name is home, my reaction is to say No? Why would HE be here? Of course he's not here!
  • 22:11:34: tastytrixie: RT @BrentSpiner: I've got a surprise for you too. I take my . . . pearl-handled Magnum 44 & tuck it into the back waistband of my silk pj's.
  • 22:13:13: tastytrixie: Just got home from seeing Harry Potter. Loved it, but all of the broomstick stroking was a WEE bit over-the-top. Heard lots of crying.
  • 23:01:31: tastytrixie: @DoJnD No shit; not having kids, I didn't even think about that but yeah; it was super-scary and dark.
  • 23:55:59: tastytrixie: I want to fucking kill the bitch who lets her pit bull walk unleashed in my sister's hood. It tried to attack my bro-in-law tonight.

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