Monday, January 31, 2011

From Twitter 01-30-2011

  • 01:02:51: Tonight I remembered that I dreamt vividly of two beautiful white wolves with shimmering fur leading me through twilit snow . . . somewhere.
  • 12:03:11: I might cloak the bedroom cam for awhile today. Feeling really embarrassed about how tired & sleepy I've been past few days.
  • 14:04:33: No, this isn't a neck brace I'm wearing in bed, it's an aromatherapeutic hot pack blanket thingy. Do you like my sexy neck quilt? Dooo you??
  • 14:23:16: It's time for me to shrug off my old-lady shoulder-cozy and do some exercise. To the parlor cam I go!!
  • 14:43:29: No, no, NO I don't really want to go to my 20 year high school reunion. Just sounds awkward. My classmates weren't bad people, just ... NO.
  • 14:48:21: @Toni_KatVixen because I never do because I have zero social energy & they have kids; this way could see all in one concentrated fell swoop.
  • 16:14:18: Going to rewatch a little of this while I eat my lunch of taquitos. LOVE the feel/look of this film. (The Naked City)
  • 17:46:04: RT @hotwives: Photo: I love this cartoon pinup! Hot.
  • 19:57:51: Been working on a cheesy one-pager for - a side-trip from a mop-up job I have to finish.
  • 21:37:39: Thanks to @greenguy89 's alert, I finally found & restored the pictures & fixed up most of the pages on
  • 23:55:06: Enjoying this quite a bit but taking a break for a bath. (watching The Parking Lot Movie via @gomiso)

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

From Twitter 01-29-2011

  • 00:07:56: Logged out for the night. @DeliaTS made $10 more than me, though! I must beat her next time we go head to head!!! Mwahahahaha!
  • 09:26:42: Woke up at 7:41 w/song in my head & itch to try to remember where 1st heard it (fucking Californication) & realized I forgot to take my bc.
  • 14:38:26: Oh yeah, this is the life: sleeping into the afternoon while my bitch makes money: (what, not funny?)
  • 15:08:54: My plan: cam for a couple of hours, stop for some food, respond to some emails, then . . . cam some more? Maybe? Let's see . . .
  • 16:03:59: I'm logged in for an hour or so, Saturday session #1: & my shirt is see-through!
  • 17:11:10: Yay! Because of my age I rarely get a certain roleplay that makes me super excited, but I did today and just had a huge sweaty orgasm!
  • 17:16:55: I should probably just delete that. I know most of my friends are aghast at those roleplays I love.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

From Twitter 01-28-2011

  • 00:15:44: Feel much better after rinsing out my nasal passages. Now going to sit in super steamy bath tub and drink a lot of water.
  • 18:45:14: Going to get sexy after I eat some dinner then log in for private cam fun on - get ready for me! On in an hour?
  • 19:32:34: Running a little late due to desire for 2 burritos instead of just one, and my need to "research" what other camgirls are doing tonight. ;)~
  • 20:32:55: Just got done with a really sweet pussy-showing/talking about licking show:
  • 20:35:46: I hope my voice/mic isn't doing that minnie mouse thing that happens on there sometimes.
  • 22:44:03: Had nonstop fun, then I took a break to go pee and came back & now everyone is just chatting:

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Friday, January 28, 2011

From Twitter 01-27-2011

  • 11:46:00: Considering spending the day in bed with a bunch of medicine to try to get rid of this sore throat I've had for at least 14 days of January.
  • 16:58:22: On a walk, hating the sounds of loud annoying human voices. Wanting them to GO. AWAY.
  • 18:11:19: Could be, but seems too phlegmy for strep, @BrooklynBeast - going to take better care of myself for a couple days then see dr if not better.
  • 22:56:41: My "Necktie & White Panties Gallery" (aka "Chubby Angel in a Necktie") is all posted up for you, members!
  • 22:57:23: Wondering if I shoot another "chubby angel" gallery where I'm actually dressed up as an "angel" . . . maybe chubby devil would be better?
  • 23:18:40: Oooh, I like that idea, @amberlily !

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

From Twitter 01-26-2011

  • 02:51:36: Didn't want to waste the makeup I put on for my vlog so went on cam & now too sleepy to finish posting it! Will get it up tomorrow, members!
  • 13:48:31: Someday we really are going to go to sleep near midnight and have a somewhat normal schedule. Someday.
  • 14:37:12: I swear to goddamn I just saw an amped-up camgirl throw her TONGUE over her shoulder. I mean like a fucking TOWEL!
  • 15:13:10: What I wore in the vlog I just posted for members. I wore LESS live on cam afterwards . . .
  • 16:32:55: Look who's on cam in fancy black thigh highs: my girlfriend, @DeliaTS -
  • 16:37:43: All of my important downloads are frozen so I'm going to go have some cereal & get some exercise. On our parlor cam!
  • 17:22:28: I'm going to exercise right now, FOR REAL. I know I said it before, but neck-deep in a million things blah blah . . . must jump around now.
  • 21:16:37: I'm more than ready to get on cam, but my music is not. My music is all over the place, slow to access and pissing me off.
  • 21:25:18: RT @DeliaTS: Ding, ding! Round 2 of camming -
  • 22:53:23: Kind of glad MFC crashed; wasn't having the kind of fun I had LAST night. And now I won't be tempted to stay up late camming so that's good.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From Twitter 01-25-2011

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From Twitter 01-24-2011

  • 02:14:21: Nothing like seeing a camgirl sucking on some capri sun to arouse weird conflicted memory sensations of excitement.
  • 12:18:08: I want to say that I'm going to stop overeating today, but I'm afraid to.
  • 12:24:58: FYI followers: I don't get follow notifications for some reason so you'll have to @ me to get my attention. Sorry about that!
  • 15:05:59: HOT: RT @BuckAngel Im on now! #NSFW
  • 22:00:38: Doing a lot of webmaster-y stuff today, with one part being a medium-sized project so nothing to show off right now.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

From Twitter 01-23-2011

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

From Twitter 01-22-2011

  • 14:39:51: Going to do a little exercise before our members-only chat at the top of the hour. @DeliaTS is here:
  • 20:15:48: I guess since @DeliaTS isn't interested in watching me play Castlevania I'll open my box & see if taking out this drive improves things.
  • 20:52:25: It *appears* that removing that extra storage fixed my computer. Will try to salvage all the stuff on it w/Thermaltake Black Widow BlackX.
  • 21:05:57: My computer is hugging me right now with SPEED and trying to show me everything she is capable of. Awww, you've recovered!

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

From Twitter 01-21-2011

  • 01:57:42: Tomorrow is going to be awesome! But I promise myself I'm not going to pressure myself into using it to "make up for today"'s slack.
  • 01:58:58: Members: I have shows at 4 pacific (7 eastern) Friday and Saturday, with @DeliaTS shows following at 5! Members-only chat at 2 Saturday!
  • 02:13:52: Thanks to @SequoiaRedd for this cool link - E. Coli Bacteria Could Become Our Next Computer Hard Drives : TreeHugger
  • 12:25:24: My period just started! That could bode well for my webcam show (4 pacific!) if you're into that . . . not yet sure if I'll hide it or not.
  • 13:57:56: Chubby Angel in a Necktie. I believe that will be the name of this gallery of pictures I'm editing right now.
  • 19:55:33: I will not bitch about my computer I will not bitch about my computer I will not bitch about my computer I will not not not not SHITOHDEAR
  • 20:20:14: Sweet: @DeliaTS is making up for my unsexy at our house by logging in soon to do MORE HOT SHOWS!
  • 22:54:16: If not for my machine's obstinance over past 8 hours (& my naivety in thinking it would cooperate for camming) I'd have new stuff 4 members.
  • 23:07:20: The good news is that I ran back & forth between that & bedroom computer all night to make good progress on another cam-related project.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

From Twitter 01-20-2011

  • 01:16:49: Mmmm ... watched some hot tranny porn with @DeliaTS in bed and then I had a quick orgasm grinding my clit into her. Hope you were watching!
  • 12:18:24: Do you know how much I love Xena: Warrior Princess? A LOT! In other news, wondering if I should try an offline blog editor. Suggestions?
  • 18:38:21: @misscalico I'd say @streamate is the most beginner-friendly camsite for new camgirls: straightforward, great tech support, etc.
  • 19:08:26: Today really feels like muddy-skied winter and phlegmy thick-headed illness. Smothering it with jam & hot chocolate sounds like best plan.
  • 20:39:00: I do believe @DeliaTS is just about ready to log in for some private camming:
  • 22:18:55: Slurping on St. John's Wort tincture and listening once again to special "vibraphonecalls" mix provided by E.S.
  • 23:17:05: I should stop feeling guilty about the symptoms of having a little PMS. Going to EMBRACE these special feelings of depression instead!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

From Twitter 01-19-2011

  • 11:20:09: Packing up, getting ready to go home. Actually, @DeliaTS is doing most of the work.
  • 14:26:10: It's lame that I get semi-distraught upon discovering my to-do list software lost a bunch of my data. Like WHO AM I without that? Lost soul!
  • 14:43:31: @joepennant It's dextronet's daily to-do - it was working perfectly for me for months; now that it's on my laptop it's losing stuff, though.
  • 19:07:45: It turns out that unpacking stuff from our gone-shooting bags was the right thing to do. Followed by an ENORMOUS poo. Okay, a middleweight.
  • 19:15:16: Really hoping to fuck @DeliaTS tonight. After shooting videos of her jacking off past couple of nights I need some for ME.
  • 19:49:01: 3 of 5 stars to Silver by Norma Fox Mazer
  • 19:52:40: 4 of 5 stars to Silver by Norma Fox Mazer
  • 20:06:55: 5 of 5 stars to We Moon 2011 Spiral Calendar by We'Moon Collective
  • 21:36:43: Lately I've been very very thankful for my cheekbones. Not just having them in a basic skeletal way, but having GOOD ones, well-placed.
  • 23:36:44: SEX HAPPENS on our spycams soon after we finish watching these Star Trek: Voyager special features. I'm going to pretend @DeliaTS is 7 of 9.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From Twitter 01-18-2011

  • 00:58:37: Home briefly to download the pics we shot tonight, recharge batteries, etc.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From Twitter 01-17-2011

  • 12:16:24: RT @DeliaTS: Woke up to a jazzy version of Oh What a Beautiful Morning. Kind of hard not to be in a good mood even if it's gray & rainy out
  • 16:07:38: Packing up and getting ready to shoot for a couple of nights. We'll be in and out / back and forth between there & home 'til Wednesday.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

From Twitter 01-16-2011

  • 00:16:26: We're putting together outfits to shoot in; @DeliaTS picked out & reserved a (cheap, in-town) room for us next week for a couple of nights.
  • 00:39:17: It's hard to resist non-stop eating from sundown until after midnight in what @DeliaTS is making "The Year of The Waffle". Details later?
  • 00:54:32: So SO tired of people acting surprised gay guys get/got it up for wives & make/made babies, or thinking that's PROOF! of straightness.
  • 01:02:11: Well if we ever have a Great Waffle Slumber Party, we'll make sure to invite you @AaliyahLove69 - @DeliaTS is waffleizing EVERYTHING now!
  • 01:07:58: You know, I don't think that, either though, @chrisorourke : bi & omnisexuality DO exist so not an either/or (plus some just fantasies).
  • 02:05:16: I know, I KNOW! We're watching too much TV!! (watching The September Issue via @gomiso)
  • 14:40:09: Really excited to see Black Swan except for these chatty bitches wearing way too much fucking perfume. Oh GOD & noisy teens just entered.
  • 16:57:01: OMFG! Black Swan: amazing flawless brilliant beautiful true hot LOVED - so glad we made it to the big screen to see.
  • 23:33:46: Enjoying checking out @DrBeaverboy 's site: - hope you do too! Glad he found us via @FurryGirl .

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

From Twitter 01-15-2011

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

From Twitter 01-14-2011

  • 10:49:04: Trying out a new method for doing "things" today. (Sorry for the boring tweet, but my poop this morning was nothing to crow about).
  • 16:14:40: I have a bunch of emails I wrote at the cabin (NEW METHOD!) in my outbox. And a NEW ERROR when I try to send them. Will fix after lunch.
  • 17:51:30: @chrisorourke I fixed it thx to google. Moved tbird to the laptop & different ISP so it was bitching about SMTP. Using gmail for outgo now!
  • 18:15:29: Did you say "fart" and "indie porn girls", @greenguy89 ? Because you know that resembles me.
  • 18:49:22: I just pleasantly fulfilled my yearly log-in-to-yahoo-messenger quota chatting with @reptilegrrl ! Probably won't sign in again until 2012.
  • 19:39:07: The launch of "My Smelly Pussy: Fully Loaded" (J/K):
  • 22:52:00: Since @DeliaTS is camming her ass off ( ) I figured I should pull myself away from the PS3 & do more work!
  • 23:05:32: The trouble with getting blog entries and members-only updates done in advance is I don't want to wait to post them!!
  • 23:05:56: RT @DeliaTS: Had a nice little flurry of camshows. Then I came. Think I'll call it good for toinight.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

From Twitter 01-13-2011

  • 11:09:54: Going to do some deep breathing or maybe bury my head in the sand in preparation for going to the salon for hairdo-cut-color time.
  • 12:45:58: Looking at photo of weak, anorexic model pretending she has the energy to strike a pinata with a stick: SO unconvincing, BAD modeling.
  • 16:51:19: The good news is I'm BACK & blonder than ever! The bad news is I found out at the salon that my waistline is bigger than Drew Carey's.
  • 18:57:16: It's true @reptilegrrl ! The catch is he's lost a bunch of weight. He's smaller than a 34 now. But yes, my waist is bigger than that atm.
  • 18:58:26: Actually, I've always found Drew Carey physically attractive, @youJerk . A matter of taste, I suppose.
  • 22:18:40: I'd be happy to be packing 35 around my middle if I had your top & bottom to make the hourglass, @reptilegrrl . I'm a bad apple instead.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

From Twitter 01-12-2011

  • 12:31:10: The best: getting enough sleep and taking a big load-lightening poop within 5 minutes of waking.
  • 13:42:59: Looking forward to editing pictures to share with members today. Maybe some camming tonight? We'll see how it goes. First, errands.
  • 15:36:44: I look like death warmed over. Think it's time for some lunch and then some fucking MAKEUP.
  • 15:59:54: For atheists trying to work 12-step programs (or afraid they can't), a good share:
  • 17:32:56: A lot of my pussy fur looks very golden in this photo set I'm editing.
  • 21:00:38: About to have salad for dinner (don't worry, there'll be PLENTY of fatty-bun ingredients) after picking up serenity & groceries w/ @DeliaTS
  • 22:18:45: @rollertrain Serenity is such an unfamiliar state to me that it almost always feels new! But if you mean meetings, been going for 2+ years.
  • 22:20:19: Working on finishing this gallery for members. Then going to stretch, do housework & call it an early night, I hope.
  • 22:25:02: My farts have been so rank since I got cocoa a week or so ago to make hot chocolate. It's the soy milk. And my weird guts.
  • 23:38:02: LOL @rollertrain - oh, THAT Serenity! Yeah we've seen Serenity & have/LOVE Firefly. I cry over scratch on disc where Kaylee gets pink dress.
  • 23:50:44: Yay! Happy, voluptuous gallery posted for my members of me in and out of blue silk slip & tight bright red panties (can you say CAMELTOE?).

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From Twitter 01-11-2011

  • 18:13:51: This here family visit is turning out a lot longer than anticipated. I'm tired, but whatever . . . there are bacon-filled waffles to be had.
  • 19:47:26: Phew! Just saw off my sister & our two nephews. Ready to enter a delicious SILENT coma now. Well, maybe with some new age music.
  • 23:16:23: RT @JaneBurgess: Someone asked why I don't post a bunch of pics of me on here. I guess because I have a website full of pics, that is en ...
  • 23:27:09: Now that Auntie Trixie and Auntie @DeliaTS time is over, it's time to get sexy. Wait . . . I mean it's time to pay the bills!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

From Twitter 01-10-2011

  • 11:51:50: The AZ shooting is less a testament against hateful rhetoric than shining example WHY we need real comprehensive free health care for ALL.
  • 20:16:09: So I hope to Christ that Aladdin doesn't make me cry as much as Mulan did because I'm so not in the mood for that Disney drama bullshit.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

From Twitter 01-09-2011

  • 10:52:46: Glad it didn't snow much; we have to go pick up our nephew (which also means most of our cams will be down today, tomorrow & part of Tue.).
  • 15:59:21: Who knew that going to Goodwill with a four year old could be such a fucking blast?
  • 18:24:49: It seems that my main computer is now working nicely as long as I don't request it access the slave hard drive. So I can edit my pics!
  • 19:34:25: I think the HD got fuxored from a bunch of power outages during Nov. storm(s), @TruthOnly37 - even w/battery backup I didn't shut down in X.
  • 19:35:32: (but I don't really know that for sure; there were multiple stressors to my system compounding problem upon problem)
  • 23:24:26: OMG I was so excited to watch Mulan for the 1st time with our nephew; didn't anticipate I'd be bawling 10 minutes into it.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

From Twitter 01-08-2011

  • 12:21:17: Hoping to get rid of this headache & nausea before members-only chat & my show. It's not too bad, but it's not too good either.
  • 14:31:34: @UndressJess Nope-have you? I should watch it, huh? OT: I almost DMd u re: glycemic index 2say doesn't HAVE 2 be as strict as your friend's.
  • 14:33:20: Tossed between tech prob anxieties & expenses VS. invitation to maximize resources I already have / recognizing problems as blessings.
  • 14:35:08: @UndressJess Yeah, lots of ways to apply glycemic index to health - the challenge to increase insulin sensitivity is really good for brains.
  • 18:54:06: OH NO. Now that I'm using different computers different ways, I'm discovering games on them I've never played! Like Bejeweled & Brainless!
  • 20:37:31: It would be SO COOL if I could migrate all of my Thunderbird email, etc. from the broken machine to laptop as easily as I'm supposed to.
  • 20:45:06: Oh, phew! It worked! Wondering if I should start using thunderbird to collect all gmail, too . . . so I can make lots 'o gmail accounts.
  • 20:45:44: (and because I really do like Thunderbird better than gmail for organizational purposes)
  • 22:31:52: Cool! I like how my machine starts right up like nothing is wrong as soon as I almost don't need it anymore! Like an annoying boyfriend.
  • 23:43:13: Just posted follow-up "Young Hardcore Harlots" guest gallery for my members:

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

From Twitter 01-07-2011

  • 11:59:50: Downloading curvy pics we shot last night before I head to the cabin before I come back to do shows! Cross fingers for computer cooperation.
  • 15:09:12: My webcam show (free for members) starts in just under two hours (4 pacific)! Members go here:
  • 15:47:55: Excited to have some cocoa and a burrito for lunch before my pre-show tub time.
  • 15:52:49: The problem with me getting exercise regularly is that I'm then totally agitated and storm-tempered if I DO NOT get it. Like right now.
  • 18:43:34: SO DEPRESSING: RT @Toni_KatVixen Princeton Grad Student And 'Brilliant' Programmer Dies In Apparent Suicide
  • 18:50:29: Bravo, Bill Zeller: "People say suicide is selfish. I think it's selfish to ask people to continue living painful and miserable lives." TRUE
  • 18:59:16: I wish everyone would read that letter & understand that drug abuse, suicide, etc. aren't character flaws, bad choices, own fault, etc.
  • 19:47:31: Getting ready to shoot photos of @DeliaTS . . . photos AND video, even.
  • 22:40:18: LOL - yes! And on a big pink dong, too! @Volfie99 @tastytrixie Did Delia just jizz on the floor during that photo shoot? :)

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Friday, January 7, 2011

From Twitter 01-06-2011

  • 00:03:57: Thanks! @reynashouse #nothingbetterthan big tits n luscious asses! @Sam38G @KatVonTease420 @tastytrixie @DiamondJames @BambiDollface ...
  • 00:14:35: Intriguing! RT @rollertrain just had a HUGE AHA! moment involving a previous portrait & @tastytrixie. it involves blood, glass and a big...
  • 01:08:58: Members: new naughty guest gallery posted for you and non-nude foot/sock/toe fetish video! Glad I got this done tonight.
  • 01:31:49: Hugs to @rollertrain - thanks for the chat and the email and the spiritual love force of visceral grooviness and noodlebrains underlying it.
  • 01:54:43: I really just want to fall asleep in a steamy bathtub full of chili con carne right now, but forcing myself to do 3 minutes of exercision.
  • 01:55:59: No, make that *13* minutes. AT LEAST! Cramming all the ways my body wants to move all day into a teeny chunk of breaking up stale chi.
  • 02:33:49: I am running chkdsk for real now. Except not on the volumes I wanted. Fuuuuck. I need to go to bed. WITH CHILI!
  • 13:04:34: I'm going to the cabin to shower/get ready to come back here and shoot pictures. A whole bunch, I hope!
  • 21:23:55: I'm excited about the lighting concept, etc. @DeliaTS & I have going on for at least one shoot tonight.
  • 21:24:33: FYI: "lighting concept" always reminds me of Clueless, which I'm not ashamed to admit is one of my favorite movies.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

From Twitter 01-05-2011

  • 11:37:23: I haven't been spending much time at the cabin - haven't even been there in days - so I think that's where I'm headed this morning.
  • 16:42:59: Thanks to @AmberLily I am able to quickly feed myself lunch today: a nice quick burrito and a mug of hot chocolate!
  • 17:39:59: Getting really super stimulated putting together some guest galleries for members. I can't help it: schoolgirl roleplays excite me A LOT.
  • 19:22:00: Playing a word game on kindle while vid encodes on 1 machine and waiting for other to start up (the problem child computer).
  • 21:05:14: Mr. Shrdlu is turning me on with informative talk about "The Philippine Trench" and my cleavage. But I must focus on these schoolgirls!!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

From Twitter 01-04-2011

  • 01:53:45: @FutureIsXRated You're the 3rd person to rec filezilla so thank you; it may now be ingrained in my head to try it!
  • 01:57:40: I actually feel good about using on my g-rated pics, @QuimmAnaheim - it's just the way ANY text looks on the pics I don't like
  • 01:58:44: @QuimmAnaheim Of course I could plop it into a bigger border but too easy to crop out. Artsy/non-porn domains are cool too, though!
  • 02:00:38: I *am* going to exercise today/tonight dammit!! Every day, at least 13 minutes. Seriously, 2011! I mean it!!
  • 02:37:19: 23 minutes of stretching, dancing & noodling around to jazz felt so good! Maybe weird for voyeurs to watch but OH WELL!
  • 11:27:38: The nice thing about waking up under cloud cover is it's not so damned cold.
  • 11:33:09: Did I forget to mention the posts/pics on my blog: or @DeliaTS 2010/2011 post?
  • 14:20:34: Getting ready to exercise a bit on our parlor cam. Hard to see, but I started feeling the progress this morning from a few days of exercise.
  • 15:18:25: It's time to pay the bills. And maybe, ummm, call the IRS. I'm going to play along like it's really magical to do this on a dark moon.
  • 16:38:55: Heating up some chicken noodle soup & watching new free booty-shaking samples!
  • 16:54:19: Looking forward to taking a cozy break in bed with this & my soup! (watching The X-Files S01E09 via @gomiso)
  • 17:20:32: MUCH better. Still procrastinating on the IRS call, though.
  • 17:27:40: Pray for me if you're so inclined: calling the IRS (I *love* their phone helper people, so my fear/tension is specific to $ situation).
  • 17:59:26: Yay! I wish all customer service was as good and nice and worthwhile as the IRS. Our payment only went up $62. Hope we catch up in 2011!
  • 23:28:38: Just posted a new vlog for members. Extensively chatty version, NOW WITH CLEAVAGE!!
  • 23:30:43: @rollertrain - Awesome - I love it!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

From Twitter 01-03-2011

  • 00:42:26: We should be videotaping the dozens of sneezes I've been firing off. The sneeze fetishists would LOVE it! Why is benadryl so hard to open?
  • 01:31:20: Sometimes I agonize over whether or not to put one of my domain names on my non-porn photos. Hate how it looks BUT hate not getting credit.
  • 13:56:01: Trying to plan at least 1 shoot today. Since my hair is relatively clean & bouncy & stuff. Will anyone jerk to a "Nerd in a Tiara" theme?
  • 14:16:36: RT @Volfie99: @tastytrixie People will jerk to a half-chewed piece of juicy-fruit stuck to a Frechman's shoe; you know that. :)
  • 14:51:47: After spending an hour trying on silly things I am still no closer to discovering the "right" thing to shoot in. I'm sweating.
  • 16:24:36: I think we're semi-succeeding at making WebWhore Headquarters look more camgirl-y.
  • 18:06:33: LOL @MonicaShores - thanks for linking to "Women Laughing Alone with Salad":

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Monday, January 3, 2011

From Twitter 01-02-2011

  • 11:00:34: What our radio alarm gently woke us with: Marc Ribot y los Cubanos Postizos - Aurora en Pekin
  • 23:30:03: I *adore* thorough email responses. Am reading one now from E.S. With numbered, capitalized headings. Love the detail & appreciate it as ADD

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

From Twitter 01-01-2011

  • 12:19:24: Yay! I'm so excited about 2011!! Happy to have started it out with a giant poop & NO HANGOVER. New Year's Eve = no drugs or alcohol for us.
  • 13:35:33: Doing some housecleaning. And it feels so good! EVERYTHING feels so good today!! It's like I'm on some weird magic sunshine pill.
  • 13:35:57: Hmmm . . . I wonder if it's because I forgot to take my BC pill before bed and wound up taking it this morning instead . . .
  • 17:02:07: I'm still in a high-flying mood after some work, a walk, and some HOUSEwork. Going to have soup then work on my site & members-only update.
  • 17:56:48: Pic doesn't do justice to 1st 2011 sunset!
  • 20:48:39: I feel like FTP is trying to fuck with me, overwriting and reuploading huge video file over and over. Really time-consumingly silly.
  • 20:54:58: I have a timer set; if all 4 file types of big dong video aren't ready for members in an hour I'm going to take it as a sign. A *BAD* sign!
  • 22:06:15: Sigh. Both FireFTP & CuteFTP start rewriting movies I upload as soon as they're 100% uploaded. Immediately back to zero & starts over again.
  • 22:19:42: @reynashouse I'm not sure; it's really weird & just on this machine. And now it looks like the whole vid IS there. Will try filezilla; thx!
  • 22:25:03: Phew! Members: refresh on and you'll see the link to the new video. If any probs, please let me know!

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

From Twitter 12-31-2010

  • 11:50:24: Color me pleasantly surprised! You can get my blog on your Kindle now & read it offline!
  • 11:56:47: Guess I'm going to have to step up my blogging a few notches now. FYI: they set the price, not I.
  • 12:19:52: Happily, I'm not going anywhere tonight. Going to take some time for breakfast and figure out my game plan for the day & evening.
  • 12:48:19: In news members will like: I found the software to install our video editor onto our bedroom machine so I can get that big toy vid ready!
  • 13:26:58: Hmmm. Now my apparently short-lived Kindle blog page is a 404 file-not-found page.
  • 15:59:35: My girlfriend @DeliaTS is about to do some exotic camming in the other room; you can get shows with her here:
  • 16:13:39: Slippery elm: best for my tender throat!
  • 21:06:49: Taking a break for food & mindlessness from going between wrestling 3-4 computers trying to get this video finished for members.
  • 23:20:59: The bad news is there's no way all of these vids will finish encoding AND get uploaded tonight. The good news is THEY WILL TOMORROW!
  • 23:21:52: And oh yeah, Happy New Year! It's still 90+ minutes away here on the west coast. @DeliaTS said "going to be greatest year ever!". I LOL'd!
  • 23:24:30: Good stuff, via @furrygirl : "15 Things Kurt Vonnegut Said Better Than Anyone Else Ever Has Or Will"

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