Sunday, October 31, 2010

From Twitter 10-30-2010

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

From Twitter 10-29-2010

  • 10:28:45: I woke up so so horny, but I'm late paying the bills so GOOD MORNING MOOD KILLER! Fondling my checkbook isn't as gratifying as it should be.
  • 11:59:02: We're heading into @DeliaTS birthday weekend! She turns . . . (??) . . . on Halloween!
  • 12:56:40: Fucking with the new spycams and the old spycams and switching them around to optimize what they're good out. So far not great.
  • 13:32:50: How To Rape A Woman And Get Away With It via @jezebel
  • 20:45:49: Awwww -- love back at you, @heathercorinna for sharing home and hearth AND PRANK MONKEY with us!
  • 22:56:31: I've done a lot of overeating today. And now I feel like puking. Not in an anorexic "damage"-control way, but in a MyFuckingGutsHurt way.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

From Twitter 10-28-2010

  • 15:05:42: OH financial planning advice from waitress to child: every penny counts when you want to go to Disneyland.
  • 15:23:59: FINALLY! A sale on hoochiewear!
  • 17:36:20: Whoah -- a lot of email in my box after being gone a few days . . . trying to catch up.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

From Twitter 10-27-2010

  • 12:04:51: For her sake, I hope @heathercorinna has a fan in her bathroom because I'm about to take care of some BUSINESS.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

From Twitter 10-26-2010

  • 00:10:55: RT @Weebeasty: fat hate alert, y'all - riotsnotdiets: Awesome. Another reason why Marie Claire magazine will never ever be... http://tum ...
  • 00:14:00: I want to see MORE chubby-and-up people on tv, kissing & more. And hear fewer-to-none stupid-ass hate from @marieclaire contributors.
  • 00:24:02: I don't know if I can be near the internet without feeling like I'm drowning in hatred. The worst: knowing sometimes I contribute to it.
  • 00:40:31: I have officially overdosed on other people's stupidity today. I hope I can sleep off the stink of this shitty poison.
  • 00:44:28: No worries, @jacksonb702 - nobody is specifically, personally being mean to me directly.
  • 00:46:43: LOL - I like:RT @Weebeasty: @tastytrixie I intend to bathe it off with lovely smelling soap and then rub in goodness with scented unguents.
  • 09:36:45: Check out @DeliaTS "Delvira" pics: (by request, for T).
  • 10:17:30: Yay! @MonicaShores is on twitter now!
  • 10:37:21: The results of my pap smear are back and it was NEGATIVE (that's good)! So happy to have had this many years of clear, healthy results.
  • 12:33:24: Damn! I mistook the stinky laundry detergent for the unscented. Now I'm going to wind up dying from pussy irritation & perfume brain.
  • 13:03:47: Just up: new thank you pics, a masturbation video, and a post about customer service provided by younger women in my members-only blog.
  • 16:33:48: Trying to quickly do damage control on my own assholeness before we head out of town: I love you & I'm sorry @UndressJess.
  • 16:49:28: What is it/are they again that I'm supposed to pack in bags to take when I'm not at home and their might be (photo) shooting? So confused.
  • 20:33:28: Riding backwards on the ferry, feelinf peaceful and sleepy.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From Twitter 10-25-2010

  • 01:31:23: Don't ask me how, but I just got some of my period blood on the tip of my nose.
  • 10:32:03: Today: the only people I am working for are my site members.
  • 12:34:57: More stories coming to light in comments re: #fauxho PatBo grooming kids:
  • 13:16:56: I feel like shooting vid of some dark fucking ritual magic for Halloween to bind, erase, cut the tongue out of & disempower someone.
  • 13:18:06: Not really FOR Halloween, but using Halloween as an excuse to be scary. And to make something happen for all. The Dead. SAINTS & sinners.
  • 13:24:52: RT @thesexademic: Why the Alexa Di Carlo Thing Matters:
  • 17:10:49: Sometimes when I do things that are meaningful, it actually feels more absurd & senseless than when I do stuff that's meaningless.
  • 21:29:53: Oh sheesh -- I'm not sitting through a 15 second Subway ad just to see a video of someone stomping on a MoveOn member's head.
  • 23:06:23: I was going to reply to someone's tweet but I can't figure out how to spell succombed. Wiggly red wrong-lines no matter how I type it.
  • 23:09:33: Goddamn, you make it sound so EASY!!! Hehehe RT @jacksonb702: @tastytrixie haha! is it succumb?????
  • 23:10:47: Interesting tip there, @jennythegreat - thanks!
  • 23:21:49: Off track again. Because I felt like googling: tastytrixie succumbed - yields fact that I *used* to know how to spell that word.
  • 23:22:29: It always astonishes me how all roads lead back to that one horse-fucker post I wrote.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

From Twitter 10-24-2010

  • 00:23:38: We're dancing like dorks and drinking water and loving music and breathing and no more computers tonight.
  • 00:56:46: I didn't either, @roxxiecyber - I can't remember who pointed that out last year, but I screen capped it & maybe they did too.
  • 10:22:50: Going to read some inspirational shit & go to the atheist "church" to hear talk about evil from psychological perspective.
  • 13:11:41: I love a lot of male-built, male-paradigmed, god and myth and stuff shit, but I do get sick of hearing so few available alternative stories.
  • 15:09:22: READ THIS: RT @aagblog "IF Pat is Alexa, he conned ... prostitutes into having sex with him by posing as their mentor."
  • 15:30:44: About to redo a bunch of the work I did last night. But first, **feeling sorry for myself** for having to redo a bunch of the work I did!
  • 16:46:24: Another perspective - an important one - on the older, darker areas of PatBo's many shitstain deeds:
  • 17:28:26: @katstories I'm so glad this is becoming hilarious again. Barfy, yes, but still HILARIOUS.
  • 17:38:19: RT @katstories: PatBo: pedo mustache butterface, but legs for days!
  • 17:44:00: Goddamn it, I was laughing so hard at @katstories tweet, I actually hit "block" on her instead of "message".
  • 18:37:08: I'm so sorry, @_Ten_10 - I probably wouldn't be ready to laugh about it either in yours or others' position. {{{hugs}}}
  • 19:51:07: My eyeballs must be broken because my reading comprehension took a nosedive about an hour ago.
  • 20:06:41: PatBo: we know you're reading. Do you ever wish you'd just admitted & apologized for this & QUIT when you got caught the FIRST time??
  • 21:08:20: I love it! RT @maylingsu #MLSblog Shrinky May’s Erotic Adventure
  • 21:48:05: Eagerly anticipating @DeliaTS return home. So we can eat! And watch True Blood!!
  • 22:20:18: Made really happy by these pics @minasmusings of you & Joe: I teared up.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

From Twitter 10-23-2010

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

From Twitter 10-22-2010

  • 09:41:05: Some of our cams froze early this morning, but I just noticed and got them back up. @DeliaTS is exercising in the parlor.
  • 09:55:57: Looks like we have three paychecks inexplicably missing in action at the moment / not sent &/or not delivered on time. Thanks porn industry!
  • 09:59:48: Ooh! @amberlily has a bunch of cute candid Halloween-y pics up:
  • 10:06:02: Speaking of @amberlily, I do believe it's her birthday today . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY @AMBERLILY!!!!!!!! And many more . . .
  • 10:30:08: Loved @Augusten Burroughs' essay in Allure mag about taking self-portraits. At least I think it's in Allure: can find no evidence on site.
  • 17:36:31: I love hearing guys moan and groan in my ear when I make them cum. Be back after dinner for more!
  • 17:38:30: Nope @furrygirl; and the good news is it's all straightened out. Two of them came & the other one is on the way/we found out the holdup.
  • 21:02:25: I don't think my new higher price point is working very well.
  • 21:28:55: Shit . . . I am clearly tired. My cam link is - duh!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

From Twitter 10-21-2010

  • 13:27:28: My GF@DeliaTS is getting her camgirl on if you want to see her stroke herself for you:
  • 14:01:38: I hate getting my hair done like toasters hate forks. But I'm a webwhore, so I must keep my shit blonde.
  • 14:04:32: @belledejour_uk Too true; SJP certainly did it enough on SATC. Unfortunately the contrast on webcam, especially the back, looks really ugly.
  • 14:15:44: Just wrote a really nice email to a cam customer explaining why I can't do his kind of show again, but it says he's not longer a valid user.
  • 14:51:14: It's the boring shows I say no to, @roxxiecyber - he was a nice but super clueless & demanding "louder, faster, harder" kind of guy.
  • 14:52:49: I thought he knew that these very specific, MANY, on-cue, screaming "orgasms" he scripted were fake but turns out he thought they were real.
  • 14:54:28: I just don't have the stamina to fake myself hoarse, eventually hover-masturbating, for 40 minutes. Even when the pay is great.
  • 18:52:53: We have our group camshows scheduled & on the calendar for this weekend and the next month; mine are at 4 Pacific, Fri & Sat.
  • 18:59:46: I'm on this here microblog-your-viewing-habits site because @UndressJess told me to be.
  • 20:07:46: Spam everyone wishes were true: "What I don't get is why you're not more popular; you're just so intelligent blah blah blah blah".
  • 21:18:49: I know it's a very temporary fix that will make me feel worse later, but I'm going to eat some fucking pie. BLACK FUCKING BERRY!!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

From Twitter 10-20-2010

  • 08:48:17: @rollertrain Me too! Was just talking to @DeliaCD fantasizing about what age I might be when I really go grey (might not happen for me tho).
  • 09:15:04: Forcing myself to get some exercise. Probably not going to be more than 15 minutes with no panties on, shaking my gut jelly, on parlor cam.
  • 14:57:54: Good news, everyone: the doctor says that my peehole size is totally normal / NOT abnormally gigantic.
  • 15:13:46: View while I waited for gyn exam.
  • 17:51:58: Appointments & errands & bullshit mean I wind up letting myself get way too hungry, then make really bad food choices. Which I just did.
  • 18:03:16: In more webwhore-oriented news, going to shoot a set of Halloween pictures of @DeliaTS this evening.
  • 18:36:27: Yes, I love taboo role plays. That doesn't mean I enjoy reading strangers' emailed accounts of true (they say) pornofied incest experiences.
  • 18:38:27: I know, boundaries are SO confusing!! But the difference between truth and fiction, reality & role play: they are big & important here.
  • 18:47:59: For real? I should turn on more lights & fix that one dark spycam, then! RT @LOOKtvseries: @tastytrixie we are watching you trixie
  • 21:57:52: Oh yeah? I hope it DOES freeze this way!
  • 23:13:07: Uploading a new vlog for members . . . hope to activate it soon. There's absent-minded breast/self-fondling in it.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

From Twitter 10-19-2010

  • 18:17:12: Sorry I've been so boring lately; I've been paralyzed / overwhelmed by how behind I am on stuff. Keep panicking over where to (re)start.
  • 19:04:02: 4 of 5 stars to Courage to Change by Al-Anon Family Group
  • 19:39:34: Clarence and Virginia Thomas embody the ugly powerful dailiness of evil and how unrelentingly lifesuckingly spiritually violent it can be.
  • 19:43:16: Seriously, a deep well of hatred rises up in my throat when I read this shit: An absolute horror show of harrassment.
  • 23:34:05: God, I'm looking so sexy lately. Like a greyer version of Comic Book Guy: giant middle, greasy hair & glasses. Wait, he doesn't have specs.
  • 23:49:24: Lately @DeliaTS has been wearing a combination of lotions that make her neck and cleavage smell especially seductive.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From Twitter 10-18-2010

  • 09:00:06: RT @amberlily Looks like I'm gonna hafta make some tweaks to the settings in this video program I'm using but I have a new Members Vlog!
  • 09:04:57: Oh look, @amberlily even posted a preview for you:
  • 09:24:03: @reptilegrrl The B I've been taking daily hasn't been enough & I got weirdly intimidated by the injection lessons they tried to give me.
  • 10:17:04: @reptilegrrl Your evangelism is helpful, trust me. Maybe I'll get back on board with the copper & selenium to help with the conversion stuff
  • 18:37:12: It's getting so much darker. So much colder.
  • 20:52:16: We just had some yummy love making after eating a bunch of chantrelles @DeliaTS made us over salad for dinner. Food + orgasms = love!
  • 22:34:20: About to settle in with some harp music, a hot mug of mint magic tea, and a book of poetry. 40 may be the new 30, but my 37 is the old 37.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

From Twitter 10-17-2010

  • 10:13:12: Sometimes just setting my "area" down on the corner of the hard wooden dining table and rubbing really feels good.
  • 17:49:50: 5 of 5 stars to The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  • 17:55:08: @LondonInAustin Cool! Are you on ? I am always pestering folks to get on there; I'd love to see what else you read.
  • 20:14:42: Just spent over an hour doing something I thought would be fun & creative, but just wound up being time-consuming & too stupid for words.
  • 20:19:38: I should probably mention it was a webwhore/work thing, so might have been productive if I'd actually been successful. I WANT POTATO CHIPS!
  • 21:22:19: I'm pretty much just counting down the hours until I can go get my vitamin b shot tomorrow. Let it go FAR too long. Again. Suffering 4 it.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

From Twitter 10-16-2010

  • 00:29:07: Tis the season of very very big spiders in the house.
  • 08:35:26: Sorry for this tax blogging after reading me tweet about it for days:
  • 12:50:57: What's this? I've gotten a package from a Mr. E. Shrdlu! Going to open it now . . .
  • 12:52:43: And with real stamps on it! And super duper goodies inside, including a custom cd cover for a mix that totally made me LOL!
  • 12:56:11: Oh my, and an offer to replace my ragged office chair . . . that is beyond BEYOND thoughtful along with all the other sentiments. Kisskiss!
  • 16:35:50: When someone in town is doing hour-long massages for only 35 fucking bucks, I *have* to take advantage. My body needed that SO BADLY!!
  • 19:57:25: Thanks for reminders of how much I love music, Mr. Shrdlu (my personalized night train mix) & @heartsofspace (B. Cockburn h. winds w. skies)
  • 20:02:39: I want to learn to play the dulcimer. Once upon a time when I was little I had a zither. It was really fucking cool. I like Jesus songs btw.
  • 20:43:29: My brain is incapable of concentrating on anything except watching deer shadows cross the yard under the half-moon light.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

From Twitter 10-15-2010

  • 11:01:45: Preparing to gouge my eyes out with knuckles of fury over how long it takes to perform simple, BORING-ASS tasks. I need some fresh air.
  • 11:24:23: I wonder if I could commission someone to create silicone dildos molded to look like different big & small poops? People want the brown.
  • 11:34:40: OK, I have some errands to run and breakfast to eat, but after that, if you're lucky, I have some pictures of a buck's giant balls to post!
  • 13:55:12: Chewing peppermint gum after a mini-binge: tastes like Christmas. Feeling groovy until caff & sugar wear off.
  • 15:19:23: It must be the season of weirdly aggressive little flies that aim their bodies straight for my ears.
  • 17:05:00: Dude sitting on his little amp downtown, rocking his electrified cello: gorgeous, brilliant, SO lovely to hear! Daniel Lanois met Van Halen.
  • 18:00:45: We really need to get a cam up to showcase the many many deer who pass through to graze & even sleep in our yard.
  • 19:08:48: Working on moving & cleaning stuff up in WebWhore Headquarters a bit to make it slightly more appealing, I hope, for camming.
  • 19:55:26: Yes, yes ... I know the Wiccan celtic knot nerd linen over the cedar chest is less-than-ideal, but it's TEMPORARY. Plus I like it. For now.
  • 21:15:25: Moved my shoe rack in here so most of my fetish heels, peeptoes, etc. are handy for doing camshows but not sure I like where I put it.
  • 23:26:02: Finished up posting a boring-ass blog entry, but it needed to be done.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

From Twitter 10-14-2010

  • 05:39:19: Decided to get up (temporarily!) since I've been tossing & turning for the past forty minutes. Going to read something inspirational w/tea.
  • 05:48:50: It's so weird how many of you are awake at this ungodly hour (for me on the west coast as a person who lately sleeps midnight to eight-ish).
  • 05:49:46: But oh my gosh! Look at night owl @amberlily all dressed up as a bespectacled french maid!
  • 06:01:33: Also, the stars were amazingly bright when I got up & looked outside. Orion was pissing shimmers from his side-cock.
  • 07:57:13: About to kill trees printing out a bunch of receipts because I still haven't finished doing our taxes. Shoot me if I don't finish today!
  • 08:42:23: Note: doing our taxes isn't really all that hard, there are just a lot of time-consuming details I should've taken care of along the way.
  • 08:56:11: Dear followers: if I haven't followed you back, it may be because I'm way behind, not necessarily because I don't want to.
  • 09:02:18: Wearing lidoderm patches on my upper back; supposed to be for shingles pain, but works really well for nipping a headache in the bud. Wacky!
  • 10:34:19: RT @audaciaray: Tear your eyes from the disaster porn of the Chilean miners and read this piece about labor h/t @analiala
  • 10:36:15: Someday I will learn to keep track of our mileage. Really screwing ourselves by not deducting how much we have to spend to get anywhere.
  • 13:17:28: Yay! Done filling out tax forms for now!! Boo!!! So deep in debt it's amazing we're not cold lumps of fear. Trying to live in the present.
  • 13:57:13: Waking up at 5 this AMhas officially caught up with me. Might need to grab a nap. Meantime: @DeliaTS is live:
  • 13:59:15: Most do-gooder arguments in favor of tolerating homos fall apart when you look at them from the bi &omnisexual perspectives they ignore.
  • 18:45:40: I'm spending money (on bills) as fast as @DeliaTS can make it:
  • 20:14:41: Guess which toy I want most on this wishlist? I can't believe Lwaxana is only $8.19! My idol!
  • 20:20:46: My 2nd choice would be an Ensign Ro action figure if I were to buy things of that nature. I love you Ro Laren! CHILLS just thinking bout her

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

From Twitter 10-13-2010

  • 09:05:45: My incredibly fun life continues today with more work on taxes PLUS A PELVIC EXAM! Yes, I'll ask Dr. if he thinks my peehole looks gigantic.
  • 12:14:37: Phew! Rescheduled my pap smear for a later date so I can spend more time on taxes, credit reports, and other fascinating tasks.
  • 12:40:52: Enjoy some afternoon delight with @DeliaTS while I'm being so boring! Help her boost her credit rating!
  • 14:27:20: I think I'm losing twitter followers because I haven't been tweeting about pooping enough. Kind of surprised by a few I "lost".

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From Twitter 10-12-2010

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From Twitter 10-11-2010

  • 12:41:45: Been meal-planning, grocery-shopping, etc. trying to take care of all that business. Going to have some lunch now. I know, exciting, eh?
  • 16:30:53: Had a bonding, lovey-dovey, romantic walk in the woods. You wouldn't believe how many mushrooms there were & different kinds!
  • 17:22:55: Watering plants & cutting fingernails while @DeliaTS plays guitar. Sometimes this is all I want & more of: simple things, slowly.
  • 17:34:36: Yay! Look at all the good food: - I am really fond of this new blog.
  • 17:40:34: @furrygirl I want to! Except my phone is full so can't take pics til I dl old ones & erase. And I'm embarrassed about the crap I eat.
  • 18:42:53: I'm glad these haggard-ass camwhores lie about their ages; it makes me look like I'm drinking from the piss-slit of the fountain of youth.
  • 18:44:58: Sorry, I know that's a catty thing to say. I'll lie about my age too if I think it will make me more money. But I think I do fine at 37.
  • 18:52:02: Man, I'm sorry I said that. It was a shitty thing to say. I've even ADVISED other webwhores to say they're younger than they are.
  • 19:36:44: Huffpost - Prostitution "Experts" Versus Prostitutes: Why Don't All Sex Workers Deserve a Voice?

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Monday, October 11, 2010

From Twitter 10-10-2010

  • 09:03:34: RT @alexismallen: Well, Internet. @Fireland's spent the past 4+ years building an underwater city for you. Your transportation is here: ...
  • 09:16:07: We've got members-only chat & shows today so check our schedule, members! Heads up: they're shorter this week than in the past.
  • 13:34:36: We've got members-only chat at the top of the hour (in 30 minutes), then I have a show at 4 pacific. There will probably pay-to-play after.
  • 18:00:01: Floor covered with shoes & boots, glasses on by request, & my mouth is filthy from saying the N word (also by request).
  • 18:26:41: Very close to reaching my goal for today so if you want to a show w/me in my thick glasses do it now:
  • 20:43:06: Talking to my wanker on the phone now. Did a fountain pen show for him involving writing words that start with "W".

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

From Twitter 10-09-2010

  • 08:42:23: I dreamt I made $19,111 in one night on cam. But I also went to their room & watched myself on cam as they shot cum directly on me.
  • 08:43:15: I know, it's confusing (as dreams are). Anyway! Speaking of cams, we have SHOWS today (free to our members) + private cam action too.
  • 14:03:48: Forcing myself to get some exercise & stretch before showering for my show. I'm not feeling very jolly so far today, but it might improve.
  • 18:31:23: Certain role plays + watching guys jack off on cam mean I had to take an extra minute after logging out to get mine. AND IT WAS GOOD!
  • 20:23:16: Changing back into "sexy" clothes to log into again for about an hour. Be there in just a few minutes!
  • 21:54:23: It's really cool to watch a guy jerk off for you in the afternoon and then come back in the evening & do it again. And get paid for it!

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

From Twitter 10-08-2010

  • 18:32:26: I can't help wanting to verbally abuse overtanned orange girls & pants-falling-down boys.
  • 19:36:50: Hoped to do some camming tonight, but just got home from dropping nephew off & am totally exhausted; how do parents DO it?

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Friday, October 8, 2010

From Twitter 10-07-2010

  • 09:59:26: Had a nice morning chat on the phone with @amberlily as she tested cool cam show features that we might try too.
  • 11:27:57: Getting ready to take our nephew to a movie. Really looking forward to it!
  • 11:30:14: Ooh, check out @DeliaTS *video* sampler + more: (vid quality is better for members).
  • 11:37:12: I loathe it when people cannot interpret and apply rules in a common sense manner in the spirit of why the rule was made in the first place.
  • 16:33:12: I think we enjoyed Legend of the Guardians / Owls way more than our nephew did. Very beautifuly detailed.
  • 18:56:53: I get really sick of men who write for porn industry blogs, magazines, etc. thinking they're journalists when they're just fucking morons.
  • 19:14:05: Having a nephew over who will ONLY eat carbs and cheese is wreaking havoc on my decision to abstain from those things.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

From Twitter 10-06-2010

  • 00:52:25: Okay, members . . . I just posted a new vlog for you. Going to wash off my makeup & watch True Blood w/@DeliaTS.
  • 08:54:05: I'm so happy we're going to spend a few days with our 4-year old nephew! (That means most of our cams will be down while he's here, though).
  • 13:08:44: I know I should just laugh at old Billy Idol videos now, but the truth is they still really turn me on. A LOT.
  • 13:09:08: When I was a youth I thought this "Sugar Free" song was SUPER DUPER COOL:
  • 13:55:56: Any recs for best recordings of Night Train? The jazz/swing standard, not the GNR song (good, but not what I'm after).
  • 14:04:51: Also: any jazz fans out there have excellent vibraphone recordings I should have? Like, essentials (preferably w/sexy tempos included).

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From Twitter 10-05-2010

  • 08:58:57: I know I shouldn't be laughing about epassporte going out of biz, but I am. Ruefully. Getting paid in this industry is a fucking crapshoot.
  • 09:26:37: Sleeping a lot more soundly after abstaining from overeating & certain bad foods since the night of 10/1. I love when the payoff happens!
  • 09:42:24: Hoping to do some camming this afternoon and/or evening, so add me to your favorites & save some spunk for me!
  • 09:46:57: RT @ACLU_WA: In for a Penny: The Rise of America's New Debtors' Prisons
  • 09:49:21: I only recently found out those home monitoring ankle bracelets are something like $500 or $600 a month: poor people = doomed to fail.
  • 14:52:52: Sometimes the sky here is so vividly thick with blue it seems like you could jump on it like a trampoline.
  • 16:30:31: It's now that wonderful time of the week when I spend an hour or more on our bills & checkbook balancing. Life *could* be sexier.
  • 16:32:05: Oh god, for real? Fuck Columbus Day with a pox-riddled blanket.
  • 18:21:10: Our cable took a dive while we ate dinner & watched Secret Diary of a Call Girl; I think all of our cams are logged back in now, though!
  • 20:05:10: New BJ vid posted for members: ! I'll try to get a new vlog up too after I do some webwhoring/camming. Must shave pits.
  • 22:07:07: Shit . . . I should've stayed on the phone a WEE bit longer & been sweeter to that guy after he maxed out/reached his $ limit. Got confused.
  • 22:37:03: Not sure how much longer I'll be on, but I'm having fun here if you want to join me:
  • 22:37:29: Sorry dude - I *wish* I could queef and fart on command! I would make your wish my command!! (for money, of course)
  • 22:53:57: Had to log out to pee but I'm BACK! (and all hairy down below).
  • 23:25:52: It's amazing how polite & wonderful some customers are even while they call me a "gorgeous cow". I love it! Logged out for the night.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From Twitter 10-04-2010

  • 13:57:10: It seems like maybe I need to get new phones that won't interfere with our wifi. Not mobile phones, but regular cordless for phone sex.
  • 15:10:40: 12seconds is shutting down? Wow. Really fucking glad I didn't invest any time on that site (except watching, which was cool while lasted).
  • 15:53:33: Did you know that I naturally have Grandpa Munster eyebrows? I do! Total French-Irish dumpling jack-o-lantern wedges!
  • 18:22:13: Just spent a long-ass time writing what I *hope* was a supportive and helpful email to my mom. I know I should call but I just. CAN'T.
  • 18:25:17: More stimulating news: finally making some headway in getting new porn vid uploaded; kept getting disconnected/starting over from scratch.
  • 20:36:24: Dear ebay: could you let me fucking search for gloves by SIZE please? OMG, the rich do squander resources.
  • 20:37:22: I know, I know . . . that sounded hilariously un-self-aware.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

From Twitter 10-03-2010

  • 08:02:03: @reptilegrrl Totally - if abstaining from overeating & bad foods doesn't help before dr. appt in a few weeks I will if I can rassle up $$.
  • 08:04:43: About to spend some quality Sunday morning time on the crapper with a book.
  • 08:13:12: Jesus. 2 tiny turdlets is all I get for my efforts? I'm sure I have a 10 lb backlog of hardened poo in my guts. AND A STONE BABY!
  • 15:32:32: Testing different compression codecs to try to record camshows again to post up for members who miss them.
  • 16:04:03: It sounds like my grandma (last of my living grandparents) is on her last legs & my mom is having a hard time. I haven't seen her in awhile.
  • 19:31:32: Editing video. I know, it looks like I'm just sitting here watching YouTube or something, but I swear to god it's 10 times more torturous.
  • 22:54:31: Today is one of those days I bless the powers that be or pure chance or whatever that we couldn't get pregnant. SO GLAD! Phew!

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

From Twitter 10-02-2010

  • 15:16:32: Just got home from a nice walk; you'd think it's still summer by the way the sun is shining and we're sweating!
  • 16:12:28: Awesome. My waist-to-hip ratio puts me in the obese/high-risk zone. Working on it though. Even though it keeps getting worse.
  • 16:19:21: I wonder: if I'd been raised to think that skinny was beautiful TOO & not a horrible affliction, would I be in this situation? #bodyimage

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

From Twitter 10-01-2010

  • 00:46:03: Oooh, spooky! Coyotes howling outside while we watch True Blood.
  • 10:25:37: OMG my old cracking joints! I know I should've stretched longer, but at least I broke up some of my stale chi.
  • 13:45:11: Weird . . . the zip file and banner for my member gallery last night disappeared. Re-uploading now. Give it an hour to be sure it's all done
  • 14:12:23: Free preview pics & cozy, seductive description of me, my butt & hairy pussy in the cabin: (I love these pictures).
  • 14:36:39: LOL -- thanks, @jennythegreat - I keep meaning to write some kind of post about being gently fucked by blogger after almost 10 years of use.
  • 14:37:19: Thanks, @greenguy89 ! And for all of your other "feedback" mwahahahaha! And that FF thing I never do, but am every-so flattered by. ;)
  • 15:56:57: Captured some blowjob footage to edit later. Wishing I didn't have caffeine this morning like a dumbass again.
  • 18:31:36: Just got home from a sort of counterproductive meeting. A meeting that made me want to lie in a puddle of women & food, feeding each other.
  • 20:27:25: Making my wanker prop open his hotel room door while he talks to me.
  • 20:40:46: @chrisorourke "Absolutely wide open right back propped with a heavy suitcase".
  • 22:44:08: Yeah . . . my wanker is pretty much the only person I will stay on the phone with for two and a half hours.
  • 22:56:43: I think I'd like to hear about your wierd Trixie-inspired dream, @jennythegreat !

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Friday, October 1, 2010

From Twitter 09-30-2010

  • 09:25:57: Sunshine is about to become so precious I want to promise myself not to waste it by reading or entertaining myself at the computer instead.
  • 15:07:00: I'm editing pictures (still) while @DeliaTS is logged in for pay-to-play shows:
  • 15:20:06: Webwhores: do any of you maintain customer databases or spreadsheets for keeping track of who spends the most money on you? What do you use?
  • 15:27:04: The reason I ask is I'm having a hard time keeping up with EVERYONE; unfortunately, I need to prioritize (& want to recognize biggest fans).
  • 15:38:27: Note to fans: no, it's not ONLY how much money you spend that determines how much time I spend on you but in any biz it IS important.
  • 15:39:39: I just want to do a good job of knowing who has been with me for a long time and/or is the most enthusiastic about my work.
  • 15:45:35: What is the 80/20 rule, @danaseverance ? Should I google it or does it fit in 140 characters?
  • 15:49:08: @danaseverance Aaaah, interesting . . . thanks! And thanks for that compliment, too, @chrisorourke! That is important to me.
  • 16:22:23: I truly believe that any new age song with the word "saucers" in its title is going to be awesome, no 30 second preview required. BUY!!!
  • 17:50:15: Thanks @roxxiecyber @minasmusings @Elligirl - I need something I can look at fast if I get an email to see if they're long time member, etc.
  • 18:39:48: Camgirls: do you know if it's okay to run a spy session (not chatting) on MFC?
  • 18:57:15: Thanks @JaneBurgess @bellabellini @minasmusings ! I'm trying just doing a spycam while editing pics with cleavage on display . . .
  • 19:35:28: @bellabellini You can do that on MFC? Man, I don't even have my site advertised in my profile there yet. I need to step my shit up! Thanks!
  • 19:36:32: My computer wigged out w/ photoshop running AND trying to broadcast that extra semi-spycam. Maybe I'll try again later. MUST finish update!
  • 19:57:47: If you want to spy on me WITH AUDIO & tip me while I'm editing pics, here I am:
  • 20:26:32: Man, I love being distracted from photo editing to do topless-only private shows! But at this rate I'll never get my gallery done!
  • 20:37:09: Okay, I had to log out of there. Always nice to be reminded that softcore shows are in demand!
  • 20:56:50: RAD!! @MandyBlake plays a teacher in a new Showtime series: - congratulations!!
  • 22:19:30: Listening to Red House Painters "Make Like Paper". (sorry: I don't even bother to try to find the good songs on blip: they're never there).
  • 22:36:00: Okay . . . gallery is uploading now. I'll make it active for you (members) before I go to sleep. Might take an hour or two though.

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