Friday, October 15, 2010

From Twitter 10-14-2010

  • 05:39:19: Decided to get up (temporarily!) since I've been tossing & turning for the past forty minutes. Going to read something inspirational w/tea.
  • 05:48:50: It's so weird how many of you are awake at this ungodly hour (for me on the west coast as a person who lately sleeps midnight to eight-ish).
  • 05:49:46: But oh my gosh! Look at night owl @amberlily all dressed up as a bespectacled french maid!
  • 06:01:33: Also, the stars were amazingly bright when I got up & looked outside. Orion was pissing shimmers from his side-cock.
  • 07:57:13: About to kill trees printing out a bunch of receipts because I still haven't finished doing our taxes. Shoot me if I don't finish today!
  • 08:42:23: Note: doing our taxes isn't really all that hard, there are just a lot of time-consuming details I should've taken care of along the way.
  • 08:56:11: Dear followers: if I haven't followed you back, it may be because I'm way behind, not necessarily because I don't want to.
  • 09:02:18: Wearing lidoderm patches on my upper back; supposed to be for shingles pain, but works really well for nipping a headache in the bud. Wacky!
  • 10:34:19: RT @audaciaray: Tear your eyes from the disaster porn of the Chilean miners and read this piece about labor h/t @analiala
  • 10:36:15: Someday I will learn to keep track of our mileage. Really screwing ourselves by not deducting how much we have to spend to get anywhere.
  • 13:17:28: Yay! Done filling out tax forms for now!! Boo!!! So deep in debt it's amazing we're not cold lumps of fear. Trying to live in the present.
  • 13:57:13: Waking up at 5 this AMhas officially caught up with me. Might need to grab a nap. Meantime: @DeliaTS is live:
  • 13:59:15: Most do-gooder arguments in favor of tolerating homos fall apart when you look at them from the bi &omnisexual perspectives they ignore.
  • 18:45:40: I'm spending money (on bills) as fast as @DeliaTS can make it:
  • 20:14:41: Guess which toy I want most on this wishlist? I can't believe Lwaxana is only $8.19! My idol!
  • 20:20:46: My 2nd choice would be an Ensign Ro action figure if I were to buy things of that nature. I love you Ro Laren! CHILLS just thinking bout her

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