Wednesday, October 27, 2010

From Twitter 10-26-2010

  • 00:10:55: RT @Weebeasty: fat hate alert, y'all - riotsnotdiets: Awesome. Another reason why Marie Claire magazine will never ever be... http://tum ...
  • 00:14:00: I want to see MORE chubby-and-up people on tv, kissing & more. And hear fewer-to-none stupid-ass hate from @marieclaire contributors.
  • 00:24:02: I don't know if I can be near the internet without feeling like I'm drowning in hatred. The worst: knowing sometimes I contribute to it.
  • 00:40:31: I have officially overdosed on other people's stupidity today. I hope I can sleep off the stink of this shitty poison.
  • 00:44:28: No worries, @jacksonb702 - nobody is specifically, personally being mean to me directly.
  • 00:46:43: LOL - I like:RT @Weebeasty: @tastytrixie I intend to bathe it off with lovely smelling soap and then rub in goodness with scented unguents.
  • 09:36:45: Check out @DeliaTS "Delvira" pics: (by request, for T).
  • 10:17:30: Yay! @MonicaShores is on twitter now!
  • 10:37:21: The results of my pap smear are back and it was NEGATIVE (that's good)! So happy to have had this many years of clear, healthy results.
  • 12:33:24: Damn! I mistook the stinky laundry detergent for the unscented. Now I'm going to wind up dying from pussy irritation & perfume brain.
  • 13:03:47: Just up: new thank you pics, a masturbation video, and a post about customer service provided by younger women in my members-only blog.
  • 16:33:48: Trying to quickly do damage control on my own assholeness before we head out of town: I love you & I'm sorry @UndressJess.
  • 16:49:28: What is it/are they again that I'm supposed to pack in bags to take when I'm not at home and their might be (photo) shooting? So confused.
  • 20:33:28: Riding backwards on the ferry, feelinf peaceful and sleepy.

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