Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From Twitter 10-25-2010

  • 01:31:23: Don't ask me how, but I just got some of my period blood on the tip of my nose.
  • 10:32:03: Today: the only people I am working for are my site members.
  • 12:34:57: More stories coming to light in comments re: #fauxho PatBo grooming kids: http://charlieglickman.com/2010/10/the-downfall-of-alexa-di-carlo/
  • 13:16:56: I feel like shooting vid of some dark fucking ritual magic for Halloween to bind, erase, cut the tongue out of & disempower someone.
  • 13:18:06: Not really FOR Halloween, but using Halloween as an excuse to be scary. And to make something happen for all. The Dead. SAINTS & sinners.
  • 13:24:52: RT @thesexademic: Why the Alexa Di Carlo Thing Matters: http://wp.me/pv0C7-fq
  • 17:10:49: Sometimes when I do things that are meaningful, it actually feels more absurd & senseless than when I do stuff that's meaningless.
  • 21:29:53: Oh sheesh -- I'm not sitting through a 15 second Subway ad just to see a video of someone stomping on a MoveOn member's head.
  • 23:06:23: I was going to reply to someone's tweet but I can't figure out how to spell succombed. Wiggly red wrong-lines no matter how I type it.
  • 23:09:33: Goddamn, you make it sound so EASY!!! Hehehe RT @jacksonb702: @tastytrixie haha! is it succumb?????
  • 23:10:47: Interesting tip there, @jennythegreat - thanks!
  • 23:21:49: Off track again. Because I felt like googling: tastytrixie succumbed - yields fact that I *used* to know how to spell that word.
  • 23:22:29: It always astonishes me how all roads lead back to that one horse-fucker post I wrote.

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