Monday, October 25, 2010

From Twitter 10-24-2010

  • 00:23:38: We're dancing like dorks and drinking water and loving music and breathing and no more computers tonight.
  • 00:56:46: I didn't either, @roxxiecyber - I can't remember who pointed that out last year, but I screen capped it & maybe they did too.
  • 10:22:50: Going to read some inspirational shit & go to the atheist "church" to hear talk about evil from psychological perspective.
  • 13:11:41: I love a lot of male-built, male-paradigmed, god and myth and stuff shit, but I do get sick of hearing so few available alternative stories.
  • 15:09:22: READ THIS: RT @aagblog "IF Pat is Alexa, he conned ... prostitutes into having sex with him by posing as their mentor."
  • 15:30:44: About to redo a bunch of the work I did last night. But first, **feeling sorry for myself** for having to redo a bunch of the work I did!
  • 16:46:24: Another perspective - an important one - on the older, darker areas of PatBo's many shitstain deeds:
  • 17:28:26: @katstories I'm so glad this is becoming hilarious again. Barfy, yes, but still HILARIOUS.
  • 17:38:19: RT @katstories: PatBo: pedo mustache butterface, but legs for days!
  • 17:44:00: Goddamn it, I was laughing so hard at @katstories tweet, I actually hit "block" on her instead of "message".
  • 18:37:08: I'm so sorry, @_Ten_10 - I probably wouldn't be ready to laugh about it either in yours or others' position. {{{hugs}}}
  • 19:51:07: My eyeballs must be broken because my reading comprehension took a nosedive about an hour ago.
  • 20:06:41: PatBo: we know you're reading. Do you ever wish you'd just admitted & apologized for this & QUIT when you got caught the FIRST time??
  • 21:08:20: I love it! RT @maylingsu #MLSblog Shrinky May’s Erotic Adventure
  • 21:48:05: Eagerly anticipating @DeliaTS return home. So we can eat! And watch True Blood!!
  • 22:20:18: Made really happy by these pics @minasmusings of you & Joe: I teared up.

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