Monday, February 28, 2011

From Twitter 02-27-2011

  • 12:17:48: About to get some exercise on the parlor cam; a wee bit of cardio and half an hour of stretching, probably.
  • 12:18:48: RT @LadyErisiana: Worship my hairy pussy! (And see that this ~IS~ my natural hair color, lol!) #femdom #fetish #vi ...
  • 14:25:47: Mmmmm . . . I feel so good after exercise, steamy oily face scrubbing, tongue scraping, sinus rinsing, drinking tons of water, etc.
  • 14:26:19: Now I'm getting ready to go to the cabin for a long, hot, steamy shower. Haven't been out of the house since Wednesday!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

From Twitter 02-26-2011

  • 09:49:53: More snow, more itching, more headaches, more period cramps, more unpeaceful dream-filled sleep . . . in short, MORE BITCHING.
  • 12:06:30: Dear brand new pretty little shiny silver flash drives I put SOMEWHERE unmemorable: please come out of hiding because I need to use you.
  • 12:07:38: Whoah! That was fast . . . my little twitter plea to inanimate objects miraculously worked after tons of searching!
  • 12:24:35: If our spycams go down it's because I'm trying to back up files on that machine & it's totally not working/going to take forever if it does.
  • 12:51:49: @VanillaDeVille I've heard really good things about Mystic Tan, that sunless in-salon spray stuff. Haven't tried it myself, but want to.
  • 13:11:17: @VanillaDeVille Ahhh, lame -- thanks for the info.
  • 13:20:44: On the phone with tech support to see why our sites are barely loading. He doesn't yet know but is investigating.
  • 13:23:09: RT @DeliaTS: Members-only chat at 2:00 group camshow at 5:00 and some Pvt show in between
  • 13:25:34: They reset our server and everything is back up but please let me know if you see any down time on our sites.
  • 13:29:17: @chrisorourke No, he didn't see anything but is going to dig further. Thanks for the note - I'll ask if I don't hear anything conclusive.
  • 17:43:05: @nvvnv Thanks! Glad you liked it and caught me . . . I still don't know what your nickname is in there though so I can say hi to you!!
  • 23:52:19: Loving it - can't believe neither of us has seen it before! (watching The Hudsucker Proxy via @gomiso)

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

From Twitter 02-25-2011

  • 10:50:37: Bad idea to stare at bright blue sunshine bouncing off pure white snow the morning after a furious migraine.
  • 10:54:07: Fun/dorky pictures I took of myself in the snow yesterday:
  • 13:43:59: We have shows scheduled today! Mine's at 4 pacific (7 eastern) but might be lame due to residual headache & my period starting.
  • 14:46:05: If you can't wait until @DeliaTS network/group show for members, you can get your own BETTER show with her now!
  • 14:47:02: Well, she's going to the bathroom now, but she will be back on momentarily. And she looks super hot!
  • 18:58:18: Perfect. All of my improvisational comedic webwhoring lost because the audio didn't record during my capture of today's show. Fuck it all.
  • 19:20:03: If I had some good painkillers right now I'd crush them up & snort them. I learned that on Intervention! J/K though, I'd just swallow them.
  • 19:21:59: A pornstar does not a camgirl make, @streamate . Not necessarily, anyway. And as a non-porn-star this is a relief to me.
  • 19:34:31: @streamate I know & I like that you're local. I don't put our real town bc it's small & don't want people from here to google it & find us.
  • 20:02:31: @streamate That would be rad! You folks are the best camsite I've ever worked on. Much appreciated.
  • 22:46:51: Enjoyed watching some of this with dinner. (watching Nature: Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom via @gomiso)

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Friday, February 25, 2011

From Twitter 02-24-2011

  • 09:11:43: OMG - it's snowing some more at our house!
  • 11:27:44: Brrrr! The thick snow outside motivated me to throw our flannel sheets into the wash so we can enjoy climbing into them tonight.
  • 13:45:34: Sad news: - that's a very sweet tribute, @GroobySteven
  • 13:57:19: Going to enjoy some lunch after (finally) finishing & sending out promos I started building last week. Will gaze at snow & listen to
  • 14:21:22: I believe @DeliaTS is getting ready to do some private camming:
  • 16:04:10: It took 37 years for me to hear the difference between "Know Where" and NOWHERE:
  • 17:23:11: Took a few dorky non-nude / heavily-clothed pics of myself in the snow. Thinking about trekking out to do some more. For fun!!
  • 17:24:18: LOL RT @Alexstarkey you have to listen for the 'K'
  • 23:07:06: RT @DeliaTS: After explaining that @tastytrixie and I don't do couple shows some asshole in free chat said "no wonder Trixie can't get p ...
  • 23:08:09: That, my friends, is NOT how you earn most-favored-fanboy status. Also: we aren't trying to get pregnant anymore, plus I'm on birth control.
  • 23:09:01: RT @LadyErisiana: @DeliaTS Hmm, I've gotten pregnant 3x now and not one of them involved a camera. Maybe I was doing it wrong? ;p
  • 23:14:58: Is this terrible headache from caffeine or from winking so much to take so many pictures? My lackluster health is depressing me.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

From Twitter 02-23-2011

  • 09:35:52: A wall of white is moving across the water towards us . . . we might just get snowed in & stuck here!
  • 15:23:25: Just got home; no problems with the snow/atmosphere. A whole bunch of boxes were delivered in our absence! May open on cam later...or not!
  • 15:49:21: Brrrr . . . so cold in the house after being gone & with snow falling. I want to get in bed with hot sooooooooooooooooooooooop!
  • 16:51:19: Glad we got home when we did. Really coming down now.
  • 17:32:08: Nothing like putting on a cozy warm sweater in a cold house, reaching into the fuzzy pocket and finding a twenty!!
  • 23:04:36: Perfect television . . . love love love it & so glad it's on Netflix. (Xena: Warrior Princess S01E01 via @gomiso)

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From Twitter 02-22-2011

  • 09:28:07: One of the sets we shot last night of @DeliaTS is so fucking hot the whole mini-trip would be worth it if that's all we got done.
  • 11:39:12: RT @greenguy89: Rest In Peace @MrMaryLou - you will be missed as a colleague & a friend.
  • 11:51:47: Looking out the window at family on shore. Place a man amongst running water & some rocks & the fucker HAS to build a dam.
  • 11:53:20: I seriously want to throw something at this industrious yuppy dickwad. Leave the bird habitat alone! But I know he cannot help himself.
  • 11:54:21: Yeah, and that it's fun, @jennythegreat ! I'm just being a bitch. And am kind of jealous. He's burning off some daddy steam.
  • 13:41:28: Uh-oh . . . it's snowing at home; this could make getting home difficult if it keeps up like they say it will.
  • 16:29:09: I don't have t-zone acne. It's more like My Phantom Beard zone breakouts w/highlights wherever I can get wayward noodles to slap me w/sauce.
  • 21:28:38: In my book, chubby and adorable aren't mutually exclusive, @athorny ! But thank you. :)
  • 21:40:08: I use the term "chubby" all the time, @jacksonb702 - I love the word chubby, I love chubby people; the chub is fucking erotic!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From Twitter 02-21-2011

  • 11:04:19: Strange: when I woke up this am & went to the kitchen, our butcher knife was inexplicably laying in the middle of the floor.
  • 11:26:14: RT @MonicaShores: Huffpo's editors finally cleared this article...about Gail Dines' misogyny a month+ after...written:
  • 11:29:22: Oh god, SERIOUSLY? I fucking refuse to click on stupid-ass headlines such as "Bald John Travolta Caught Without His Hair Piece". FU Huffpo.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

From Twitter 02-20-2011

  • 09:22:23: This is the fifth day in a row we've gotten up at 8 am or earlier . . . oh but I REALLY want to climb back into bed right now . . .
  • 12:22:57: RT @DeliaTS: Just posted a new blog entry with a few thoughts on my trip to L.A. for Tranny Awards -
  • 12:25:36: (I'm just waking up again after a Sunday morning sleep reprise; totally surreal re-waking to more sun and general feeling of weirdness.)
  • 14:20:04: We took a short walk. Lunched. I am literally dizzy with exhaustion. Been sliding into disrepair, probably of the endocrine system. Again.
  • 14:23:27: If it just turned out that I have a stone baby everything would just MAKE SENSE. It could be removed, my slender health resurrected.
  • 14:26:10: That would be a cool art project & shoot @furrygirl - let's jar fake stone babies & shoot weirdo porn pics with them. CCBill would shit.
  • 14:28:04: Note: I have extensive edge-of-my-seat-suspenseful fantasies of having a stone baby and having to FIGHT for my right to take it home.
  • 17:03:26: Feeling perkier. Got some dishes and kitchen cleanup done.
  • 21:17:31: I need to pack for our little shooting excursion but I'm riddled with anxiety knowing I can't fit into anything. So I'll eat to calm down!
  • 21:18:26: I know, voyeurs, I know . . . you're thinking I should already be calm after bestowing a bunch of masturbatory orgasms on myself.
  • 21:29:02: sencoit
  • 21:52:56: @athorny LOL - I read it the sweet way, but thank you for clarifying just in case! Nude *is* always a cute, easy way to do chubby shoots!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

From Twitter 02-19-2011

  • 09:32:58: Just posted the vlog I recorded last night for members. As usual, an aura of weirdness surrounds me in it.
  • 10:59:17: Anyone else having probs with their clips4sale store not showing scheduled clips that are supposedly active now but aren't appearing?
  • 11:04:54: Hmm...hope I don't have to keep manually going in to update clips that are supposed to appear on schedule:
  • 11:23:25: My cunt is getting, like, CRAMPS from getting excited looking at pics of @DeliaTS while I try to build promo galleries.
  • 12:53:20: Ahhh, thanks for the info @minasmusings . Glad it wasn't just a mystery bug impacting only easily-frustrated little old me!
  • 12:53:48: RT @spyonus: Just added ferry cam & fixed Narrows bridge cams on our spycam extras page:
  • 12:53:58: RT @DeliaTS: Whoa! Two time Tranny Award winning DeliaTS is now live on @streamate - #MilkingIt
  • 19:31:25: Enjoying so far; it's oh so "stylish cafe"! (The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief via @gomiso)
  • 19:43:41: My big Saturday night plan is to go to sleepy very early, very soon.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

From Twitter 02-18-2011

  • 00:29:32: OMG - my hips and body are able to do amazing-feeling things after the massage I got yesterday. Much freer more expansive range of motion.
  • 08:49:10: 1) woke up before 7:30, 2) full moon, 3) 30% chance of snow (but I'm 95% sure that won't happen).
  • 09:08:53: Mmmmm . . . loving this "Riding Solar Winds" program on @HeartsOfSpace -
  • 16:15:35: Mmmmm . . . just took a dose of straight apple cider vinegar. That strong tang of acid is right up my alley.
  • 16:52:47: Just opened a delightful care & novelty package with lots of pretty seashells that I'm going to enjoy on my altar. And pics of miniatures!!
  • 17:27:13: Ohmahgosh I need a naaaaap.
  • 17:46:24: While I take a (short! reasonable! responsible!) nap, @DeliaTS is doing SPECIAL shows:
  • 20:02:53: Don't let your Friday night get THIS crazy: Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas via @youtube

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Friday, February 18, 2011

From Twitter 02-17-2011

  • 10:00:57: Had plenty of excuses not to wake up w/alarm this morning but I did it anyway! Whittled gallery down to 125 pics. Will post after cabin.
  • 10:32:47: RT @spyonus: Just discovered HouseCamz is/has been down (but it shows "connected" on our end); they are "working on it". Rude cams still up!
  • 16:12:50: Did standing quadricep stretches in the shower at the cabin; warm water felt so good raining down onto the soles of my feet.
  • 16:23:13: Hmmm . . . emails I wrote offline at cabin don't want to be sent now that I'm back ONline at home . . . . will keep trying. AFTER lunch!
  • 16:27:28: RT @spyonus: Spycams pared down to speed broadcast of @DeliaTS doing premium webcam shows: !
  • 18:25:54: Did you like the movie(s) @Seska ? I'm enjoying the book but am way more excited to watch the movies . . . or am just really curious maybe.
  • 19:13:54: While eating, I love watching shows I've already seen a million times. Especially shows filmed where I... (Twin Peaks)
  • 20:29:20: My girlfriend @DeliaTS is logging in for her third mini-session of camming today:
  • 22:07:44: Going to cut these annoying long-ass nails that I obviously am never going to exploit for money before they KILL someone accidentally.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

From Twitter 02-16-2011

  • 00:14:55: Reminded self that 25 minutes of stretching is definitely way more awesome feeling than 25 extra minutes of tv-watching. So warm & sane!
  • 10:46:05: Editing pictures now. Not allowing myself to agonize over whether or not this is the PERFECT work choice for right now. MANYright choices!
  • 13:06:09: Sweet! I'm having lunch now . . . at *lunchtime*! And I've gotten hours of work done already! This waking up earlier thing has its benefits.
  • 19:06:46: So it turns out masturbating to a handful of orgasms isn't the best way to perk up when feeling really super sleepy. It was worth a try tho!
  • 19:24:29: There's pink areola in all of these pics so I can't show you a twitpic preview, but members will get to see them tomorrow (MAYBE tonight)!
  • 19:28:10: I wish I knew a way to hide my double chin on the WebWhore HQ spycam. Without just turning it off completely. Or immediate plastic surgery.
  • 19:31:18: Gross. My farts smell like I shat on some stale cotton candy and popcorn. That doesn't even make sense!!
  • 20:01:15: Need to step away from these pictures for awhile before I figure out which ones to delete. Started with 174, now down to 156; more 2 scrap.
  • 20:25:35: Oooh, @DeliaTS brought home a card and package for me! I wonder if I should ask the sender if I should wait to open it?
  • 21:57:15: Oh my god do I cry when the queens' heads roll . . . so so so sad. (watching The Tudors - Season 4 via @gomiso)
  • 22:01:16: Oopes, this is the one we just watched. Did she really say that about Culpepper and life being beautif... (The Tudors)
  • 22:33:53: In Tahrir Square and the Pentagon: Sexual assault exposed | FP Passport via @AddThis
  • 22:42:09: WHY, pray tell, are my nipples so aggravatingly erect today?!? It's annoying having little boners on my chest.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From Twitter 02-15-2011

  • 15:09:27: Just pared down our spycams so you can focus on @DeliaTS doing premium webcam shows: - I myself am doing bills.
  • 18:13:44: I might have to interrupt @DeliaTS pretty soon to beg her to make us some tacos. She's doing shows now:
  • 18:54:13: I *love* that movie, @Kaibutsu ! Mostly because of the music, and because Virginia Madsen is delicious.
  • 18:58:46: Sorry for being so boring. Boring is better, I think, than unrelenting selfish whiny tired pathetic bitching & moaning, though.
  • 19:01:01: In better news, TACOS are on the horizon, thanks to @DeliaTS being a magic cooking webwhore! And I'm still TRYING to improve myself.
  • 21:09:37: Concentrating on turning over a new-old leaf tonight & tomorrow: less tv, going to sleep earlier, & waking up at the same time. EVERY DAY.
  • 21:12:16: Trying to get inspired/ashamed here: How to Get Up Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off via @stevepavlina
  • 21:17:02: We canceled DirecTV quite awhile ago & did fine until we got the PS3 (so Netflix on demand), @joepennant - so addicted to Intervention!
  • 21:20:50: And yes, I do know how "lucky" I am to work at home, set my own schedule & have crazy-schedule option. Not all "luck": I made the choice!
  • 21:51:19: Ewwww . . . now I feel like I need to write a whole defensive blog entry about my "schedule" or lack thereof. Makes me want to sleep in!!!
  • 21:58:22: You can get some of our videos here without having to buy a membership: Really hot one of @DeliaTS on top!
  • 22:33:41: Voyeurs: I know, you might be tired of my pepto-pink large-and-in-charge look. Actually, that's kind of cute...
  • 22:39:57: It's kind of amazing how for every one thing I finish, I make a dozen time-consuming mistakes. Amazing in a really depressing way, I mean.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

From Twitter 02-14-2011

  • 12:38:51: RT @DeliaTS: Happy & Horny Valentine's Day! -
  • 15:38:50: Squeee! Package on our doorstep to both of us from a certain lady friend who spoils us rotten!! Everybody hug @AmberLily while we open this!
  • 15:42:37: Awwww . . . that is the sweetest care package, @AmberLily - totally warms the cockles of our heart and guts!!
  • 18:49:12: Finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel backing up data.
  • 19:48:51: Gah! Having to attempt copying One . . . FILE . . . at a time . . . so many errors on this drive. Trying to maintain my calm.
  • 20:44:50: Playing games while doing this stop-start-stop-start backup. My brain can't handle trying to do more & being interrupted over & over.
  • 20:46:22: Well, I guess I could actually do housework, organize stuff, etc.
  • 21:12:23: Yikes - definitely more than a little hoarding going on in WebWhore Headquarters . . .
  • 23:42:03: It seems that light at the end of the tunnel was an hallucination.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

From Twitter 02-13-2011

  • 11:32:58: RT @DeliaTS: "You'd better get that fucking coffee going bitch." First words @tastytrixie's mom spoke to me this morning. Love that lad ...

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

From Twitter 02-12-2011

  • 00:27:26: Just spent some time on the phone catching up with Wanker No. 1.
  • 12:55:41: I've tried to flush this poop twice & it won't go down. Also, there's, like, a cashew in the pointy tip of it. Also, my mom's coming over.
  • 13:10:47: In more stimulating news, @DeliaTS is about to log in for privates: then we have members-only chat in <2 hrs!!
  • 19:26:43: Took my mom to the cabin. Locked my keys inside so we had a surprise walk home. Kind of a happy accident, though. Except now super hungry.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

From Twitter 02-11-2011

  • 00:38:18: New vlog for members to give you a little cozy, chatty, mildly-crazy company late at night. We have webcam SHOWS tomorrow (Friday)!!
  • 19:09:55: This new 1TB iomega desktop hard drive isn't working with my computer. Gosh I totally love wasting time on this superfun & productive shit!
  • 20:07:28: The question now isn't whether or not I'm going to overeat tonight (I am), but just how shitty the food I pork on will be for my brain.
  • 20:08:12: I want berry pie I want salted fats I want crunchy things I want hot slimy noodles I want a TROUGH FULL OF MASHED POTATOES & CRAZY!
  • 22:27:30: Phew! Iomega drive not at fault; for some reason it works plugged into port in front of my tower, but not in the back. No anal drive?

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Friday, February 11, 2011

From Twitter 02-10-2011

  • 11:13:12: It would be cool if I could stop breaking out in mystery itchy hives at night so I could stop having to conk myself out with benadryl.
  • 12:41:54: Going to fight this heavy, heavy gravity in an attempt to get some exercise. Parlor cam, voyeurs!
  • 13:58:41: As much as I try to be able to concentrate with air on my skin, it just doesn't work. Need comforting coverage, loose neck to toe.
  • 14:07:24: The b shots do totally help, @JaneBurgess - example: I'm late getting one and feel like total ass. They're good for lots of things.
  • 19:49:06: Always love some ST with dinner. Really hope they don't carelessly-on-purpose introduce for... (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • 22:07:15: Looking up phone & data plans for tethering - would kind of like to be able to do surprise shows & chats in the woods when weather permits.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

From Twitter 02-09-2011

  • 11:56:21: A few things to do then I get to go pick up @DeliaTS - so so so glad. We are very rarely apart like this.
  • 14:31:19: Just discovered the vlog I recorded and was about to upload has NO SOUND. Too much webcam switcheroo fucking w/settings. Will revisit later.
  • 14:42:56: Time to go get @DeliaTS - can't wait! Vlog redo will have to wait; it's girlfriend time!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From Twitter 02-08-2011

  • 01:30:13: I better way until I look cuter/cleaner to do my vlog . . . but I posted 79+ minutes of video & 133 new pics to keep members busy 'til then.
  • 09:54:49: I'm not a stay-up-til-4-get-up-at-8:30 kind of person. I AM a wake-up-after-4-hours-just-to-read-for-awhile-then-fall-back-to-sleep person.
  • 14:09:00: Oh, yeah . . . listening to new age music in the parlor, letting some sunshine in on my hairy VUUULLLLVUH . . .
  • 14:38:43: Behind on a great many things. But mostly behind on acquiring mental health so you know, first things first.
  • 14:39:45: I just kissed some twenties like they were the sweet feet of Jesus.
  • 14:40:07: That's a lie. If they were the sweet feet of Jesus I would've slipped them some tongue.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From Twitter 02-07-2011

  • 04:17:52: Really windy here. LOUD. Something I ate today must have had dairy in it (naanwich, me thinks). Sick & itchy. I miss @DeliaTS .
  • 12:26:05: A sort of moody pac nw picture post in my blog:
  • 16:35:40: Took advantage of tech problems to tidy up WebWhore HQ a little & now am trying to rescue old .wma's from napster but it's not working. :(
  • 18:01:03: Awww... Rainbows for Trixie Crankypants!
  • 18:16:31: Line on repeat in my head: "THATza WUNuh SPYCey MEATBALLuh!" Being said over and over in my brain.
  • 18:19:53: Wonder if I should open this long (almost as tall as I am) phallic object I got in the mail or wait until done editing pics as reward?
  • 18:37:40: Awesome!! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! I can't wait for @DeliaTS to come home & help me hang up my new map of WA - thank you, NOT-no.-199!
  • 18:38:21: Man, this present almost calls for a shower and a laser pointer . . .
  • 18:47:54: Glad I waited to edit this candlelit set of pics; almost always appreciate photos of myself more with distance from original expectations.
  • 20:31:24: We have shows scheduled this weekend for members! I'm formatting & uploading archives now, though, if you won't be there & want to pretend.
  • 21:15:21: I thank you, @celery66 ! Of course, you'll probably be fast asleep by the time the vids & vlog & pics are done uploading & ready to view...
  • 21:19:46: I am just WAY too excited about my noodle soup dinner coming up. Maybe a SAUSAGE thrown in for good measure? Or I'll just tease myself...

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Monday, February 7, 2011

From Twitter 02-06-2011

  • 00:03:24: Look: it's my GF @DeliaTS & @Krissy4uTgirl ! RT @groobydotcom Look who I get to sit next to! #TrannyAwards
  • 00:17:58: Awwww! @groobydotcom Thanks for the pic - I miss her so nice to see her. Have fun and hugs all around!
  • 00:22:09: Jesus H Christ! I should start a porn ESL teacher site:!/tastytrixie/posts/10150089988737012
  • 01:37:34: Yayayayay for @DeliaTS!!! RT @groobydotcom Best independent website winner - Delia TS!!!
  • 02:25:34: Yay to @xmandymitchellx ! RT @groobydotcom Best solo tgirl website - #TrannyAwards
  • 12:50:51: I'm back to logging food. Using (FREE). It's really the only way I have an honest picture of what I'm consuming.
  • 14:03:44: Getting ready to go on a little camera expedition. Not shooting naked stuff, just for my own amusement.
  • 14:53:10: I can't help being inordinately fascinated by the gorilla who walks on two legs / "like a man". Oops, why are my pants around my ankles?
  • 17:09:35: SO excited about the chai I'm brewing & sandwich after long walk in the damp grey misty woods.
  • 18:30:38: I love being rewarded with sweet emails in my box after not checking my mail all day until after 5 pm. Really slow sales day tho. #superbowl
  • 18:37:16: Just posted super sensual new video of @DeliaTS stroking in tan pantyhose:
  • 20:09:22: I'm #reading Switched by Amanda Hocking
  • 20:25:30: Going to download the pics I took today and maybe get a few posted on the blog (not porn, don't get your hand on the stick just yet).
  • 21:53:57: Going to round out today's calorie portfolio with a burrito and maybe some other stuff . . .

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

From Twitter 02-05-2011

  • 15:51:22: It's fucking amazing what 20 hours of solitude, lots of sleep, and not responding to anything but my own selfs can do to recharge me. COOL!
  • 15:58:47: And now, my friends, I am going to exercise: a little cardio, a lot of stretching, followed by more time on the shoulderflex machine.
  • 17:23:33: Just called @DeliaTS to wish her luck at the tranny awards tonight. GO if you're in LA! Hope everyone has fun.
  • 19:41:58: Luxuriating in a totally non-sexy neck-to-ankle brown velour-corduroy weekend gown. Clips4sale cockblocking my uploads. Fuck the superbowl!
  • 19:45:45: So when the internet sabotages work, I must demand from it PLEASURE! Preparing for a quick selfish magic wand session watching dudes jackin.
  • 20:29:24: I forgot: the superbowl makes porn promotion worthless. But GO PACKERS! Hope you beat the Steelers (or at least get it stolen via bad call).
  • 20:31:37: All of your juicy LA burger talk is DESTROYING me, @danaseverance @DeliaTS !!! So so so jealous. Maybe I'll go next time for all the MEAT!
  • 22:46:26: I wondered why my pussy's so wet, but then remembered all those vids of aggravated cocks being manually consoled I masturbated to earlier.
  • 23:39:49: Unbelievable. Friend's son is almost 10 & she's only NOW telling him how babies are made. & thinks that's young. AND SHE'S A HEALTH TEACHER!

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

From Twitter 02-04-2011

  • 01:25:31: I do want to see this pornification of Star Trek: TNG though VERY disappointed Picard is g-rated. :( via @fleshbot
  • 01:31:36: Got three promo galleries & zips done from start to finish and mailed out to webmasters. I know, this is boring to you. Had to be done!
  • 16:08:12: Going to have some solitary dark time. Then, if other inspiration doesn't strike, there's a 32% chance I'll do some late night camming.
  • 16:36:38: And now that you've seen me prepare for my mini-binge in bed (mini because I can't eat anything with dairy) . . . zzzZZZtstsZZZZzapp!
  • 19:26:21: Been dying to watch this; @DeliaTS isn't interested so since I'm alone in the house I finally ge... (The King of Kong)
  • 21:06:22: Managed to stay mostly-awake so scratch late-night camming. I'm going to fall asleep any moment now for a long dark dream.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

From Twitter 02-03-2011

  • 13:47:02: All the best ideas & answers come from lying in bed or riding in the car. But when I get out of bed or out of the car, they leave & scatter.
  • 16:54:03: Check out @AmberLily 's sexy new blue bodystocking pics that @DeliaTS shot: -- love love love!
  • 22:18:33: Come on, self... you can finish at least three of these promo galleries and zip them up and send them to affiliates. You can, self. YOU CAN!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

From Twitter 02-02-2011

  • 00:29:14: Hmmm . . . not sure about these pics we shot tonight. But I plan to post them tomorrow so you can decide whether or not they were worth it.
  • 13:27:12: Soaking up some sunshine vitamins pouring into our parlor, reading on the kindle.
  • 14:00:55: Shit. I forgot to log some of the spycams back in last night after @DeliaTS finished camming. Sigh. But I'm still naked in the parlor!
  • 15:11:38: Yes, @badboynum1 - my mom unearthed Charlie from amongst my childhood toys & thought we could make some porn with him.
  • 15:12:35: I can afford to buy a book, the PERFECT escape book for a day off. Am spoiling day off with aforementioned perfectionism, unable to decide.
  • 15:14:01: Guess I'm still balking over spending $6.99 - $9.99 for digital editions that require no paper. I don't think it's overpriced exactly BUT.
  • 15:38:55: God, I hate when those miserable cost-bitches sneak into me, @EcstaticOne - thanks for the link! I take back that whiney-tweet! I <3 books!
  • 17:40:11: I'm #reading Disobedience by Jane Hamilton
  • 17:41:20: I'm #reading Forged By Fire by Janine Cross
  • 17:44:00: 4 of 5 stars to Dear Ghosts, by Tess Gallagher
  • 22:38:53: A candlelit pic of me flashing my bush: - Keep the fires burning light tonight!
  • 23:06:36: Neeeeeples & glasses!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From Twitter 02-01-2011

  • 12:23:05: If you can convince your brain to dream about something more interesting than shopping with Kimora Lee Simmons, I'd go for it. It's lame.
  • 12:43:11: RT @heathercorinna: Please RT! (Get) Our Volunteers To Sex::Tech or Bust! (Scarleteen) #sextech #parents #teens #peers
  • 12:45:59: RT @audaciaray: The Super Bowl Prostitute Myth: 100,000 Hookers Won't Be Showing Up in Dallas
  • 13:05:09: My personal serenity prayer: instead of courage, lately I ask for the PATIENCE to change the things I can.
  • 15:34:34: Note: I can't respond to your help requests here if you aren't even following me so I can private message you. My feed isn't 4 hand-holding.
  • 16:03:15: I probably spend at least 11 hours a month on bills & accounting stuff, filing, hair-pulling, balancing, etc. I'd like it to be more like 3.
  • 17:22:47: Voyeurs: I'm going to exercise on the parlor cam if you want to watch me jiggle:
  • 19:33:07: While @DeliaTS cams ( ) I'm eating, getting ready to shoot and/or start building promos and/or blog and/or...
  • 20:56:54: I just wasted all of my already-F-grade conversational resources on a phone call with my sister. Ability to interact SUBTRACTED.
  • 21:17:22: Just researched plugin that sounded cool 2 lease 4 members, but our niches (nylon, glasses, hairy, etc.) pulled up vids w/OUT those things.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From Twitter 01-31-2011

  • 15:36:00: Let's hope this B vitamin shot I'm about to go get makes me stop needing to sleep a billion extra hours. Picking up extra D, too.
  • 17:58:06: Yeah, I think a tanning bed would help a lot right now, @amberlily . I just took a bitchload of vitamins & just want dark heavy hibernation.
  • 18:27:46: I'm going to enjoy some selfish not-a-SHOW masturbation right now. In sweats.
  • 18:38:57: Losing my mind . . . can't get my go-to vids to play of dudes using their toys / fake pussies / fleshlights. Why, God, WHY???
  • 18:57:19: Ohhhh what a relief! Got the videos to work & had a couple of really exquisite orgasms like my clit was 6 inches long & rooted in my taint.
  • 19:00:12: And I guess that's actually not too far from the truth since our clits are way bigger than what you can see & feel right under the hood.
  • 19:02:22: I actually almost said eight inches, but then I decided to strive for accuracy, @BrooklynBeast ! 6 is ABOVE avg for cocks, though.
  • 19:26:08: Only reason I'm not in bed right now is bc I don't want my members to think I'm just being lazy. I'm too tired to accomplish anything tho.
  • 19:45:52: Oh, here's something I'm capable of dredging up energy for: weighing & measuring self after a week of not eating like a Very Hungry Troll.
  • 19:56:32: My weight & measurements are all the same as a week ago except my neck which is 1/2 an inch smaller. GO TEAM! Seriously, I'm alright w/that.
  • 20:06:04: Sometimes I feel I should tweet to acknowledge there are way more important things in the world than my tweets. #egypt #dearjohn
  • 21:01:11: Dude, if you join one of our sites and your password is "overpriced" I'm likely to want to just ban your fucking ass.
  • 21:06:21: I just did a bunch of dishes & some counters!! I totally have to publicly pat myself on the back for every little thing when energy is low!
  • 23:36:06: No wonder I'm tired. I haven't taken a real day off in 16 days. Haven't worked long hours all those days, but still. That's fucking stupid.
  • 23:37:52: Still . . . exceeded goal of hours worked for January. Now to make February AWESOME!! And again strive for balance & health & CUMMMM LOL j/k

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