Friday, February 25, 2011

From Twitter 02-24-2011

  • 09:11:43: OMG - it's snowing some more at our house!
  • 11:27:44: Brrrr! The thick snow outside motivated me to throw our flannel sheets into the wash so we can enjoy climbing into them tonight.
  • 13:45:34: Sad news: - that's a very sweet tribute, @GroobySteven
  • 13:57:19: Going to enjoy some lunch after (finally) finishing & sending out promos I started building last week. Will gaze at snow & listen to
  • 14:21:22: I believe @DeliaTS is getting ready to do some private camming:
  • 16:04:10: It took 37 years for me to hear the difference between "Know Where" and NOWHERE:
  • 17:23:11: Took a few dorky non-nude / heavily-clothed pics of myself in the snow. Thinking about trekking out to do some more. For fun!!
  • 17:24:18: LOL RT @Alexstarkey you have to listen for the 'K'
  • 23:07:06: RT @DeliaTS: After explaining that @tastytrixie and I don't do couple shows some asshole in free chat said "no wonder Trixie can't get p ...
  • 23:08:09: That, my friends, is NOT how you earn most-favored-fanboy status. Also: we aren't trying to get pregnant anymore, plus I'm on birth control.
  • 23:09:01: RT @LadyErisiana: @DeliaTS Hmm, I've gotten pregnant 3x now and not one of them involved a camera. Maybe I was doing it wrong? ;p
  • 23:14:58: Is this terrible headache from caffeine or from winking so much to take so many pictures? My lackluster health is depressing me.

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