Friday, February 11, 2011

From Twitter 02-10-2011

  • 11:13:12: It would be cool if I could stop breaking out in mystery itchy hives at night so I could stop having to conk myself out with benadryl.
  • 12:41:54: Going to fight this heavy, heavy gravity in an attempt to get some exercise. Parlor cam, voyeurs!
  • 13:58:41: As much as I try to be able to concentrate with air on my skin, it just doesn't work. Need comforting coverage, loose neck to toe.
  • 14:07:24: The b shots do totally help, @JaneBurgess - example: I'm late getting one and feel like total ass. They're good for lots of things.
  • 19:49:06: Always love some ST with dinner. Really hope they don't carelessly-on-purpose introduce for... (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • 22:07:15: Looking up phone & data plans for tethering - would kind of like to be able to do surprise shows & chats in the woods when weather permits.

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