Friday, December 31, 2010

From Twitter 12-30-2010

  • 01:44:30: Best insult I got on cam tonight: "fake hair is just so FAKE". Pretty rare when someone calls anything about me fake but hair so GLOSSY 2nt!
  • 10:44:55: A woolly winter blog entry I made last night with pics that devolved into weird:
  • 14:12:56: Just off a long call w/my wanker. You can call me too at the cabin on the cheap:
  • 14:34:39: Clearly I've not been doing enough phone sex-still on 2004 noteb
  • 17:09:42: Golly, kindle! Did you have to douse my loin-fires by showing me what Alexandre Dumas REALLY looked like?!?
  • 18:03:06: Experimenting with making my blog accessible via Kindle. Wondering if I should make a dupe blog for that purpose. Any1 know if they censor?
  • 18:05:04: Hmmm, yeah. I'm definitely thinking a differently-designed mirror would be good. But then I might get penalized by SEO's. Shit. What to do!
  • 18:07:16: I guess it's your lucky day if you hate my truncated posts in your feed reader because I have to turn on full text for the Kindle thing.
  • 18:43:45: Oops; meant I might get penalized by SEARCH ENGINES if I make a mirror of my blog. So I'm not doing that.
  • 18:51:34: Needless to say, after the billy goat post I'm going to hold off on that poop entry I alluded to until AFTER Amazon looks at my blog.
  • 18:56:56: Oh god, they're never going to approve me. If .01% of my blog is hardcore porn then censors deem it ALL porn. I hate that.
  • 18:59:28: So how do you make your blog formatted properly & available via Kindle without trying to SELL it through Amazon? Is there a way?
  • 20:21:43: I like @greenguy89's "I Support Indie Porn" feature ad on his links site:
  • 20:29:09: On the flip side, I'm about to close a shady affiliate's account for really shitty deceptive tactic.
  • 20:30:04: Awesome! @greenguy89 I love them, too: @Anna4Real @NaughtyAllie @Naughty_Julie (I just saw the big banner, too). In super good company!
  • 20:44:19: Example of deceptive shit some dudes do to steal our sales money & traffic.
  • 20:48:30: My GF @DeliaTS is ready to take your requests live on cam: (her voice doesn't REALLY sound like that though!).
  • 22:44:01: Spent some time installing better cams on laptop & bedroom machine plus camsite software for more flexibility & backup options.
  • 22:44:09: RT @spyonus: Woohoo! Switched out & improved a couple of our bedroom cams for better angles, quality & visibility!

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

From Twitter 12-29-2010

  • 12:28:31: @melissagira What I'm dying to know is how you became UNallergic to milk & eggs . . . was there a trick or just complete mystery?
  • 12:56:59: Good= is that except for not being able to use quicktime, my machine is working this morning. Bad=afraid to challenge it w/vid encoding.
  • 12:59:09: My hope is to spend some time doing webcam SHOWS tonight. But that will delay vids for members. But that might be pissing into the wind.
  • 18:13:29: I know someone who's going to watch some X-Files with her lemony chicken noodle soup & orange juice right about now.
  • 21:49:10: Want to spy on me w/sound &/or tip me into doing a softcore show w/you I'm here, multitasking:
  • 21:58:59: And I'm sorry if you missed the free softcore/topless stripping - Mr. Shrdlu found me so fast I didn't have time to tweet about it!
  • 21:59:43: Also, I've got a store of winter fat-fat-bo-bat, so if you want to see me show off all my roly-poly belly-chub, I'M TOTALLY HERE FOR YOU!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From Twitter 12-28-2010

  • 00:10:02: RT @queershoulder: "Chloe Moore is a DC trans woman who was assaulted by a police officer and then charged with assaulting... http://tum ...
  • 14:29:26: Grooooogh . . . I'm sick. Going to whine like a baby for @DeliaTS to go get some orange juice after she's done exercising.
  • 14:34:09: Yay! RT @heathercorinna I'm so, so in love w/the photos of @tastytrixie & @DeliaTS I took .... It's dizzying how beautiful they are 2gether.
  • 15:09:28: I'm having one of those surreal surges of well-being & positivity that sometimes happen when mind-altered by illness. Going to exercise!
  • 15:10:18: (or maybe that nap just did me really good? I kind of feel like I've been kicked in the kidneys AND THAT WAS JUST WHAT I NEEDED!)
  • 15:10:49: Uh-oh . . . about to be distracted by this: RT @SockDreams We have a gorgreous new Winter theme at
  • 16:11:33: LOL - I wish our widescreen would work out there! RT @I_am_Cliff Watching headless @tastytrixie exercise on her spy cams.
  • 20:44:38: I'm editing video while @DeliaTS is logged in to have fun in private shows:
  • 23:14:33: My machine is freaking out again doing the hundred-year-startup after it decided to stop encoding the video I edited & hoped 2 upload 2night
  • 23:52:58: Thank you @streamate for the awesome additions to our camgirl stats/reports pages!

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From Twitter 12-27-2010

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Monday, December 27, 2010

From Twitter 12-26-2010

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

From Twitter 12-25-2010

  • 12:32:51: RAD! My mom brought some of my old 45's!
  • 19:09:32: Xmas: full of more lame family drama w/my mom anxious re: her brother's potentially bad reactions to me & my lady love at upcoming funeral.
  • 19:14:57: Santa: how could you forget to stuff a benzodiazepine sandwich in my stocking???

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

From Twitter 12-24-2010

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Friday, December 24, 2010

From Twitter 12-23-2010

  • 00:41:39: Mmmm . . . my period just started and I feel beautiful about it. I love having a wet red middle finger.
  • 17:47:54: Blushing & LOLing: @katsnacks "I like that I have a secret blog mostly for @tastytrixie. And that's not a sarcastic "I like."..."
  • 18:13:21: Just stuffed a sea sponge into my bloody twat for the first time thanks to @AmberLily's advice. I love it already! Shooting soon . . .
  • 18:24:28: If you're seeing me on cam with a lingering grin, I'm staring at hilarious pictures of our nephews.
  • 22:23:23: I hear you, @reptilegrrl - considering the other destructive things I contribute to & unsanitary things I use it's a drop in the bucket tho.
  • 22:25:12: My eye makeup is ridiculously overdone considering I'm wearing John Deere branded socks in this shoot but NO WAY am I removing & reapplying.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

From Twitter 12-22-2010

  • 00:50:25: I personally think whoever invented the 3/4 length sleeve should be shot. If I want it to go past my elbow, I want it to go to my WRIST!
  • 20:20:19: Been working on one thing for the past 8 hours and am now at that point of asking myself WHY. But I know it will be good. Or something.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

From Twitter 12-21-2010

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

From Twitter 12-20-2010

  • 00:33:50: Had a conversation with my wanker & posted an archived cam show:
  • 12:51:32: Hard not to cry when my sister calls me crying. She's mourning leaving her very intense job to move to a more boring locale.
  • 14:34:21: We damn well better get to go see The Fighter AND True Grit in the theater.
  • 16:06:52: Call me at my cabin for cheap, horrible phone sex and/or chat: 1800TOFLIRT ext 0125299 LIMITED TIME!
  • 16:46:56: Trying to call @AmberLily but it keeps disconnecting after a ring or two. Also: we got a very mysterious yet highly useful gift.
  • 17:04:14: Logged out as JellyRollJane so I can return home. It's getting too dark and spooky at the cabin!
  • 19:11:19: We are so lucky to have awesomely thoughtful kind and generous friends.
    {{{{{ @AmberLily }}}}}} - THANK YOU!!!
  • 19:33:01: Phew! Just "rescued" a couple of domains that should've been mine that people have been using for nefarious purposes for many years.
  • 22:59:25: I'm really excited about the beautiful locally-created Christmas gifts I'm discovering that are perfect for my family.
  • 23:14:58: RT @UndressJess: I'm watching the moon live on this page! Let's watch the lunar eclipse together!!! How universally romantic is THAT!? ...
  • 23:36:35: Getting ready to shoot some sexy pictures of @DeliaTS then perhaps watch the eclipse if done in time.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

From Twitter 12-19-2010

  • 00:00:51: I very much enjoyed our members-only chat and my webcam show today, thanks to a) feeling beautiful and b) lovely people watching & in chat!
  • 00:08:33: Do you think it's too late for me to learn to stop saying unhelpful, totally immature things? Believe it or not I actually DO censor myself.
  • 00:11:10: Seriously! I censor myself hundreds of times a day. Maybe thousands! Some shit still slips through, though.
  • 11:52:50: Just woke up to the most magnificent fan mail.
  • 18:18:37: 4 of 5 stars to Now and On Earth by Jim Thompson
  • 18:23:19: I know I should be doing something more productive than reviewing books read for pleasure. Unfortunately my video editing software froze up.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

From Twitter 12-18-2010

  • 16:55:11: Did you see me putting makeup on via our spycams? I have a show in six minutes, members! Wearing men's shirt, vibrators picked out already.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

From Twitter 12-17-2010

  • 01:19:48: Voyeurs: I know, you're seeing me at the computer like I'm doing something productive, but we're just printing CHRISTMAS CARDS.
  • 01:20:41: Just for @DeliaTS family out of state; sorry to say not getting around to cards for friends or even most relatives.
  • 03:21:19: In resurrecting an old blog, I was reminded of this artist & her intimate, lovely work:
  • 03:38:36: Sometimes I feel so fucking inspired! And then I realize I have to pay the bills and maybe bathe and stuff my guts with noodles.
  • 12:31:45: On the way to the cabin got behind big truck hauling cedar limbs & boughs & branches. It smelled SO.GOOD!
  • 14:59:56: We have shows today! Mine is in 2 hours (at 4 pacific / 7 eastern). Members go here: & click on Rude link.
  • 15:40:33: Procrastinating on cleaning the toilet. And plunger. Not the best foreplay for a sexy webcam show. Doesn't really turn me on.
  • 23:31:26: For members, a post about fingerbanging myself earlier this week & what I was fantasizing about:
  • 23:35:55: I'm running in safe mode. I wonder if that's a metaphor for life or something.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

From Twitter 12-16-2010

  • 17:04:59: Just got home - it's so cold in here I squealed when I set down on the toilet seat to unload a huge just-off-the-road poop.
  • 20:02:34: We totally unpacked already. Like grown-ups! I may have 5 million emails & messages to reply to, but there are no suitcases laying around.
  • 20:27:23: I'm at a point in life where I want to be a nice person, but still have strong urges to say to lots of people, "you're a fucking retard."
  • 23:11:43: 3 of 5 stars to Bohannon's Women by Joseph Hansen

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

From Twitter 12-15-2010

  • 11:03:54: Our cheap, off-season, beautiful view this morning.
  • 19:30:08: Watching people in the dark low tide using headlamps, digging clams. Light face up, lights face down, lights turn to talk to each other.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

From Twitter 12-14-2010

  • 13:43:26: Uhhhh . . . I think something is leaking out of my butt. Like a couple of drops of cinnamon oil infused with tar-scented gas. STRANGE.
  • 13:47:42: I hate clicking on a news link on the internet and having it lead to a fucking video. I just want to read the shit real fast-like!
  • 18:26:39: Perfect. 1- I lost my wallet 2- realized this @ check-in to hotel that will have NO POWER from 11-7 & 3- about to be stranded by flooding.
  • 19:05:18: Phew! @DeliaTS found my wallet lodged in the strangest little hidden cranny! Well not exactly THE strangest, but pretty strange.
  • 19:41:55: Happy & ready for a swim, steam, soak & sauna!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From Twitter 12-13-2010

  • 20:26:04: Still lots of mopping up, waiting on more drives for backups, machine probs, etc. @chrisorourke Only PS3 game X: 15 min of Star Wars demo :(
  • 20:28:35: Gawker sites' being hacked, tumblr's constant downtime & that Chase bank site multiple-day downtime have been an annoying comfort to me.
  • 20:30:27: @chrisorourke I should blog about how I have no patience/interest in game stories. I just want to mash buttons!! PS3 mostly for movies/porn.
  • 20:33:21: It's a special day for @DeliaTS and I. We may be gone for a few days, fyi. But we have camshows Friday & Saturday!
  • 20:37:10: SHIT bad grammar. I should have typed "it's a special day for @DeliaTS and ME!"
  • 20:40:50: OMG hello big hot clit: - just last night at a potluck I was talking about my adoration & envy of Giant Clits!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

From Twitter 12-12-2010

  • 01:48:38: Yeah, well so fuck that whole going to sleep super early thing. I guess. Damn me!
  • 13:19:23: I have this one song stuck in my head about pitching a wang dang doodle.
  • 16:46:28: Just got home from the cabin where the most productive thing I did was masturbate. A few times and such.
  • 23:09:45: Just got back from long (5+ hour) trek, meeting & potluck. Good stuff, though.
  • 23:35:24: If I could stop time for everybody but @DeliaTS and myself for 45 days I think we could really start 2011 off with a very profitable bang.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

From Twitter 12-11-2010

  • 01:24:58: My convenient plastic bowl of soothing soup turned into a nightmare when I mistakenly put boiling water in the pyrex measuring cup.
  • 01:26:38: Then I sprayed soda all over the kitchen @DeliaTS lovingly cleaned up. MY INCOMPETENCE KNOWS NO BOUNDS!
  • 01:27:49: And that is why I cry at night in the dark. Because I'm 37 years old & still measure the water for instant soup mixes & break shit doing it.
  • 11:43:57: It's difficult to dress oneself when one is a 5'2" small-boned woman with a fucking 35 inch waist. I'm totally not joking around here.
  • 11:52:37: Maybe if I shop in the short & round section of men's pants I can get some that fit instead of trying for women's pants that have hip room.
  • 15:27:10: Free video highlights & pics from @DeliaTS November updates:
  • 17:41:31: Just did some housecleaning w/ @DeliaTS using holiday-scented cleansers, listening to awesome Xmas mixes from Mr. Shrdlu & KnightWhoSaysNi.
  • 17:43:36: We got those customized cock-tube bathing shorts & open-bottom panties on Etsy, @greenguy89 @DeliaTS - I'll PM you the link to the store.
  • 19:55:19: Checking out what some of our porn videos look like on tv using the PS3. Look good, but I hate the cheap sounds of our amateur camcorder.
  • 20:42:16: I'm in a great mood right now. My lofty Saturday night goal is simply to get to sleep by 11, STAY asleep for 8-9 hours, & start fresh!
  • 21:26:08: 3 of 5 stars to Sag Harbor by Colson Whitehead

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

From Twitter 12-10-2010

  • 02:27:00: Takes my mind off my own problems & makes me feel relatively sane and capable. (watching Hoarders S01E05 via @gomiso)
  • 11:41:46: I posted a bunch of sweet nudie-n-more pics on my blog last night:
  • 12:26:39: Another beautiful bright-blue-sky day outside!
  • 17:56:42: Just looked up my records; we have 102 fewer members this year than we did last year at this time. #bitchbitchbitch
  • 17:59:54: @UndressJess Sounds scary & stressful - I wish there were clear answers for you; take care of yourself and good luck!
  • 18:56:56: Been afraid to shut down my main computer for days now but finally HAD to so I can record & process video. It's not starting up.
  • 21:35:05: Phew! After 3 tries, lots of breathing room & hitting F8 a bunch this fucking machine is on again. New backup drive came today; using now.
  • 22:36:47: Cutting my long, long fingernails. I have a date with a piano at an early Christmas party we're going to tomorrow!
  • 22:46:06: (see how I added an exclamation point to sound like I'm really looking forward to a social event when I'd rather be in a padded cell?)
  • 23:13:13: But I've had my girlfriend @DeliaTS in my life for the past 8.5 years @wabtlsfan ! She tried being the man in my life but better this way ;)
  • 23:42:44: Mmmm . . . new bottle of Mountain Ocean Coconut Skin Trip lotion smells SO good. As does the front part of the inside of my panties.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

From Twitter 12-09-2010

  • 00:31:05: Barbie had it all wrong: instead of math, she should have said SHOPPING is hard. Finally made wise, thrifty cam-n-pics-friendly order.
  • 00:47:16: There's some mighty chub dork dancing going on on our parlor cam. Duane Eddy EXCITES ME in my high water/low crotch pajama bottoms!
  • 08:51:02: So excited about waking up at 7 to wait for the phone/dsl dude to get here. I mean I'm PUMPED! This is going to be the best ever! Zzzzzzzz
  • 08:51:59: Anyhoo, have to take most of the cams down during the 8-12 window when he might arrive.
  • 10:27:01: Perfect timing! As soon as I get the urge to take a giant shit, the dsl technician calls to say he's mere blocks away.
  • 10:36:35: Phew! He must've gotten lost so I had time for full release and anal spot-clean. I think I might hear him approaching now . . .
  • 11:12:16: This dude is awesome/old-school, like a mechanic who wants you to hang out while he works & points out every part he touches under the hood.
  • 11:48:02: Apparently we have some epic mysterious wiring problems.
  • 16:41:59: I'd *love* to do something more productive right now than catch up on sleep, but the dose of speed I'd need to do that would be unhealthy.
  • 22:37:41: RT @spyonus: Even after the hours the technician spent here today, our DSL is still fucked up. Really putting a crimp in our cam life.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

From Twitter 12-08-2010

  • 00:37:52: You guys should totally check out @DreamnetFaith69's cute & informative video stewardess tour of her blog features:
  • 18:28:12: Canadian programmer sentenced to die in Iran:
  • 18:31:39: Since they consider menstruation obscene, I would love to see that list of hate groups processing w/visa & mc: @chrisorourke @danaseverance
  • 18:59:07: I thought to myself, "as long as you're charging a bunch of hard drives on your Dell account, BUY A PS3 TOO!" So I did! Porn & movies on tv!
  • 19:01:39: Now if only the qwest dsl phone dude tech guy actually FIXES the line tomorrow so we can use it for porn "reviewing" purposes . . .
  • 21:13:56: Does it make me an asshole if I think my GF @DeliaTS should make me bacon & french toast as my reward for setting up the PS3, Netflix, etc.?

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From Twitter 12-07-2010

  • 00:55:42: Stupid, but apropos. (watching I'm Still Here via @gomiso)
  • 12:23:35: I may have to excuse myself for a second day from doing anything interactive or consumably (or sexily) productive.
  • 19:36:47: My girlfriend @DeliaTS is showing it all off & taking requests live on cam: She's got her tits out right now!
  • 19:38:08: I just posted a graceful fingers & flame red nails fetish video for members (also available as clip4sale:
  • 22:18:18: I should be paying the bills but instead I'm surfing wordpress themes to try to shape up some of my neglected (but once profitable) blogs.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

From Twitter 12-06-2010

  • 15:52:07: 5 of 5 stars to Owl feathers by William Crutchfield
  • 18:54:10: Exhausted. And loving it! Getting into bed with some sensual oils, ginger & prosciutto before I head out to a meeting.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

From Twitter 12-05-2010

  • 00:19:13: Look who's blog is back: !!!! Rest of members area restored too, apparently, but for one little piece. So grateful!!!
  • 00:35:53: So so SO appreciative & happy to see my members-only blog back! As soon as I can get my computer up I'll update home & missing vlog thumbs.
  • 00:37:15: We are now going to take a break, drink some tea, eat some pie and watch Tropic Thunder!!
  • 14:11:50: Got the bedroom computer area all dusted and tidied up so I can install some software to do some work in here while main machine is broken.
  • 19:42:32: Just updated some details on a bunch of pages on @DeliaTS site, including her camsite links:
  • 23:34:25: Everything about this show DELIGHTS! About to watch Pt. 5 / the final episode. (Cranford Chronicles via @gomiso)

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

From Twitter 12-04-2010

  • 10:20:57: Mugh. My main computer is Dead. We're still doing our chat and shows today, though!
  • 11:10:51: I should've probly USED this drive that creates bootable backup!
  • 14:27:59: The deer are plump & juicy, but have no fears here.
  • 15:09:07: Trying to get into members only chat but my non-usual backup machine needs java & my laptop's running a diff update so i'll be there asap.
  • 16:05:35: Yay!!! My main machine finally started up normally!! Going to be running backups. Any suggestions for a good registry cleaner(s?)?
  • 20:02:15: Tidying up a tiny bit of my considerable accumulated messes while my machine is tied up with back-up stuff.
  • 22:19:43: It seems I failed to remember the reason I haven't been using that backup drive & software is it gives me perma blue screen of death! FFFFF!
  • 22:20:34: The cool part is I totes fixed it myself when it happened last year. The uncool part is I didn't properly record HOW.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

From Twitter 12-03-2010

  • 09:39:25: I am still "with headache", light sensitivity & pukey feelings. My webcam show later today may be dimly lit and not involve the wand.
  • 09:54:50: Bringing the barf bowl into the bedroom just in case.
  • 13:17:16: Back to tracking down blog entries via google cache; at least 1 blog's data too corrupted to restore. But I don't feel like puking anymore!
  • 13:21:37: Feel much improved after spending the morning in bed listening to an old Art Bell Coast to Coast AM show-if you saw me laughing that's why.
  • 13:26:48: Anyhoo, trying to stay away from machine until my show at 4 pacific (@DeliaTS at 5): members go here
  • 14:23:22: My girlfriend is back at it, shaking her she-cock on cam:
  • 15:00:26: A suggestive, mostly-naked new pic of me plus restoration progress:
  • 15:52:49: Chuckling over the misguided, naive, bumbling and, fortunately, HARMLESS machinations of certain fans. I love their virtual pratfalls!
  • 16:02:23: Getting ready for my upcoming show by purchasing a 3rd copy & installing new version of webcam max to be able to archive my camshows.
  • 16:54:56: My machine won't start up. Says "the volume is dirty". Camshow supposed to start in 6 minutes. WHAT FUCKING NEXT?!?
  • 17:27:00: HELP! Frozen here: wtf should I do now?
  • 17:59:33: Managed to "perform" the world's worst webcam show -- crying included for free! Now I'm ready to tackle my newest computer problem!
  • 18:00:00: Thanks for the suggestions & voices of calm (and for not making PC/Windows cracks at me).
  • 18:07:25: Yuck. I hate that I sound like 1 of those people who has so much bad luck that you can't help suspecting it must be my fault or exaggerated.
  • 18:09:37: Having so many 24/7 spycams AND shows AND so many paysites AND blogs multiplies need 2 communicate bad news to keep fans & members notified.
  • 18:12:47: The more you do and the more you have, the more things can go wrong. So if we have this much breaking, we must have LOTS to be thankful for!
  • 20:04:16: OMG OMG OMG OMG!! Been saving a card for WEEKS from Mr. Shrdlu to open when I had time to cherish it. Just did AND IT'S FULL OF MONEY $$$$!!
  • 20:53:31: Mr. Shrdlu: I sent an email via gmail to your old yahoo acct (preferred delivery cockblocked due to frozen computer). Mwah!
  • 21:41:15: And with that I am able to pay off my special little spending money credit card! Which I'll use to purchase something ALL will enjoy!!

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Friday, December 3, 2010

From Twitter 12-02-2010

  • 00:15:22: @appleshampooID YES, qwest! I finally used their online chat feature (during an up period) which was more effective than phone hassles.
  • 00:36:00: Didn't get to emails I keep thinking there will be space for every day. Hold on sanity: tenuous. But I finished a new gallery for members!
  • 00:59:21: Bright spot today: looking at our membership sales & having them be promising numbers after weeks of almost-nothing! THANK YOU MEMBERS!!!
  • 01:07:03: Also grateful for freshly-washed flannel sheets. And the bath I'm about to take to make myself worthy of climbing in between them w/@DeliaTS
  • 11:26:34: SWEEEEEET! Our sites & blogs are coming back to life! The first "ResErection", as @DeliaTS put it:
  • 11:29:51: I am going to enjoy a wonderful, leisurely, THANKFUL tea & luna-bar-dipped-in-peanut-butter bfast in bed now w/my benadryl hangover.
  • 12:57:20: Members: our spycams will be down at some point between 1 and 5 pacific because phone guy is coming to check our scatty DSL.
  • 15:37:26: Getting our spycams all logged back in; they switched us to a different gateway so I hope that solves the problems of the past week!
  • 16:07:19: RT @QuimmAnaheim: @DeliaTS well your pics are very detailed- i really like the photography style you and your girly have! *swoon*
  • 17:28:40: So much to do but I have a headache + about to puke = migraine. Need to be in the dark/off computer, I'm sorry to say.
  • 20:58:19: Man, that light in the refrigerator is BRIGHT! Anyway, I still have a headache & @DeliaTS is camming:
  • 21:28:48: It is SO hard for me to stay away from the computer. But I know I need to try or this problem will persist tomorrow when we have cam shows.
  • 21:40:54: I know! I'll call my wanker!!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

From Twitter 12-01-2010

  • 00:37:27: I think those pictures we just took of @DeliaTS look prrrrrrretty delicious! I haven't gotten to any email except some necessaries, tho.
  • 09:52:28: Not enough sleep. Getting ready to get out of here for my dose of quiet solitary invisibility.
  • 13:22:21: My clit is SO huge w/hood like foreskin in my dreams, I jerk it and stroke it and wish I could wake up with it still BIG under my fingers.
  • 14:28:48: Cleavage on display on our spycams while I edit pics of me in pink satin with a big long veiny dong.
  • 14:29:11: Wait, make that pink SILK. In fact, HOT pink silk.
  • 20:48:35: I'd love to be doing more exciting & productive things than wasting hours on the phone with internet tech "support" people. DSL down again.
  • 21:55:19: I hope the hour+ investment of time on phone & in chat to get a technician to come check our lines tomorrow is worth it.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

From Twitter 11-30-2010

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