Saturday, December 18, 2010

From Twitter 12-17-2010

  • 01:19:48: Voyeurs: I know, you're seeing me at the computer like I'm doing something productive, but we're just printing CHRISTMAS CARDS.
  • 01:20:41: Just for @DeliaTS family out of state; sorry to say not getting around to cards for friends or even most relatives.
  • 03:21:19: In resurrecting an old blog, I was reminded of this artist & her intimate, lovely work:
  • 03:38:36: Sometimes I feel so fucking inspired! And then I realize I have to pay the bills and maybe bathe and stuff my guts with noodles.
  • 12:31:45: On the way to the cabin got behind big truck hauling cedar limbs & boughs & branches. It smelled SO.GOOD!
  • 14:59:56: We have shows today! Mine is in 2 hours (at 4 pacific / 7 eastern). Members go here: & click on Rude link.
  • 15:40:33: Procrastinating on cleaning the toilet. And plunger. Not the best foreplay for a sexy webcam show. Doesn't really turn me on.
  • 23:31:26: For members, a post about fingerbanging myself earlier this week & what I was fantasizing about:
  • 23:35:55: I'm running in safe mode. I wonder if that's a metaphor for life or something.

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