Saturday, December 4, 2010

From Twitter 12-03-2010

  • 09:39:25: I am still "with headache", light sensitivity & pukey feelings. My webcam show later today may be dimly lit and not involve the wand.
  • 09:54:50: Bringing the barf bowl into the bedroom just in case.
  • 13:17:16: Back to tracking down blog entries via google cache; at least 1 blog's data too corrupted to restore. But I don't feel like puking anymore!
  • 13:21:37: Feel much improved after spending the morning in bed listening to an old Art Bell Coast to Coast AM show-if you saw me laughing that's why.
  • 13:26:48: Anyhoo, trying to stay away from machine until my show at 4 pacific (@DeliaTS at 5): members go here
  • 14:23:22: My girlfriend is back at it, shaking her she-cock on cam:
  • 15:00:26: A suggestive, mostly-naked new pic of me plus restoration progress:
  • 15:52:49: Chuckling over the misguided, naive, bumbling and, fortunately, HARMLESS machinations of certain fans. I love their virtual pratfalls!
  • 16:02:23: Getting ready for my upcoming show by purchasing a 3rd copy & installing new version of webcam max to be able to archive my camshows.
  • 16:54:56: My machine won't start up. Says "the volume is dirty". Camshow supposed to start in 6 minutes. WHAT FUCKING NEXT?!?
  • 17:27:00: HELP! Frozen here: wtf should I do now?
  • 17:59:33: Managed to "perform" the world's worst webcam show -- crying included for free! Now I'm ready to tackle my newest computer problem!
  • 18:00:00: Thanks for the suggestions & voices of calm (and for not making PC/Windows cracks at me).
  • 18:07:25: Yuck. I hate that I sound like 1 of those people who has so much bad luck that you can't help suspecting it must be my fault or exaggerated.
  • 18:09:37: Having so many 24/7 spycams AND shows AND so many paysites AND blogs multiplies need 2 communicate bad news to keep fans & members notified.
  • 18:12:47: The more you do and the more you have, the more things can go wrong. So if we have this much breaking, we must have LOTS to be thankful for!
  • 20:04:16: OMG OMG OMG OMG!! Been saving a card for WEEKS from Mr. Shrdlu to open when I had time to cherish it. Just did AND IT'S FULL OF MONEY $$$$!!
  • 20:53:31: Mr. Shrdlu: I sent an email via gmail to your old yahoo acct (preferred delivery cockblocked due to frozen computer). Mwah!
  • 21:41:15: And with that I am able to pay off my special little spending money credit card! Which I'll use to purchase something ALL will enjoy!!

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