Thursday, December 30, 2010

From Twitter 12-29-2010

  • 12:28:31: @melissagira What I'm dying to know is how you became UNallergic to milk & eggs . . . was there a trick or just complete mystery?
  • 12:56:59: Good= is that except for not being able to use quicktime, my machine is working this morning. Bad=afraid to challenge it w/vid encoding.
  • 12:59:09: My hope is to spend some time doing webcam SHOWS tonight. But that will delay vids for members. But that might be pissing into the wind.
  • 18:13:29: I know someone who's going to watch some X-Files with her lemony chicken noodle soup & orange juice right about now.
  • 21:49:10: Want to spy on me w/sound &/or tip me into doing a softcore show w/you I'm here, multitasking:
  • 21:58:59: And I'm sorry if you missed the free softcore/topless stripping - Mr. Shrdlu found me so fast I didn't have time to tweet about it!
  • 21:59:43: Also, I've got a store of winter fat-fat-bo-bat, so if you want to see me show off all my roly-poly belly-chub, I'M TOTALLY HERE FOR YOU!

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