Friday, December 31, 2010

From Twitter 12-30-2010

  • 01:44:30: Best insult I got on cam tonight: "fake hair is just so FAKE". Pretty rare when someone calls anything about me fake but hair so GLOSSY 2nt!
  • 10:44:55: A woolly winter blog entry I made last night with pics that devolved into weird:
  • 14:12:56: Just off a long call w/my wanker. You can call me too at the cabin on the cheap:
  • 14:34:39: Clearly I've not been doing enough phone sex-still on 2004 noteb
  • 17:09:42: Golly, kindle! Did you have to douse my loin-fires by showing me what Alexandre Dumas REALLY looked like?!?
  • 18:03:06: Experimenting with making my blog accessible via Kindle. Wondering if I should make a dupe blog for that purpose. Any1 know if they censor?
  • 18:05:04: Hmmm, yeah. I'm definitely thinking a differently-designed mirror would be good. But then I might get penalized by SEO's. Shit. What to do!
  • 18:07:16: I guess it's your lucky day if you hate my truncated posts in your feed reader because I have to turn on full text for the Kindle thing.
  • 18:43:45: Oops; meant I might get penalized by SEARCH ENGINES if I make a mirror of my blog. So I'm not doing that.
  • 18:51:34: Needless to say, after the billy goat post I'm going to hold off on that poop entry I alluded to until AFTER Amazon looks at my blog.
  • 18:56:56: Oh god, they're never going to approve me. If .01% of my blog is hardcore porn then censors deem it ALL porn. I hate that.
  • 18:59:28: So how do you make your blog formatted properly & available via Kindle without trying to SELL it through Amazon? Is there a way?
  • 20:21:43: I like @greenguy89's "I Support Indie Porn" feature ad on his links site:
  • 20:29:09: On the flip side, I'm about to close a shady affiliate's account for really shitty deceptive tactic.
  • 20:30:04: Awesome! @greenguy89 I love them, too: @Anna4Real @NaughtyAllie @Naughty_Julie (I just saw the big banner, too). In super good company!
  • 20:44:19: Example of deceptive shit some dudes do to steal our sales money & traffic.
  • 20:48:30: My GF @DeliaTS is ready to take your requests live on cam: (her voice doesn't REALLY sound like that though!).
  • 22:44:01: Spent some time installing better cams on laptop & bedroom machine plus camsite software for more flexibility & backup options.
  • 22:44:09: RT @spyonus: Woohoo! Switched out & improved a couple of our bedroom cams for better angles, quality & visibility!

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