Friday, December 3, 2010

From Twitter 12-02-2010

  • 00:15:22: @appleshampooID YES, qwest! I finally used their online chat feature (during an up period) which was more effective than phone hassles.
  • 00:36:00: Didn't get to emails I keep thinking there will be space for every day. Hold on sanity: tenuous. But I finished a new gallery for members!
  • 00:59:21: Bright spot today: looking at our membership sales & having them be promising numbers after weeks of almost-nothing! THANK YOU MEMBERS!!!
  • 01:07:03: Also grateful for freshly-washed flannel sheets. And the bath I'm about to take to make myself worthy of climbing in between them w/@DeliaTS
  • 11:26:34: SWEEEEEET! Our sites & blogs are coming back to life! The first "ResErection", as @DeliaTS put it:
  • 11:29:51: I am going to enjoy a wonderful, leisurely, THANKFUL tea & luna-bar-dipped-in-peanut-butter bfast in bed now w/my benadryl hangover.
  • 12:57:20: Members: our spycams will be down at some point between 1 and 5 pacific because phone guy is coming to check our scatty DSL.
  • 15:37:26: Getting our spycams all logged back in; they switched us to a different gateway so I hope that solves the problems of the past week!
  • 16:07:19: RT @QuimmAnaheim: @DeliaTS well your pics are very detailed- i really like the photography style you and your girly have! *swoon*
  • 17:28:40: So much to do but I have a headache + about to puke = migraine. Need to be in the dark/off computer, I'm sorry to say.
  • 20:58:19: Man, that light in the refrigerator is BRIGHT! Anyway, I still have a headache & @DeliaTS is camming:
  • 21:28:48: It is SO hard for me to stay away from the computer. But I know I need to try or this problem will persist tomorrow when we have cam shows.
  • 21:40:54: I know! I'll call my wanker!!

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