Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From Twitter 12-13-2010

  • 20:26:04: Still lots of mopping up, waiting on more drives for backups, machine probs, etc. @chrisorourke Only PS3 game X: 15 min of Star Wars demo :(
  • 20:28:35: Gawker sites' being hacked, tumblr's constant downtime & that Chase bank site multiple-day downtime have been an annoying comfort to me.
  • 20:30:27: @chrisorourke I should blog about how I have no patience/interest in game stories. I just want to mash buttons!! PS3 mostly for movies/porn.
  • 20:33:21: It's a special day for @DeliaTS and I. We may be gone for a few days, fyi. But we have camshows Friday & Saturday! http://twitpic.com/3fr1us
  • 20:37:10: SHIT bad grammar. I should have typed "it's a special day for @DeliaTS and ME!"
  • 20:40:50: OMG hello big hot clit: http://rikochanpornstar.com - just last night at a potluck I was talking about my adoration & envy of Giant Clits!

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