Tuesday, December 21, 2010

From Twitter 12-20-2010

  • 00:33:50: Had a conversation with my wanker & posted an archived cam show: http://www.tastytrixie.com/photos/new-webcam-show-archive-pic/
  • 12:51:32: Hard not to cry when my sister calls me crying. She's mourning leaving her very intense job to move to a more boring locale.
  • 14:34:21: We damn well better get to go see The Fighter AND True Grit in the theater.
  • 16:06:52: Call me at my cabin for cheap, horrible phone sex and/or chat: http://niteflirt.com/jellyrolljane 1800TOFLIRT ext 0125299 LIMITED TIME!
  • 16:46:56: Trying to call @AmberLily but it keeps disconnecting after a ring or two. Also: we got a very mysterious yet highly useful gift.
  • 17:04:14: Logged out as JellyRollJane so I can return home. It's getting too dark and spooky at the cabin!
  • 19:11:19: We are so lucky to have awesomely thoughtful kind and generous friends.
    {{{{{ @AmberLily }}}}}} - THANK YOU!!!
  • 19:33:01: Phew! Just "rescued" a couple of domains that should've been mine that people have been using for nefarious purposes for many years.
  • 22:59:25: I'm really excited about the beautiful locally-created Christmas gifts I'm discovering that are perfect for my family.
  • 23:14:58: RT @UndressJess: I'm watching the moon live on this page! Let's watch the lunar eclipse together!!! How universally romantic is THAT!? ...
  • 23:36:35: Getting ready to shoot some sexy pictures of @DeliaTS then perhaps watch the eclipse if done in time.

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