Sunday, February 27, 2011

From Twitter 02-26-2011

  • 09:49:53: More snow, more itching, more headaches, more period cramps, more unpeaceful dream-filled sleep . . . in short, MORE BITCHING.
  • 12:06:30: Dear brand new pretty little shiny silver flash drives I put SOMEWHERE unmemorable: please come out of hiding because I need to use you.
  • 12:07:38: Whoah! That was fast . . . my little twitter plea to inanimate objects miraculously worked after tons of searching!
  • 12:24:35: If our spycams go down it's because I'm trying to back up files on that machine & it's totally not working/going to take forever if it does.
  • 12:51:49: @VanillaDeVille I've heard really good things about Mystic Tan, that sunless in-salon spray stuff. Haven't tried it myself, but want to.
  • 13:11:17: @VanillaDeVille Ahhh, lame -- thanks for the info.
  • 13:20:44: On the phone with tech support to see why our sites are barely loading. He doesn't yet know but is investigating.
  • 13:23:09: RT @DeliaTS: Members-only chat at 2:00 group camshow at 5:00 and some Pvt show in between
  • 13:25:34: They reset our server and everything is back up but please let me know if you see any down time on our sites.
  • 13:29:17: @chrisorourke No, he didn't see anything but is going to dig further. Thanks for the note - I'll ask if I don't hear anything conclusive.
  • 17:43:05: @nvvnv Thanks! Glad you liked it and caught me . . . I still don't know what your nickname is in there though so I can say hi to you!!
  • 23:52:19: Loving it - can't believe neither of us has seen it before! (watching The Hudsucker Proxy via @gomiso)

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