Monday, February 21, 2011

From Twitter 02-20-2011

  • 09:22:23: This is the fifth day in a row we've gotten up at 8 am or earlier . . . oh but I REALLY want to climb back into bed right now . . .
  • 12:22:57: RT @DeliaTS: Just posted a new blog entry with a few thoughts on my trip to L.A. for Tranny Awards -
  • 12:25:36: (I'm just waking up again after a Sunday morning sleep reprise; totally surreal re-waking to more sun and general feeling of weirdness.)
  • 14:20:04: We took a short walk. Lunched. I am literally dizzy with exhaustion. Been sliding into disrepair, probably of the endocrine system. Again.
  • 14:23:27: If it just turned out that I have a stone baby everything would just MAKE SENSE. It could be removed, my slender health resurrected.
  • 14:26:10: That would be a cool art project & shoot @furrygirl - let's jar fake stone babies & shoot weirdo porn pics with them. CCBill would shit.
  • 14:28:04: Note: I have extensive edge-of-my-seat-suspenseful fantasies of having a stone baby and having to FIGHT for my right to take it home.
  • 17:03:26: Feeling perkier. Got some dishes and kitchen cleanup done.
  • 21:17:31: I need to pack for our little shooting excursion but I'm riddled with anxiety knowing I can't fit into anything. So I'll eat to calm down!
  • 21:18:26: I know, voyeurs, I know . . . you're thinking I should already be calm after bestowing a bunch of masturbatory orgasms on myself.
  • 21:29:02: sencoit
  • 21:52:56: @athorny LOL - I read it the sweet way, but thank you for clarifying just in case! Nude *is* always a cute, easy way to do chubby shoots!

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