Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From Twitter 02-15-2011

  • 15:09:27: Just pared down our spycams so you can focus on @DeliaTS doing premium webcam shows: - I myself am doing bills.
  • 18:13:44: I might have to interrupt @DeliaTS pretty soon to beg her to make us some tacos. She's doing shows now:
  • 18:54:13: I *love* that movie, @Kaibutsu ! Mostly because of the music, and because Virginia Madsen is delicious.
  • 18:58:46: Sorry for being so boring. Boring is better, I think, than unrelenting selfish whiny tired pathetic bitching & moaning, though.
  • 19:01:01: In better news, TACOS are on the horizon, thanks to @DeliaTS being a magic cooking webwhore! And I'm still TRYING to improve myself.
  • 21:09:37: Concentrating on turning over a new-old leaf tonight & tomorrow: less tv, going to sleep earlier, & waking up at the same time. EVERY DAY.
  • 21:12:16: Trying to get inspired/ashamed here: How to Get Up Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off via @stevepavlina
  • 21:17:02: We canceled DirecTV quite awhile ago & did fine until we got the PS3 (so Netflix on demand), @joepennant - so addicted to Intervention!
  • 21:20:50: And yes, I do know how "lucky" I am to work at home, set my own schedule & have crazy-schedule option. Not all "luck": I made the choice!
  • 21:51:19: Ewwww . . . now I feel like I need to write a whole defensive blog entry about my "schedule" or lack thereof. Makes me want to sleep in!!!
  • 21:58:22: You can get some of our videos here without having to buy a membership: Really hot one of @DeliaTS on top!
  • 22:33:41: Voyeurs: I know, you might be tired of my pepto-pink large-and-in-charge look. Actually, that's kind of cute...
  • 22:39:57: It's kind of amazing how for every one thing I finish, I make a dozen time-consuming mistakes. Amazing in a really depressing way, I mean.

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