Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From Twitter 01-31-2011

  • 15:36:00: Let's hope this B vitamin shot I'm about to go get makes me stop needing to sleep a billion extra hours. Picking up extra D, too.
  • 17:58:06: Yeah, I think a tanning bed would help a lot right now, @amberlily . I just took a bitchload of vitamins & just want dark heavy hibernation.
  • 18:27:46: I'm going to enjoy some selfish not-a-SHOW masturbation right now. In sweats.
  • 18:38:57: Losing my mind . . . can't get my go-to vids to play of dudes using their toys / fake pussies / fleshlights. Why, God, WHY???
  • 18:57:19: Ohhhh what a relief! Got the videos to work & had a couple of really exquisite orgasms like my clit was 6 inches long & rooted in my taint.
  • 19:00:12: And I guess that's actually not too far from the truth since our clits are way bigger than what you can see & feel right under the hood.
  • 19:02:22: I actually almost said eight inches, but then I decided to strive for accuracy, @BrooklynBeast ! 6 is ABOVE avg for cocks, though.
  • 19:26:08: Only reason I'm not in bed right now is bc I don't want my members to think I'm just being lazy. I'm too tired to accomplish anything tho.
  • 19:45:52: Oh, here's something I'm capable of dredging up energy for: weighing & measuring self after a week of not eating like a Very Hungry Troll.
  • 19:56:32: My weight & measurements are all the same as a week ago except my neck which is 1/2 an inch smaller. GO TEAM! Seriously, I'm alright w/that.
  • 20:06:04: Sometimes I feel I should tweet to acknowledge there are way more important things in the world than my tweets. #egypt #dearjohn
  • 21:01:11: Dude, if you join one of our sites and your password is "overpriced" I'm likely to want to just ban your fucking ass.
  • 21:06:21: I just did a bunch of dishes & some counters!! I totally have to publicly pat myself on the back for every little thing when energy is low!
  • 23:36:06: No wonder I'm tired. I haven't taken a real day off in 16 days. Haven't worked long hours all those days, but still. That's fucking stupid.
  • 23:37:52: Still . . . exceeded goal of hours worked for January. Now to make February AWESOME!! And again strive for balance & health & CUMMMM LOL j/k

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