Monday, January 31, 2011

From Twitter 01-30-2011

  • 01:02:51: Tonight I remembered that I dreamt vividly of two beautiful white wolves with shimmering fur leading me through twilit snow . . . somewhere.
  • 12:03:11: I might cloak the bedroom cam for awhile today. Feeling really embarrassed about how tired & sleepy I've been past few days.
  • 14:04:33: No, this isn't a neck brace I'm wearing in bed, it's an aromatherapeutic hot pack blanket thingy. Do you like my sexy neck quilt? Dooo you??
  • 14:23:16: It's time for me to shrug off my old-lady shoulder-cozy and do some exercise. To the parlor cam I go!!
  • 14:43:29: No, no, NO I don't really want to go to my 20 year high school reunion. Just sounds awkward. My classmates weren't bad people, just ... NO.
  • 14:48:21: @Toni_KatVixen because I never do because I have zero social energy & they have kids; this way could see all in one concentrated fell swoop.
  • 16:14:18: Going to rewatch a little of this while I eat my lunch of taquitos. LOVE the feel/look of this film. (The Naked City)
  • 17:46:04: RT @hotwives: Photo: I love this cartoon pinup! Hot.
  • 19:57:51: Been working on a cheesy one-pager for - a side-trip from a mop-up job I have to finish.
  • 21:37:39: Thanks to @greenguy89 's alert, I finally found & restored the pictures & fixed up most of the pages on
  • 23:55:06: Enjoying this quite a bit but taking a break for a bath. (watching The Parking Lot Movie via @gomiso)

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