Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From Twitter 02-07-2011

  • 04:17:52: Really windy here. LOUD. Something I ate today must have had dairy in it (naanwich, me thinks). Sick & itchy. I miss @DeliaTS .
  • 12:26:05: A sort of moody pac nw picture post in my blog: http://www.tastytrixie.com/pacific-northwest/the-superbowl-alternative-pics/
  • 16:35:40: Took advantage of tech problems to tidy up WebWhore HQ a little & now am trying to rescue old .wma's from napster but it's not working. :(
  • 18:01:03: Awww... Rainbows for Trixie Crankypants! http://twitpic.com/3xjz1f
  • 18:16:31: Line on repeat in my head: "THATza WUNuh SPYCey MEATBALLuh!" Being said over and over in my brain.
  • 18:19:53: Wonder if I should open this long (almost as tall as I am) phallic object I got in the mail or wait until done editing pics as reward?
  • 18:37:40: Awesome!! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! I can't wait for @DeliaTS to come home & help me hang up my new map of WA - thank you, NOT-no.-199!
  • 18:38:21: Man, this present almost calls for a shower and a laser pointer . . .
  • 18:47:54: Glad I waited to edit this candlelit set of pics; almost always appreciate photos of myself more with distance from original expectations.
  • 20:31:24: We have shows scheduled this weekend for members! I'm formatting & uploading archives now, though, if you won't be there & want to pretend.
  • 21:15:21: I thank you, @celery66 ! Of course, you'll probably be fast asleep by the time the vids & vlog & pics are done uploading & ready to view...
  • 21:19:46: I am just WAY too excited about my noodle soup dinner coming up. Maybe a SAUSAGE thrown in for good measure? Or I'll just tease myself...

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