Thursday, February 17, 2011

From Twitter 02-16-2011

  • 00:14:55: Reminded self that 25 minutes of stretching is definitely way more awesome feeling than 25 extra minutes of tv-watching. So warm & sane!
  • 10:46:05: Editing pictures now. Not allowing myself to agonize over whether or not this is the PERFECT work choice for right now. MANYright choices!
  • 13:06:09: Sweet! I'm having lunch now . . . at *lunchtime*! And I've gotten hours of work done already! This waking up earlier thing has its benefits.
  • 19:06:46: So it turns out masturbating to a handful of orgasms isn't the best way to perk up when feeling really super sleepy. It was worth a try tho!
  • 19:24:29: There's pink areola in all of these pics so I can't show you a twitpic preview, but members will get to see them tomorrow (MAYBE tonight)!
  • 19:28:10: I wish I knew a way to hide my double chin on the WebWhore HQ spycam. Without just turning it off completely. Or immediate plastic surgery.
  • 19:31:18: Gross. My farts smell like I shat on some stale cotton candy and popcorn. That doesn't even make sense!!
  • 20:01:15: Need to step away from these pictures for awhile before I figure out which ones to delete. Started with 174, now down to 156; more 2 scrap.
  • 20:25:35: Oooh, @DeliaTS brought home a card and package for me! I wonder if I should ask the sender if I should wait to open it?
  • 21:57:15: Oh my god do I cry when the queens' heads roll . . . so so so sad. (watching The Tudors - Season 4 via @gomiso)
  • 22:01:16: Oopes, this is the one we just watched. Did she really say that about Culpepper and life being beautif... (The Tudors)
  • 22:33:53: In Tahrir Square and the Pentagon: Sexual assault exposed | FP Passport via @AddThis
  • 22:42:09: WHY, pray tell, are my nipples so aggravatingly erect today?!? It's annoying having little boners on my chest.

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