Friday, October 1, 2010

From Twitter 09-30-2010

  • 09:25:57: Sunshine is about to become so precious I want to promise myself not to waste it by reading or entertaining myself at the computer instead.
  • 15:07:00: I'm editing pictures (still) while @DeliaTS is logged in for pay-to-play shows:
  • 15:20:06: Webwhores: do any of you maintain customer databases or spreadsheets for keeping track of who spends the most money on you? What do you use?
  • 15:27:04: The reason I ask is I'm having a hard time keeping up with EVERYONE; unfortunately, I need to prioritize (& want to recognize biggest fans).
  • 15:38:27: Note to fans: no, it's not ONLY how much money you spend that determines how much time I spend on you but in any biz it IS important.
  • 15:39:39: I just want to do a good job of knowing who has been with me for a long time and/or is the most enthusiastic about my work.
  • 15:45:35: What is the 80/20 rule, @danaseverance ? Should I google it or does it fit in 140 characters?
  • 15:49:08: @danaseverance Aaaah, interesting . . . thanks! And thanks for that compliment, too, @chrisorourke! That is important to me.
  • 16:22:23: I truly believe that any new age song with the word "saucers" in its title is going to be awesome, no 30 second preview required. BUY!!!
  • 17:50:15: Thanks @roxxiecyber @minasmusings @Elligirl - I need something I can look at fast if I get an email to see if they're long time member, etc.
  • 18:39:48: Camgirls: do you know if it's okay to run a spy session (not chatting) on MFC?
  • 18:57:15: Thanks @JaneBurgess @bellabellini @minasmusings ! I'm trying just doing a spycam while editing pics with cleavage on display . . .
  • 19:35:28: @bellabellini You can do that on MFC? Man, I don't even have my site advertised in my profile there yet. I need to step my shit up! Thanks!
  • 19:36:32: My computer wigged out w/ photoshop running AND trying to broadcast that extra semi-spycam. Maybe I'll try again later. MUST finish update!
  • 19:57:47: If you want to spy on me WITH AUDIO & tip me while I'm editing pics, here I am:
  • 20:26:32: Man, I love being distracted from photo editing to do topless-only private shows! But at this rate I'll never get my gallery done!
  • 20:37:09: Okay, I had to log out of there. Always nice to be reminded that softcore shows are in demand!
  • 20:56:50: RAD!! @MandyBlake plays a teacher in a new Showtime series: - congratulations!!
  • 22:19:30: Listening to Red House Painters "Make Like Paper". (sorry: I don't even bother to try to find the good songs on blip: they're never there).
  • 22:36:00: Okay . . . gallery is uploading now. I'll make it active for you (members) before I go to sleep. Might take an hour or two though.

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