Saturday, October 16, 2010

From Twitter 10-15-2010

  • 11:01:45: Preparing to gouge my eyes out with knuckles of fury over how long it takes to perform simple, BORING-ASS tasks. I need some fresh air.
  • 11:24:23: I wonder if I could commission someone to create silicone dildos molded to look like different big & small poops? People want the brown.
  • 11:34:40: OK, I have some errands to run and breakfast to eat, but after that, if you're lucky, I have some pictures of a buck's giant balls to post!
  • 13:55:12: Chewing peppermint gum after a mini-binge: tastes like Christmas. Feeling groovy until caff & sugar wear off.
  • 15:19:23: It must be the season of weirdly aggressive little flies that aim their bodies straight for my ears.
  • 17:05:00: Dude sitting on his little amp downtown, rocking his electrified cello: gorgeous, brilliant, SO lovely to hear! Daniel Lanois met Van Halen.
  • 18:00:45: We really need to get a cam up to showcase the many many deer who pass through to graze & even sleep in our yard.
  • 19:08:48: Working on moving & cleaning stuff up in WebWhore Headquarters a bit to make it slightly more appealing, I hope, for camming.
  • 19:55:26: Yes, yes ... I know the Wiccan celtic knot nerd linen over the cedar chest is less-than-ideal, but it's TEMPORARY. Plus I like it. For now.
  • 21:15:25: Moved my shoe rack in here so most of my fetish heels, peeptoes, etc. are handy for doing camshows but not sure I like where I put it.
  • 23:26:02: Finished up posting a boring-ass blog entry, but it needed to be done.

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