Thursday, October 21, 2010

From Twitter 10-20-2010

  • 08:48:17: @rollertrain Me too! Was just talking to @DeliaCD fantasizing about what age I might be when I really go grey (might not happen for me tho).
  • 09:15:04: Forcing myself to get some exercise. Probably not going to be more than 15 minutes with no panties on, shaking my gut jelly, on parlor cam.
  • 14:57:54: Good news, everyone: the doctor says that my peehole size is totally normal / NOT abnormally gigantic.
  • 15:13:46: View while I waited for gyn exam.
  • 17:51:58: Appointments & errands & bullshit mean I wind up letting myself get way too hungry, then make really bad food choices. Which I just did.
  • 18:03:16: In more webwhore-oriented news, going to shoot a set of Halloween pictures of @DeliaTS this evening.
  • 18:36:27: Yes, I love taboo role plays. That doesn't mean I enjoy reading strangers' emailed accounts of true (they say) pornofied incest experiences.
  • 18:38:27: I know, boundaries are SO confusing!! But the difference between truth and fiction, reality & role play: they are big & important here.
  • 18:47:59: For real? I should turn on more lights & fix that one dark spycam, then! RT @LOOKtvseries: @tastytrixie we are watching you trixie
  • 21:57:52: Oh yeah? I hope it DOES freeze this way!
  • 23:13:07: Uploading a new vlog for members . . . hope to activate it soon. There's absent-minded breast/self-fondling in it.

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