Friday, January 14, 2011

From Twitter 01-13-2011

  • 11:09:54: Going to do some deep breathing or maybe bury my head in the sand in preparation for going to the salon for hairdo-cut-color time.
  • 12:45:58: Looking at photo of weak, anorexic model pretending she has the energy to strike a pinata with a stick: SO unconvincing, BAD modeling.
  • 16:51:19: The good news is I'm BACK & blonder than ever! The bad news is I found out at the salon that my waistline is bigger than Drew Carey's.
  • 18:57:16: It's true @reptilegrrl ! The catch is he's lost a bunch of weight. He's smaller than a 34 now. But yes, my waist is bigger than that atm.
  • 18:58:26: Actually, I've always found Drew Carey physically attractive, @youJerk . A matter of taste, I suppose.
  • 22:18:40: I'd be happy to be packing 35 around my middle if I had your top & bottom to make the hourglass, @reptilegrrl . I'm a bad apple instead.

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