Thursday, January 13, 2011

From Twitter 01-12-2011

  • 12:31:10: The best: getting enough sleep and taking a big load-lightening poop within 5 minutes of waking.
  • 13:42:59: Looking forward to editing pictures to share with members today. Maybe some camming tonight? We'll see how it goes. First, errands.
  • 15:36:44: I look like death warmed over. Think it's time for some lunch and then some fucking MAKEUP.
  • 15:59:54: For atheists trying to work 12-step programs (or afraid they can't), a good share:
  • 17:32:56: A lot of my pussy fur looks very golden in this photo set I'm editing.
  • 21:00:38: About to have salad for dinner (don't worry, there'll be PLENTY of fatty-bun ingredients) after picking up serenity & groceries w/ @DeliaTS
  • 22:18:45: @rollertrain Serenity is such an unfamiliar state to me that it almost always feels new! But if you mean meetings, been going for 2+ years.
  • 22:20:19: Working on finishing this gallery for members. Then going to stretch, do housework & call it an early night, I hope.
  • 22:25:02: My farts have been so rank since I got cocoa a week or so ago to make hot chocolate. It's the soy milk. And my weird guts.
  • 23:38:02: LOL @rollertrain - oh, THAT Serenity! Yeah we've seen Serenity & have/LOVE Firefly. I cry over scratch on disc where Kaylee gets pink dress.
  • 23:50:44: Yay! Happy, voluptuous gallery posted for my members of me in and out of blue silk slip & tight bright red panties (can you say CAMELTOE?).

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