Sunday, January 9, 2011

From Twitter 01-08-2011

  • 12:21:17: Hoping to get rid of this headache & nausea before members-only chat & my show. It's not too bad, but it's not too good either.
  • 14:31:34: @UndressJess Nope-have you? I should watch it, huh? OT: I almost DMd u re: glycemic index 2say doesn't HAVE 2 be as strict as your friend's.
  • 14:33:20: Tossed between tech prob anxieties & expenses VS. invitation to maximize resources I already have / recognizing problems as blessings.
  • 14:35:08: @UndressJess Yeah, lots of ways to apply glycemic index to health - the challenge to increase insulin sensitivity is really good for brains.
  • 18:54:06: OH NO. Now that I'm using different computers different ways, I'm discovering games on them I've never played! Like Bejeweled & Brainless!
  • 20:37:31: It would be SO COOL if I could migrate all of my Thunderbird email, etc. from the broken machine to laptop as easily as I'm supposed to.
  • 20:45:06: Oh, phew! It worked! Wondering if I should start using thunderbird to collect all gmail, too . . . so I can make lots 'o gmail accounts.
  • 20:45:44: (and because I really do like Thunderbird better than gmail for organizational purposes)
  • 22:31:52: Cool! I like how my machine starts right up like nothing is wrong as soon as I almost don't need it anymore! Like an annoying boyfriend.
  • 23:43:13: Just posted follow-up "Young Hardcore Harlots" guest gallery for my members:

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