Thursday, January 20, 2011

From Twitter 01-19-2011

  • 11:20:09: Packing up, getting ready to go home. Actually, @DeliaTS is doing most of the work.
  • 14:26:10: It's lame that I get semi-distraught upon discovering my to-do list software lost a bunch of my data. Like WHO AM I without that? Lost soul!
  • 14:43:31: @joepennant It's dextronet's daily to-do - it was working perfectly for me for months; now that it's on my laptop it's losing stuff, though.
  • 19:07:45: It turns out that unpacking stuff from our gone-shooting bags was the right thing to do. Followed by an ENORMOUS poo. Okay, a middleweight.
  • 19:15:16: Really hoping to fuck @DeliaTS tonight. After shooting videos of her jacking off past couple of nights I need some for ME.
  • 19:49:01: 3 of 5 stars to Silver by Norma Fox Mazer
  • 19:52:40: 4 of 5 stars to Silver by Norma Fox Mazer
  • 20:06:55: 5 of 5 stars to We Moon 2011 Spiral Calendar by We'Moon Collective
  • 21:36:43: Lately I've been very very thankful for my cheekbones. Not just having them in a basic skeletal way, but having GOOD ones, well-placed.
  • 23:36:44: SEX HAPPENS on our spycams soon after we finish watching these Star Trek: Voyager special features. I'm going to pretend @DeliaTS is 7 of 9.

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