Friday, January 21, 2011

From Twitter 01-20-2011

  • 01:16:49: Mmmm ... watched some hot tranny porn with @DeliaTS in bed and then I had a quick orgasm grinding my clit into her. Hope you were watching!
  • 12:18:24: Do you know how much I love Xena: Warrior Princess? A LOT! In other news, wondering if I should try an offline blog editor. Suggestions?
  • 18:38:21: @misscalico I'd say @streamate is the most beginner-friendly camsite for new camgirls: straightforward, great tech support, etc.
  • 19:08:26: Today really feels like muddy-skied winter and phlegmy thick-headed illness. Smothering it with jam & hot chocolate sounds like best plan.
  • 20:39:00: I do believe @DeliaTS is just about ready to log in for some private camming:
  • 22:18:55: Slurping on St. John's Wort tincture and listening once again to special "vibraphonecalls" mix provided by E.S.
  • 23:17:05: I should stop feeling guilty about the symptoms of having a little PMS. Going to EMBRACE these special feelings of depression instead!

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