Wednesday, January 5, 2011

From Twitter 01-04-2011

  • 01:53:45: @FutureIsXRated You're the 3rd person to rec filezilla so thank you; it may now be ingrained in my head to try it!
  • 01:57:40: I actually feel good about using on my g-rated pics, @QuimmAnaheim - it's just the way ANY text looks on the pics I don't like
  • 01:58:44: @QuimmAnaheim Of course I could plop it into a bigger border but too easy to crop out. Artsy/non-porn domains are cool too, though!
  • 02:00:38: I *am* going to exercise today/tonight dammit!! Every day, at least 13 minutes. Seriously, 2011! I mean it!!
  • 02:37:19: 23 minutes of stretching, dancing & noodling around to jazz felt so good! Maybe weird for voyeurs to watch but OH WELL!
  • 11:27:38: The nice thing about waking up under cloud cover is it's not so damned cold.
  • 11:33:09: Did I forget to mention the posts/pics on my blog: or @DeliaTS 2010/2011 post?
  • 14:20:34: Getting ready to exercise a bit on our parlor cam. Hard to see, but I started feeling the progress this morning from a few days of exercise.
  • 15:18:25: It's time to pay the bills. And maybe, ummm, call the IRS. I'm going to play along like it's really magical to do this on a dark moon.
  • 16:38:55: Heating up some chicken noodle soup & watching new free booty-shaking samples!
  • 16:54:19: Looking forward to taking a cozy break in bed with this & my soup! (watching The X-Files S01E09 via @gomiso)
  • 17:20:32: MUCH better. Still procrastinating on the IRS call, though.
  • 17:27:40: Pray for me if you're so inclined: calling the IRS (I *love* their phone helper people, so my fear/tension is specific to $ situation).
  • 17:59:26: Yay! I wish all customer service was as good and nice and worthwhile as the IRS. Our payment only went up $62. Hope we catch up in 2011!
  • 23:28:38: Just posted a new vlog for members. Extensively chatty version, NOW WITH CLEAVAGE!!
  • 23:30:43: @rollertrain - Awesome - I love it!

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