Wednesday, July 29, 2009

From Twitter 07-28-2009

  • 00:16:41: tastytrixie: I totally don't even want to go to sleep tonight for fear I'll have nightmares of pit bulls ripping apart my little nephews.
  • 00:24:01: tastytrixie: What do you do if you're carrying the baby in your arms & the fucking dog attacks the three year old? I'm furious. People should be shot.
  • 03:19:28: tastytrixie: 3:18. Can't sleep. I exercised, only slept 7 hours night before, etc. but still can't sleep. I think I'm driving @DeliaTS crazy.
  • 03:44:15: tastytrixie: Middle of the night stats checking proves that girlfriend video galleries like this one of @DeliaTS & Mandy sell best:
  • 03:47:01: tastytrixie: Message from fan begins: "I am sitting here in a pair of crouch-less thong panties . . . ."
  • 03:56:01: tastytrixie: Other "effective" free porn galleries of @DeliaTS include: &
  • 04:02:04: tastytrixie: It's difficult to know whether that's what fans prefer or if that's what webmasters prefer/choose to push more heavily, though.
  • 14:09:17: tastytrixie: Brain is whirling in a very inefficient manner. Hoping lunch will cure that, but the hot weather isn't helping.
  • 16:21:50: tastytrixie: I'm fucking DIZZY from this heat. I think I need to go take a dip in Puget Sound or the Strait of Juan de Fuca (I can easily do either/both)
  • 16:33:19: tastytrixie: I'd feel like a lazybones lollygagging in the water so instead I'm cleaning/tidying up WebWhoreHQ. Maybe that will bring mental clarity.
  • 17:51:25: tastytrixie: RT @catchwmw: AMBER ALERT: Police Searching For Two Toddlers Missing From Kittitas, WA.
  • 19:06:03: tastytrixie: My eyelids are sweating. WebWhoreHQ still not tidy, but the areas in my field of vision when working are less cluttered/less distracting.
  • 19:46:53: tastytrixie: This heat is so . . . HOT. Can't believe it's going to be even hotter tomorrow. Since I didn't do the beach today I'll definitely do 2morrow
  • 21:01:58: tastytrixie: Oh GOD, I have to snort at people (myself too?) who are so inconsistent with when they will & won't be politically correct with fetish.
  • 22:11:15: tastytrixie: Millions of screaming, out-of-control, running-around brats in the stores but NO peanut butter zig zag ice cream. WTF did I endure that for?
  • 22:13:50: tastytrixie: Got a good laugh out of this panty memo posted by @StripperTweets:
  • 22:20:53: tastytrixie: About last night's tweets: I understand why people love pit bulls for all kinds of reasons & have no prob when they're under control.
  • 22:39:25: tastytrixie: Rad! Two things on the DVR I can relate to: docu on school for emotionally disturbed kids and JAIL!

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