Saturday, July 18, 2009

From Twitter 07-17-2009

  • 11:24:42: tastytrixie: Really enjoyed my cocktail of St. John's Wort & Pepto last night.
  • 12:20:48: tastytrixie: I hate making appointments to get our hair done almost as much as I hate going in there to do it. Salon talk sucks.
  • 12:32:30: tastytrixie: I have to try to stop picking my scalp-scabs this week so my head won't be an open festering wound when I get the chemicals put on it.
  • 14:25:06: tastytrixie: Oops. I forgot the buttermilk for the MSG-laden Ranch dressing I'm craving. Back to the store with my skanky sequined milfy ass.
  • 14:57:00: tastytrixie: Lusting after '62 Airstream posted for sale. LUSTING. Those silvery sonsabitches hold such tremendous appeal for me.
  • 14:58:24: tastytrixie: @wonderingsub I just find pimples & pick at them obsessively/compulsively. No injuries needed, I just worry them sick.
  • 15:02:49: tastytrixie: Time for a lunch of buttermilk with seasoning salt & tabasco sauce. And lactaid. Then I need to get ready for us to shoot some porno.
  • 16:00:50: tastytrixie: Fiddling around with our old camera to maybe use for closeups. Can barely remember how to operate it.
  • 16:07:32: tastytrixie: Yuck -- I do such a piss poor job of painting my own toenails. But I guess even a crap job looks better than no polish at all.
  • 21:09:02: tastytrixie: You should feel really sorry for @DeliaTS because I'm a fucking monster bitch to work with.
  • 22:32:58: tastytrixie: I need to write a list of "things I learned from my abusive asshole outburst tonight to try to avoid another in the future".

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