Friday, July 17, 2009

From Twitter 07-16-2009

  • 01:32:34: tastytrixie: Having a hard time falling asleep so getting up for benadryl & something to soothe my mind. Still agonizing over whether to visit fam Mon.
  • 02:58:39: tastytrixie: It's a foggy night here; foghorns have been echoing all night long. And oh yeah -- I'm still awake.
  • 12:56:18: tastytrixie: Annoyed with my sleeping (not sleeping?) habits. Goal today is to get a lot of exercise/wear myself out so I can sleep earlier.
  • 13:13:34: tastytrixie: @KTAranui That only works for 1 or 2 days. Plus, it totally defeats the purpose of having an efficient, normal, productive day the next day.
  • 13:45:11: tastytrixie: SHIT. Major temptation = letter written by our neighbor's crazy-ass boyfriend in jail accidentally put in our box.
  • 13:51:20: tastytrixie: Yeah, I'm *dying* to open it. I can read some through the envelope: "Dear Lover . . . " This is bad juju in so many ways.
  • 13:52:29: tastytrixie: @paulvalach It was just posted yesterday; everyone in our town knows it only takes one day for something to get from jail to here.
  • 13:53:13: tastytrixie: Thing is, if our neighbor hadn't burned her bridges/acted crazy towards us I'd just walk over & give it to her. But since she's crazy? NO.
  • 13:55:39: tastytrixie: It's almost like the fucker was planted in our box to test us. Seriously, how could our small town postal workers make this mistake?
  • 15:59:47: tastytrixie: Can't believe online friends' bad influences: only 1 person expressed concern over tampering-with-the-mail law. All else say OPEN & READ!
  • 16:35:02: tastytrixie: @wonderingsub I know I shouldn't. That's a large part of why it's so tempting, but don't worry; I won't do it.
  • 16:37:52: tastytrixie: Let me restate: these neighbors are TOTAL NIGHTMARES plus have vandalized our mailbox, trespassed, dumped trash in our yard, etc.
  • 17:18:37: tastytrixie: Going to do some exercise on the Wherever Cam while waiting for @DeliaTS to bring home delicious greasy pork dongs from Silverdale.
  • 19:03:00: tastytrixie: Living in BFE sucks sometimes; if you go shopping & only discover at home they overcharged you/didn't remove security tags you're FUCKED.
  • 22:44:46: tastytrixie: Excited about getting into just-washed sheets freshly showered; I also lubricated the largest organ on my body with kukui nut body cream.

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