Thursday, July 16, 2009

From Twitter 07-15-2009

  • 01:21:27: tastytrixie: A variety of factors have come together to make me totally obnoxious & wide awake tonight.
  • 11:19:53: tastytrixie: Why isn't this guy charged with CP & a host of other things? What a shithole.
  • 13:58:54: tastytrixie: Finally contacting AT&T to find out why I can't send pics to twitpic anymore. Since April. Hate "communicating" with phone companies.
  • 14:05:37: tastytrixie: Sigh. So much of work for me is staring at a monitor waiting for someone or something else to respond or do something. Just . . . WAITING.
  • 14:11:04: tastytrixie: On the positive side: I definitely prefer being able to chat online with customer service rather than trying to talk to them on the phone
  • 14:16:24: tastytrixie: TOTALLY another reason why I prefer it:RT @PerfectSnack: @tastytrixie plus via chat there's a record of the interaction
  • 14:23:50: tastytrixie: Man, I am really working up an appetite waiting for my AT&T chat "agent", "Halston Moore" (great name, eh?) to fix my shit.
  • 14:38:05: tastytrixie: Okay. If I had a normal job I would have just wasted my whole lunch break, accomplished ZERO & have to resume work hungry.
  • 15:03:39: tastytrixie: - this better fucjing work
  • 15:21:25: tastytrixie: A whole hour in chat with AT&T to make multimedia text messaging work on our phones. And all I get is a "sorry". Whatever.
  • 17:22:06: tastytrixie: Taking a bath then it's off to the store for propane (so @DeliaTS can grill the steak she bought us) & paper to print out legal stuff.
  • 23:26:10: tastytrixie: @adorableaudrey I'm really digging your new(?) avatar/pic here. REALLY. HOT!!

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