Wednesday, July 15, 2009

From Twitter 07-14-2009

  • 13:01:35: tastytrixie: Working on some legal bullshit.
  • 14:25:50: tastytrixie: Getting ready to go get a half-price massage. I don't think I've gone since February & this deprivation is ridiculous.
  • 16:47:17: tastytrixie: I don't know if I got a mild sore throat/cold or had some kind of an allergic reaction to something inside my mouth & throat. Like a burn.
  • 16:50:51: tastytrixie: It's cute the way my lips are swollen from the inside out, but I'm going to take some benadryl.
  • 19:47:07: tastytrixie: Hope I don't regret just now volunteering to do web design, blogging, etc. for a social/political issue that's really important to me.
  • 19:47:42: tastytrixie: Not that the social & political issues I *don't* volunteer to help with are not important to me, but this one is screaming for local help.
  • 20:10:02: tastytrixie: My mom is such a good, crazy little community activist. She just forwarded me minutes from a meeting on flood prevention/govt. concerns.
  • 21:36:15: tastytrixie: Just got off the phone talking "business" with BeerCanMan.
  • 22:27:44: tastytrixie: Rec'd customized panties we bought from Etsy sissy seamstress which intro'd me to a great brand of panties; now in panty lust browsing.
  • 23:53:38: tastytrixie: Looking at beautiful, well-made panties in silks & thick meaty laces makes me never want to buy a cheap pair of panties again.

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