Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From Twitter 07-13-2009

  • 00:16:39: tastytrixie: I'm uber cranky having gotten no exercise today & being very in-my-head / just want to FINISH something for once. My back is also torqued.
  • 00:55:06: tastytrixie: Jesus CHRIST, I need to stop fantasizing about Mormon boys.
  • 01:01:53: tastytrixie: How come none of the people I went to school with became adults & realized their childhood religions weren't a good fit? Like, NONE. Sigh.
  • 02:19:50: tastytrixie: Our dog's hips are really bothering her. She doesn't cry or whimper about it, but you can tell. It sucks.
  • 02:35:31: tastytrixie: There are some seriously disturbed contestants on Merv Griffin's "Crosswords".
  • 13:18:00: tastytrixie: After taking an implicit race bias quiz last night I've been thinking about racism all morning. Time to do bills instead of blog, though.
  • 14:44:35: tastytrixie: What a diff. a few dollars make; today was the first bill-paying/checkbook balancing day in months I didn't feel like cutting my throat.
  • 16:44:24: tastytrixie: Awesome post, honey:RT @DeliaTS: Ever wonder how I feel about the porn I made as a guy? Check out my latest blog entry - http://is.gd/1xGQ5
  • 21:57:21: tastytrixie: Why is it ten pm?!? Yikes. I guess because I woke up late because I couldn't fall asleep last night / slept fitfully when I did.
  • 21:57:56: tastytrixie: Voyeurs/Members: I'm going to exercise on the Wherever Cam in a few minutes . . . the lighting may be low, though.
  • 23:06:36: tastytrixie: Yum!! I feel so much bigger & airier & alive after exercising and stretching and breathing. Good stuff.

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