Saturday, July 25, 2009

From Twitter 07-24-2009

  • 00:13:34: tastytrixie: Woot! The Bi Apple (@AudaciaRay's movie I & @DeliaTS, as Tucker, were in) in list of Best NYC pornos (see TRAILER):
  • 00:55:34: tastytrixie: If I had a container for all the fucking balls I've dropped in life, I'd be the proud owner of a motherfucking CARGO ship.
  • 12:33:41: tastytrixie: Spent breakfast-time pleasantly: trying to catch up with 's members-only blog. It's so GOOD to not be caught up.
  • 12:34:14: tastytrixie: Sometimes I think I'd look forward to sucking a homeless meth-addict's pissy wang more than going to the fucking hair salon.
  • 15:35:49: tastytrixie: And I thought just GOING to the hair salon was awkward for me; having my credit card declined there showed me how much worse it can be.
  • 15:40:45: tastytrixie: @adorableaudrey Yeah, the hair for sure is worth it. And I'm making it sound more painful than it really was. Mad at Chase bank though.
  • 16:38:46: tastytrixie: @marcnobbs I just used a different card instead, but yeah: I don't know what happens if you get your hair done & truly can't pay.
  • 18:31:04: tastytrixie: @DeliaTS has a show at the top of the hour and I have one an hour after that. Members go here:
  • 21:48:08: tastytrixie: Friday night, nerd stylee: we masturbated via webcam & now we're eating ranch-covered iceberg lettuce & croutons & watching Deep Space Nine.
  • 23:26:21: tastytrixie: Did you see the self-proclaimed gadabout on Jeopardy? You know that he jerks himself in the mirror doing his Chuck Bass impersonation.
  • 23:26:55: tastytrixie: And yes, it does take one to know one.
  • 23:28:36: tastytrixie: @DoJnD Too true; I sometimes confuse us for nerds when really we're just dorks. With bags of cheap greens devoid of nutritional value. ;)

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