Sunday, July 26, 2009

From Twitter 07-25-2009

  • 00:52:19: tastytrixie: OMG; the Jeopardy gadabout @'ed me: he's @JWMunson and I guess now I must challenge him to a Chuck Bass-off jackoff! Emailing him now . . .
  • 00:56:37: tastytrixie: You just never think when you mock (in good fun! with love and appreciation!) a Jeopardy contestant that they can actually HEAR you . . .
  • 01:11:25: tastytrixie: You know, I've made some pretty funny jokes on my friends & family facebook acct but those people just don't GET it like you guys do . . .
  • 11:40:38: tastytrixie: Spent another breakfast time listening to new age music and reading (the for-pay area) and loving it.
  • 11:47:53: tastytrixie: Going to exercise for about 20 minutes, then get ready for my webcam show starting in just over an hour (1 pacific / 4 eastern).
  • 14:05:49: tastytrixie: Had hard orgasms to the sounds of 1) Mr. Crowley, then 2) Father Figure. YES. George Michael, you've made so many girls cry. With pleazhoor.
  • 19:27:24: tastytrixie: Thunder and lightning and rain are rare enough here that we had to go out onto the front porch to enjoy it. Smells great, sound beautiful.
  • 19:39:57: tastytrixie: Maybe I should make a list of all the people I want to tell to fuck off. Not a to-do list, just a let-it-go, I've-done-enough list.
  • 19:44:46: tastytrixie: Visions of steak and eggs and hashbrowns are swirling in my mouth's mind's eye. Dripping salty red and yellow . . .
  • 20:55:31: tastytrixie: Just saw the weirdest nuclear-egg-yolk sunset with thunder booming in the background.
  • 23:06:10: tastytrixie: @vickinicole My tip if you've never masturbated before is to start with less direct methods, like humping your hand or corner of the bed.
  • 23:15:22: tastytrixie: @vickinicole Yeah, I humped everything / that's what I did until I was sixteen. If it doesn't work, there's always the Hitachi Magic Wand.

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