Thursday, July 23, 2009

From Twitter 07-22-2009

  • 09:42:50: tastytrixie: From what little I've read, this individually mandated health insurance "plan" makes me want to fucking PUKE. What a mean joke.
  • 09:44:34: tastytrixie: Also, didn't take any St. John's Wort before bed. I spent all night dreaming about floods & my body being filled with cancer.
  • 09:51:42: tastytrixie: @doughboy71 REQUIRING everyone to pay for their own health INSURANCE is not the same as the govt OFFERING you free health CARE.
  • 10:05:11: tastytrixie: Via @StripperTweets : a heart-warming & funny video crowing "my vagina is 8 miles wide" PLUS strippers at Mary's:
  • 11:22:12: tastytrixie: Hmmm . . . what to do while my Hot Pink Stockings gallery uploads for members? So many options, so much confusion.
  • 11:50:08: tastytrixie: @UndressJess And I'm googling humaworm! But yeah -- that vid is totally embarrassing. I envy your assquakes, etc. so much.
  • 12:49:38: tastytrixie: Stories like this are always good, inspiring lessons but I kinda think only men are this dumb: (via @merrickmonroe)
  • 12:51:32: tastytrixie: Beauty is NOT worthless. Beauty does have real value. Maybe not the same value to all (which is awesome) but still.
  • 13:32:54: tastytrixie: Is it too much to ask for Bella to at LEAST give Edward a hand job?
  • 13:40:26: tastytrixie: Some people get sick of seeing pictures of my cunt. I? I get sick of constantly seeing pictures of people with their alcohol. Cheers!
  • 14:55:52: tastytrixie: @UndressJess You generous GENEROUS doll; you've no idea how many dreams I've had of seeing your booty in action in real life OVER MY FACE.
  • 14:57:41: tastytrixie: About to do some shooting & I'm making way too ambitious of plans which is almost always a recipe for disaster & disappointment.
  • 15:45:31: tastytrixie: FYI: the thing we're shooting today is Twitter-themed. Doesn't that sound HOT? Yeah, I know it doesn't SOUND hot, but just you wait . . .
  • 15:54:59: tastytrixie: Note: the alcohol comment wasn't directed at anyone specific (& I like some boozy shots); just an observation on what's socially acceptable.
  • 17:19:21: tastytrixie: @UndressJess Trust, if I'm trying to imitate your skills, the vids will be nothing BUT funny! Which festival are you referring to?
  • 18:07:05: tastytrixie: @DeliaTS is taking pics of me right now as I tweet. Includes WebWhoreHQ in all of its cluttered, messy glory.
  • 20:07:21: tastytrixie: Yay! Feeling productive today: posted gallery & vlog for members & we shot a couple sets of pics, one just now OUTSIDE (always special).
  • 21:30:30: tastytrixie: If that damned commercial for Glee makes me cry ONE more time . . .
  • 22:47:11: tastytrixie: - Natural light outside can be unforgiving, but when it works? It feels magical.
  • 23:55:03: tastytrixie: Thanks for the kind words, @sexymercedes @bambidollface @russdogg666 @AaliyahLove69 and others I've missed! Warm fuzzies rock!

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