Tuesday, July 21, 2009

From Twitter 07-20-2009

  • 10:23:38: tastytrixie: There's no doubt about it; St. John's Wort makes me want to sleep. For days. Need to ignore that desire & go visit family today, though.
  • 10:30:13: tastytrixie: @vinyl_mike I actually took it the past few nights before bed; but yeah, maybe it will help with family crap though exhaustion is unhelpful.
  • 10:52:45: tastytrixie: Something is terribly amiss if the thought of summoning up enough energy to decide on and don clothing is just TOO MUCH to handle. Sigh.
  • 11:08:07: tastytrixie: Dream for today would be 1) isolation, 2) in bed with books, 3) my hitachi magic wand and 4) a mason jar full of benzodiazepines.
  • 11:09:01: tastytrixie: Yes, I know . . . my tweets are downers lately. I will snap out of it one of these days, though.
  • 11:50:18: tastytrixie: I've successfully attired myself, gone to the bank, and picked up gift bags & sparkly tissue "paper" to show family how much I care. *snort*
  • 12:08:52: tastytrixie: Watching/hearing TV on the Radio's "Golden Age" to lift my spirits: http://bit.ly/NCCzT
  • 12:47:28: tastytrixie: There's nothing like witnessing good old-fashioned camgirl drama to put life's troubles back into perspective & make me laugh. Tho not funny
  • 23:15:15: tastytrixie: http://twitpic.com/b343z - In Seattle, about to head home on a mostly empty ferry.
  • 23:17:06: tastytrixie: LOL - @DeliaTS saw me with the palm and asked if I was "sexting" @AmberLily (a hissed drawn-out Sssss equals quotation marks).

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