Monday, July 20, 2009

From Twitter 07-19-2009

  • 11:46:08: tastytrixie: Sometimes I really get pissed off that my sister & bro-in-law can't seem to use a fucking calendar.
  • 12:29:59: tastytrixie: I have too much work to sit around depressed & feeling sorry for myself. Which just makes me feel all the MORE depressed/sorry for myself.
  • 12:36:29: tastytrixie: @thehappy365 Telling strangers shit like "the happy monster thinks you should stop being depressed" is belittling, unhelpful & STUPID.
  • 12:37:15: tastytrixie: Seriously. People need to learn a few things about empathy, sad feelings & establishing trust before you throw "SMILE!!" in their faces.
  • 12:39:02: tastytrixie: Therapy doesn't come from a total stranger named "the happy monster" in a wink & 140 characters or less. Does that help ANYBODY??? UGH!!!!
  • 12:44:21: tastytrixie: Going out of the house to buy a couple presents for family thing tomorrow and will take a walk and feel happier during/after that.
  • 14:43:06: tastytrixie: Sigh. Necklace I just bought was broken when I got home with it. At least the store's just here in town not 75 miles away.
  • 15:42:53: tastytrixie: Adding a few of my friends' & faves' twitter feeds to my google reader so I don't miss anything good from those closest & funniest.
  • 16:38:16: tastytrixie: Moms: can't NOT talk to them on the phone. Can't shoot yourself in the head.
  • 20:32:16: tastytrixie: A little blog post with pics of my big ole butt & hot pink nylon stockings:

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