Friday, July 31, 2009

From Twitter 07-30-2009

  • 00:03:31: tastytrixie: Like knockers? Panties? Here are a few video grabs & a cummy butt animation snagged from tomorrow's members-only update:
  • 00:10:32: tastytrixie: @DoJnD LOL! Glad to hear it; and to think, I always worry that I'm cheating when I blog pure porno.
  • 00:11:33: tastytrixie: I think there's something about a good, old-fashioned, herky-jerky, lo-fi porn gif / animation that is a real crowd-pleaser.
  • 00:13:03: tastytrixie: Have to go to bed now; @DeliaTS went all the way to the store to hunt down cheap, chemically-treated turkey leather for me.
  • 09:48:32: tastytrixie: In an attempt to find soothing images, I googled firefly forest. That was nice! I have cramps. If only it was dark right now.
  • 10:53:45: tastytrixie: Another hour or two of sleep would be nice. Sleeping with windows open for coolness means sleeping with TOO MUCH LIGHT.
  • 10:54:37: tastytrixie: I logged in a peeptoes cam for our voyeurs while I'm removing toenail polish. Will be on and off depending on whether I'm feeling footy(?).
  • 11:07:53: tastytrixie: 'Tis now time to pay the bills and balance the checkbook and stuff. Because being broke is SO sexy! This is really going to be erotic . . .
  • 12:53:03: tastytrixie: I'd really enjoy using this "brass knuckles"anal toy on @DeliaTS :
  • 13:52:07: tastytrixie: @minasmusings Yeah, the feet & upskirts are oft-requested. Email S & have him set you up with special cam logins if you want.
  • 13:53:03: tastytrixie: Trying to figure out what I want to shoot today that will be hot AND most efficient/most likely to succeed. @DeliaTS needs to save her cum.
  • 13:58:43: tastytrixie: This is where I get paralyzed: 5000 choices, but I imagine if I *plan* it perfectly it will be so much awesomer than if I just do ANYTHING.
  • 13:59:31: tastytrixie: Eyeballing a red butt plug, but afraid it might be just a LITTLE too big. Especially with pre-period cramps. But it would be so great . . .
  • 14:17:06: tastytrixie: Can't leave the house to shoot because we have a bunch of sexy stuff being delivered. Can't count on toys because period might start. Sigh.
  • 14:46:38: tastytrixie: Oh god! Cannot waste these days with clean, freshly-bleached hair! Must shoot! Must be very sexy! Must not rip out blonde hair at roots!
  • 15:53:04: tastytrixie: My period just started, rather inconveniently since I really need to shoot non-bloody content right now. And no, I do not feel like a cup.
  • 17:26:58: tastytrixie: Just spent the past hour trying on all our silly new clearance sale slutty webwhore costumes. Starving now . . . making cheap spaghetti.
  • 20:49:16: tastytrixie: Discovered that I bruised my side & lower back massaging myself the other night. And I still wanted it HARDER.
  • 21:41:31: tastytrixie: Feeling very sad about email I received from HS friend who is "shocked & dismayed" by my porn work & maybe other stuff too. Oh well.
  • 23:26:04: tastytrixie: Worst responses to my work were from my Extremely Smart friends. I think they're a little too used to their fucking opinions mattering.

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