Saturday, August 1, 2009

From Twitter 07-31-2009

  • 01:33:34: tastytrixie: @ashleysteel - Yum! This might be my fave of your twitpics . . . super hot!
  • 11:07:13: tastytrixie: You HAVE to read @minasmusings post "All About the Money":
  • 11:23:26: tastytrixie: Meditating on qualities I want in a home: "property w/enough space that if anyone's on it, we know they're trespassing & can shoot them."
  • 14:15:41: tastytrixie: Brewing some tea to have with cookies for lunch. In bed. With a headache. The cookies won't help it, but hey . . . I *want*.
  • 17:05:20: tastytrixie: RAD! We have a really good shooting plan tonight for @DeliaTS. Plus her nails are polished & she has a shiny new toy from a member!
  • 17:21:26: tastytrixie: Laughing at link my sister sent me: -- uber funny.
  • 18:40:07: tastytrixie: Been editing pics & listening to songs like Boys of Summer, Bei Mir Bist du Schon, Slip Sliding Away, some Ray LaMontagne & Lucinda Williams
  • 20:14:54: tastytrixie: Shooting video of @DeliaTS never fails to make me crazy-horny. Such a hot tease. Taking a break for snacks, then shooting some more.
  • 22:31:56: tastytrixie: My pussy is THROBBING after shooting @DeliaTS cumming all over a little pinstriped pleated skirt.
  • 23:07:30: tastytrixie: So happy with how today turned out & all that we got done. I *love* working a swingy shift & being productive in evening instead of morn.

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