Sunday, August 2, 2009

From Twitter 08-01-2009

  • 16:15:16: tastytrixie: - When I'm not with @DeliaTS I get to go places like this.
  • 16:19:56: tastytrixie: Yes, and then I quickly leave in an awkward fashion because I havn't cultivated mygeek side enough to intelligently engage in MTG chat.
  • 16:47:29: tastytrixie: - Self portrait on ferry, Seattle in background. Not today.
  • 16:50:29: tastytrixie: - I have to blog the nasty awesomeness of this place later.
  • 19:24:40: tastytrixie: OMG -- I'm totally going to watch the big band era special on PBS. I am totally a Chattanooga Choo Choo kind of girl. "Pardon me boys!"
  • 21:57:15: tastytrixie: More pics & notes from my excursion to the hillbilly head shop / trailer porn store:
  • 21:59:14: tastytrixie: Kicking myself that I didn't snap a couple pics on the porch, which was RAD with well-worn lazy-boyz & stuff. Maybe even more pink flamingos
  • 22:17:33: tastytrixie: @sashayman There were many places in TN where I felt right at home even though I've spent my whole life here in western WA.

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